How to Make Money As An Info Product Marketer By Cashing In On The Amazing Power Of “The-One-And-Only. - Online and Info Product Marketing

How to Make Money As An Info Product Marketer By Cashing In On The Amazing Power Of “The-One-And-Only.



Why You Don't Gotta Be A Rocket Scientist Or Extreme Expert To Get Started In The Info Product Business — And A Simple Way To Cash In On Quick Hit Products You Can Create THIS Week!

Marlon here.

You know how when you get started as a newbie in this business you don't know WHAT to sell, WHO to sell it to or HOW you are gonna get started?

I'm gonna break it down for you today and give you a simple, easy, non-threatening way to get started in this business.

First, you have the big boys on the block in any highly lucrative market.

They pull out all the big guns — sophisticated product launches, video, high end membership sites, seminars, coaching.

This is the full arsenal.

And frankly, the skill level is beyond most beginners unless you have exceptional talent.

There's another kind of player — the Guerilla player.  This player knocks off specific topics the big boys overlook or don't cover.

What they do is create little info products, PDF reports, ebooks, teleseminars that cover very specific topics within the broad, overall market.

The advantage of these products is they are fairly quick hits to create.

The other advantage is you can round up 10 of the products into a bundle and sell that. Or you can break them out and sell them separately.

I'll give you an example:  I've mentioned the market recently that that teaches guys how to meet girls.  And vica versa, girls and women how to meet guys.

I ran across a site the other day that was cool.  He isn't a big name in the market.  So he just is hitting topics that are very specific that no one else is covering in as much depth.

For example — the phone.

All guys DREAD calling that girl or woman they just met on the phone to ask for that illusive date.

So what this guy did is created a little audio product JUST on that.  Only he added one twist to it that I thought was very clever — He KNEW guys get all nervous about picking up the phone and CALLING.

So his little info product teaches them how to do it via TEXT messaging!  Brilliant.  He just solved a big anxiety, a big problem.

And no other “gurus” in that market teach guys how to do the text game in as much detail (or hardly at all).  So he took a little simple method he'd discovered for getting dates by text messaging and made a little $20.00 product out of it.

Yeah, no one gets rich off of a $20.00 product.  But he does sell bigger ticket back end stuff.  And here again, he has chosen the role of the GUERILLA.

He picked a topic hardly anyone else is doing seminars or big tickets on — daytime.  How to meet girls and women in coffee shops, bookstores and other daytime activities.

So here he is in this crowded market.  And he's founds some topics to focus on that are not well covered by the big guns.

In Red Factor, I called these “underserved” markets for those of you who are plugged into that body of knowledge.

Here's another one I spotted.

The point is, you may be new and wondering what YOU can sell in a crowded market or in ANY market!  The answer is to find some topics that are IGNORED by everybody else.

Then you make those topics your specialty or the focus of your ebooks, audios, interviews, teleseminars, seminars or whatever.

Now, I've built my whole business on what I call FLANKING moves. These are similar to Guerilla moves but are different.  The basic idea, though, is similar.

You sell to underserved markets.  Vintage Red Factor thinking there.

And if you're a struggling beginner wondering WHAT do you sell, start looking for some little topics in a market that no one else has done anything on.

That would make you the one and only on that topic.

I used to sign my name:  Marlon Sanders, the one and only.

Now you know why.

I don't care HOW crowded the market.  You can always find those Red Factor opportunities, those Guerilla topics, those Flanking moves that no one else is covering.

It's a LOT easier to sell when you are the ONLY one with a product on the topic!

One last example:  There's a guy in the magic field who had a trick that he stopped selling (because he got out of the trick selling business).  I've heard the trick now sells for $1,000 on Ebay.

The trick is a gimmick that lets you FLOAT a bottle without strings attached.  Most levitations of stuff that are close up involve some sort of string, and therefore can ONLY be done with very light stuff.

His levitation?

You can float heavy stuff like bottles.  And you can do it close up. And there are no strings used!

How crazy is that?

The point?  Here's a killer trick with a SOLID USP.  It's a great little product because it's a “one and only.”

I hope I've convinced YOU to consider being a “one-and-only.” And to start out in this business by doing little quick hit products you can knock out in under a week.  Or even a few hours.

Remember that little phone call product I told you about?  It was $20.00 and just a little audio the guy made.  But it had great info.

He could get $39.00 for it or maybe $49.00 if he transcribed it into a tidy little PDF.

Marlon Sanders
“The one and only”
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  • Finnea says:

    If you’re a struggling beginner wondering WHAT do you sell, start looking for some little topics in a market that no one else has done anything on.

  • Hi Marlon, I read your article onthe knew info product thats coming out soon, it was very interesting. Its great that a product like this is coming because the people that are just starting out will be able to join in on the fun of internet marketing. Also I like that idea about it cuts down the time to make the product and set it up…leaving you more time to get back to your family or other business…the reason I would like a copy is I could learn more and really get going on my products I want to create.Life would be so much easier. also anybody in the marketing business knows that if you don't have the right software it can take longer to put together an info product and can cost alot of money too. this way it cuts some of the cost , easy to use and in less time you have a product up and ready to sell. Now you can move on to the next product…Even a newbie like me can jion the race of the internet marketing super highway with this new dashboard ….hurray!!!!!!Hope to hear from you soon…on to the next project…

    Yvonne Franklin

  • keith debolt says:


    Once again, you are right on in your vision of helping people get their business going online. Your nudges and challenges, coupled with your fabulous 'dashboard' products, make building a web business a no-brainer. I will be posting this blog to my website to go along with another recent blog I posted of yours. My website is designed to get beginner marketers off their duffs, out of the information overload cycle and focused on moving their business forward. The advice and suggestions of a master such as you fit in nicely with my theme… (and I am an affiliate for your Dashboard line!) I look forward to the launch of the info product Dashboard!

    Thank you for talking sense in an awfully polluted internet marketing field. Your integrity and pull-no-punches words are a gift.

    Will you mentor me?

    Keith deBolt

  • Frederic says:

    Totally agree here! I think the best way to accomplish this is to look at your particular niche and ask yourself: what is the one problem people have in that niche that no one is answering/solving?

    I did that with many of my products with great success.

  • Hi Marlon,you've got a great article here on how to quickly create great products in little time with lots of ideas and examples of how to go about it.It sure is useful info,especially for newbies.Thanks.

  • Kim says:

    Hi Marlon

    Thanks for keeping the enthusiasm alive! We have also found that any info/reports associated with our sites get much better search engine coverage when they are in pdf . Also thanks to your constant reminders, surveys of our existing list, researching competitor products, using keyword search reports from our host and watching almost too many YouTube vids for "social" research, we have reworked our original info and products to discover a niche within. The new products will be ready later this week and to our surprise are not on offer anywhere else we can find!

    One more thing – leaving comments on blogs and forums still results in both visits and sales, just as you showed us a while back. We have had sales via an online volunteering project when we weren't even thinking of business! (Some of us dont think about it all the time).

    Keep churning out the good stuff – cheers from DownUnder


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  • Thanks Marlon,

    Just the kick in the a*** I needed today.



  • Ray Dye says:

    Dear Marlon,

    Thank-you for this article. You have a definite talent in presenting material in a simple and optimistic manner.

    Regards and best wishes


  • Stephanie Trahd says:

    Great article, per usual Marlon. Question: In order to determine you have that 'one and only', do you buy every single competitor's product to see if they cover your topic? How do you know that your competitors are not covering this single area? How do you know that you have the 'one and only'?

    Thanks Marlon!


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