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How to Escape Your Day Job, Pay Your Bills, And Make Progress Towards The Ideal Lifestyle

By Marlon Sanders

There are 6 basic ways to get dough online:

1. Promote affiliate products

2. Google adsense

3. Sell a service

4. Sell advertising

5. Sell physical products (think ebay)

6. Sell information

You'll notice that the last 4 all involve selling something. That's the approach I wanna talk to you about today.

I did a survey with my Milcers and Alist members. I found out that most of them are still stuck to a degree in getting things going.

I want to give you an abbreviated action plan that I spend 100 pages elaborating on in “Gimme My Money Now” and that the icons walk you through in “The Marketing Dashboard”.

There are MANY Formulas out there. Here's the Marlon Sanders Formula in a nutshell. So many of you have written and said, “I need a Formula. I need step-by-step.” This is the big picture:

1. Find demand

2. Write sales letter

3. Create info product to meet demand

4. Roll out with affiliate program

That whole formula is elaborated on in much greater depth in both Amazing Formula and Gimme My Money Now.

Here's what I found out from my survey. Most of you guys and gals have jobs that you want to escape from. You have bills and debts to pay.

And most of you are coming into this without a lot of prior knowledge of marketing and some of you have limited computer skills.

Based on that, do you think it's safe for me to say it's unrealistic to think you're going to quickly and easily become a zillionaire? Well, it's true. If you have no background in sales and marketing, and you don't have very good computer skills, you have a learning curve ahead of you and that takes time.


I remember when I was broke and bought deodorant with all pennies. But what I did was kept learning and didn't expect easy nor overnight results.

I kept buying books when I could afford them. There were no cheap and easy ebooks back then. I could have done it
10 times faster if I had access to all the information available today.

Anyway, my way out was self education. And action. I kept doing little projects to put what I learned into ACTION.

I ran this one little business where you sold booklets using answering machines. You didn't have voice mail then. So I had 3 answering machines hooked up in my home (my friends hated it).

I ran these little ads in what we call in the U.S. “penny shoppers.” These are little papers given away for free that are all classified ads.

I ended up running ads in 72 cities! And people would leave their name and address on the answering machines. I shipped the books C.O.D. Half the books came back. It was sorta like paying out 50% affiliate commissions.

You didn't have Paypal or easy merchant accounts in those days. So you had to do C.O.D. I sold $12,000 of books via “mail order.” And I was exhilerated to do so. I think at the end of the day I probably LOST money.

But I sure learned a lot.

Then AOL and CompuServe came along and I started writing sales letters and running ads on there. You'd run a little classified ad (they were free on AOL). People would email you.

Since autoresponders didn't exist, you'd personally email them back your “free report.” Since there weren't any PDF's then (at least, that I knew of), the free report was a long email.

The “big trick” my friend Jonathan Mizel taught back then was to put their name in the return email! That was a big secret back then.

Mizel, me, others all learned copywriting from Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples. That was like one of 4 or 5 books on copywriting. But you know what? We wrote some pretty good sales letters back then. I first met Jonathan Mizel 'cause he sent me one of his sales letters, and I thought it was good. So I wrote and asked him where he learned to write copy.

Of course, he said “Tested Advertising Methods” by John Caples. So we were immediate friends.

AOL was great. You could test out your little ads, emails and sales letters. I don't even think in those days we sent out follow up emails.

As far as I know, my friend the late Corey Rudl created the demand for autoresponders when he wrote about how he brought in all this money by automatically emailing buyers 4 days later.

It was only after that someone was smart enough to create an autoresponder. Corey's stuff was hand coded.  Gosh, I miss Corey.  And I reckon you've been in this business a long time when you see your friends move on to the next great adventure.

Somewhere in this timeline (it all escapes me), I had a little retail store selling self help books and tapes. The first thing newbies think to sell online is either diet stuff or self help.

Man, self help is a tough sell. Both Dan Kennedy and I had self development stores. And we both lost bux on 'em. But I did have the chance to write and send out a few sales letters. And since I often didn't have the money to print and mail letters, I'd call 'em on the phone.

I found out that just by calling people, I could say ANYTHING and I'd STILL get a lot of people coming in for the next 3 weeks.

That's the power of staying in contact with your customers.

Anyway, I could go on with this story. I've told the rest of it in bits and pieces in different places.

What are you supposed to get out of this?

Dan Kennedy I think had a path kinda like mine. And what he said once is profound. He said, “I became an overnight success after 20 years of effort.

Now, I'm NOT saying you need 20 years of effort. You don't. But neither is 20 minutes a week gonna do much for ya.

Most of the people I've seen make it in this business do so after trying things that didn't work. And they kept on trying. And sooner or later, somethin' clicked.

I think I shoulda called this article, “Sooner or Later, Something Clicked.

So you got a job that sucks. You got bills that are stacked up. Hopefully you can buy deodorant with something other than pennies like me in the old days.

So what do YOU do?

My friend, I'd personally tell ya to do what I did. Fall in love with the process more than the immediate fixation of “I gotta make this work now or the whole thing is a scam.”

What you're learning is marketing.

And that'll benefit you your whole life. It can help you get your son or daughter or friend a job. It can help you raise money for your Church or charity. It can help you promote an idea whose time has come.

See, a LOT of people say, “I feel like I've just wasted my #*$&* money on stuff.”

I my response is, “Then you don't understand what you're learning. No wonder things haven't clicked for you yet.”

See, this isn't about gimmicks. It isn't about you figuring out how to trick people into buying with magic words. It isn't about fooling the search engines into stickin' your stuff at the top. If you do this business the way I teach it, it's about learning marketing. And yeah, I said the dirty 5-letter word — LEARN. You can paint it up. You can put perfume on it. You can sell the sizzle not the steak.

But my friend, what you're doin' is learning. And like my friend Jim Edwards says, “That isn't something you microwave.”

“So Marlon, tell me how long this is gonna take and how much I'm gonna make when I'm done?”

Rule 1: People learn at different rates, so no one knows.

Rule 2: You'll never be done.

Rule 3: It depends on what you sell, who you sell to, how much you charge, what your margin is and how often they buy.

Some people like Russ Brunson get in this business, do it part time between classes in college and go great guns with it.  Russ was one of my top affiliates.  But he figured out this business so quickly, before I knew it he had his own line of highly successful products. More power to him!

Others are like me and take like 10 or 20 years to learn it. What's average? Average is not doing anything, therefore not learning anything, therefore the bills pile higher and the job gets tougher.

“Well, if you can't tell me how much I'm gonna make, how long it's gonna take and how much it's gonna cost me, then I think this whole thing is a scam.”

To say that is to say you believe marketing is a scam. Because at least the way I teach it, that's what you're learning.

What's my advice?

Think of the best info product idea you know how to come up with. Interview some experts and record it. Or have a friend interview you. Do a little 3-hour product, write a sales letter for it. And see if anyone buys.

If they don't buy, guess what? You asked the market a question and the market answered.

You asked the market, “Do you want to buy this?” And the market responded, “No, not in the way you're presenting it to me.”

Your choice is to present it differently or do another product. Along the way hopefully you learn some things about how to find out what people want, how to get 'em to buy, how to fulfill products, write letters, create sales pages and so forth.

Honestly, in the DOING, you'll learn a lot more than you'll ever learn in the reading. You ask. The market answers. You learn along the way.

But if you're a spectator and you never get in the game, I can guarantee you one rock solid thing: You'll never win the game if you aren't in it.

This is a great business. It isn't for everyone. It sure isn't a way to become a zillionaire overnight. Maybe after 5, 10 or 20 years you hit that zillion and you're the next John Reese or Jeff Walker.

I don't think everyone should be in this business. If you don't wanna figure anything out yourself, if you don't wanna learn how to solve problems, if you don't wanna learn more things about html and the computer than you really wanna know, if you can't tolerate risk, if you need your first attempt to be a success, or even your first 3 or 4, then I don't know, if you can't afford to spend money on learning and education, if you can't afford to try things that don't work, if you think it should all be simple and easy, I don't know if this industry is for you.

A lot of people get seduced by the lure of ez dough. The promises of zillions without learning. Just connect the dots and you too can be John Reese, Marlon Sanders or whoever you wanna choose.

Here's the deal: People WILL sell you a turnkey system to escape your job, make zillions or whatever. They'll give you the fish. I want to teach you TO FISH.

I have a strong belief that unless you buy a franchise, in most cases your going to better off learning marketing than “buying a fish.” There are exceptions. But more often than not, buying a fish doesn't serve you well.

Some of my friends would disagree with that premise. I happen to have a strong conviction that you are better off learning marketing.  My friends are RIGHT in that people DO want to buy the fish versus learn how to catch it.  So oftentimes, you're best off selling a “fish” product.

But everybody has their perspectives.  And for me, my criteria for buying a product: If whatever “IT” is doesn't “pan out” for you, are you STILL better off from having spent money on it? Will it continue to benefit you, your family or your friends in the future?

If the answer is NO, then think twice before spending your money.

You have a job you wanna escape, bills to pay off, retirement to prepare for. Or special needs like a sick loved one. Or a sickness yourself.

I can't promise you ez zillions. There's no integrity in that.

I can't promise you 6 figures a year ez as pie.

What I CAN promise you is that selling products works. It's no scam. People been doin' it for thousands of years.

I can promise you that marketing works. Always has. Always will.

I can promise you that money and time spent learning marketing can pay off in many ways.

I can promise you that if you find demand, meet it with products and well-executed promotions, and you do that over time, those bills will likely fade away.

I can promise you that everybody on the Net selling you this or that “dough making system” ALL have 1 thing in common — THEY are selling you a product, service or seminar.

They have a target market.

They have an intro offer.

They have a back end.

I believe in paying more attention to what people DO than what they SAY.

People get all confused what to DO. And there's a new system invented every day that's the next big thing. Thank God. I love commerce.

But to remove the confusion, understand this:

They all may disagree on HOW you make money. But one thing is certain: They're making bux selling a product to a target market — YOU!

Go and do thou likewise.

I remember back then. When I bought deodorant with all pennies.

I remember the date I had with a model in a car that smoked like a bomb.

And to me, there's no confusion. It's all crystal. It's all simple. Take away the smoke. Take away the mirrors.

You need a product. You need people who want it with the money to buy it. You need some great promo out there.

There's only ONE method people having using to pay their bills and quit their jobs for the past 1,000 years —

Selling products and services to a target market with a great sales pitch that presents benefits and solves problems.

I know you want more details on how. How do you find target markets? How do you identify demand? How, how, how.

I have provided a lot of those answers in the Milcer's newsletters, Amazing Formula, Gimme My Money, Action Grid.

You wanna quit that job? You wanna liquidate that debt? I don't have an ez zillion for you. But I do have a crystal clear answer.

Find a group of people. Find out what they need and want. Meet those wants with a product. Provide great service.

And who knows. Maybe. Someday. If the stars shine down on you, you'll hit that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy.” If you'd like to get on his mailing list and receive tips, articles and information about online marketing, visit:


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How to pay your bills with online marekting

  • Oh my Gosh . . .

    I think I have just been treated to the best – I mean the absolute pinnacle of the best – the Mother of all best pieces of information/advice/article/mini-reports – heck, call it what you will – the best emptying out of a gurus brains I have come across.

    Thank you for doing it your way Marlon.

    Michael Searles

  • Fran Watson says:

    To echo all the other posts I have read… great article. Thanks for sharing it!

  • The Dirty 5 Letter Word…

    According to Marlon Sanders, the dirty 5 letter word is learn and I don’t disagree with him.  He’s been in the information business since before voicemail…man he’s old.  But more importantly he’s been very successful so …

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  • Patrick Burt says:

    Great post Marlon. This blog is definitely not short on good info, no, great info. I think this post is a great subject for an ebook.

    [Patrick, thanks!  Appreciate you commenting here.]

  • Hey there Marlon, Yes, I also did Post Your 6 Basic Ways to get dough online. "How to Escape Your Day Job, Pay Your Bills, and Make Progress Toward The ideal Lifestyle" is really awesome and that kind of info will still be good Ten Years from now and beyond. Yea EverGreen info will cut the information overload into pure milk that even the sincere Developing Online Marketer can understand. September 1, 2007 at our MyBlogLog we featured Your Article Marlon as a Best Guide to eCommerce With Favor. Linked to our website for the Read More from our Blog Post. As You say Search Engines do love Blog Content and Google, Yahoo, MSN along with AOL are leading the way. We have already noticed that our Blog Post is already picked up and Posted Search. This comment since revelant your mission here to draw some Real Google Link Love, should prevail. Be Blessed always,


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    <a>[Hi Jim, it's interesting the info MyBlogLog reveals.  Thanks for participating here.]

  • Hi Marlon Posted this article on my blog at… a message that everyone needs to understand. Nice to see there are some that show what works and tell it like it is instead of promising the big red button that makes dreams come true. Always amazes me how if you look closely all the instant success stories had a whole bunch of work often for years before that "instant success".

    [Mike, yes, the instant success thing tells only half the story. There's usually a back story.]

  • Fran Civile says:

    This is the link to your article on my blog,


  • Fran Civile says:

    Marlon, I like what you say and I love your straightforward way of saying it – I am again trying affiliate marketing with more determination than I had before. I wish I had stuck with you years ago! But no use crying over spilled milk! I'm on board now! Your post has been on my blog for a couple of days! Fran

    [Fran, better late than never!  So get with the program!  And good luck.]

  • Scott Moody says:

    Marlon–Lately, your Blogs have been like, as JJ would say, Dy-NO-MITE! Straight talk and very dangerous, to those who pimp the next, latest, sit on your a$$, do nothin and make moolah magically program. Now for my question. I am ready to go in all the way into the info-business. For someone with good business experience (I had a business that did 1/2 million last year, that went belly-up in June), which of your products should I go with first. I do not intend to take any J.O.B. with anybody. After being self-employed for 11 years, I can't see myself in that capacity. I love to work hard, sometimes going 36 hours straight when I am on a roll and then sometimes having fun the same way. I want to start the right way.


    Scott Moody

    [Scott, can you sell info products or some sort of training or consulting to the people you know from your prior businesses?  If so, start offering them a service like consulting.  And use whatever service you sell to buy you time to create info products.  The easiest way to get immediate cash is to sell a service. Early on, I was a paid speaker and copywriter. That bought me time.]

  • Mark Potes says:

    Hi Marlon, I love you new approach. The article rang some bells in my head as I read it, so I posted it on my web site. I have quite a few sites now, so will be posting more of your articles. Thanks much. You run one of the most respected affiliate programs out there in my opinion.

    Mark Potes

    [Mark, I appreciate your kind comments.  Mark, I JUST posted a new article over on my affiliate site.  It shows you several ways to use free blogs and article submissions.  It's a useful post to affiliates] —

  • John Pratt says:

    Marlon — This might be the best article I have ever read. You have provided so much VALUE. I printed it out so I can use it as a point of reference and read it over as needed. I also linked to your article and will share it with my readers.

    All the best,

    John Pratt

    [Thanks John.  Appreciate the post and it's duly noted!]

  • hi again marlon, i also posted this on my Napoleon Hill Forum for all the Powerful Intentions readers to hook into!! They have good search engine recognition there.… By the way, this is a great article. i will also share it with the Portable Empire University members. They will love it.

    Peace (of mind)

    Kate Loving Shenk

    [Kate, thanks so much.  I'm sure you've heard me tell the story of how the book Think and Grow Rich changed Walter Hailey's life and made him a very rich man indeed.  He passed last year and will be missed. But his success with TAGR lives on.  Thank YOU for sharing the word! It's duly noted.]

  • hi marlon, i posted the link to this article on my Napoleon Hill Lens: can't miss it–it's at the top of the lens–and for reasons unknown to me, this lens gets pretty good traffic. peace (of mind)

    kate loving shenk

    [Kate, you're so awesome and it's duly noted.  Thanks so much for spreading the word!]

  • Ocha says:

    Simple truth. Well said.

    [Thanks Ocha.  I'm glad at least a contingency of people see the light!]

  • Georjina says:

    Excellent post and you still didn't answer my question! Which course do I start with??! Gimme My Money Now or Amazing Formula? I'm still learning this marketing stuff, writing articles, learning as I go along but to create an information product – I'm lost. Everybody seems to know how to do it, but no one says 'If you are a beginner – start here' and then branch out. I'll do the work, but where to start is my question.

    [Well, I'm hoping to have the perfect product for you in 1-2 weeks.  Hang out awhile.]

  • Richard says:

    Amazing post Marlon. So clear to us out here that have been thoroughly underworking the key areas of our business & misconstruing the info that is available.

    [Richard, I really appreciate that positive feedback and I'm sure it'll help in terms of social proof and validation with those who are just confused by all the voices.  Thanks for your post.]

  • Marilyn Stacy says:

    Tis all true Marlon, I believe you, especially about what to be doing inbetween microwave visits. How do you find out who complains to RBL places? Are they protected and those who are being complained about are not? That does not make sense to me if that is the case.

    [Hi, this is one of them: ]

  • Steve says:

    Very interesting post, Marlon. A lot of good points. So many that I checked out some of your products, in fact. Your "Gimme my money now" system caught my eye, but I'm not sure how much will be applicable to my business — I'm a fiction writer about to start selling my first novel online. Do you have any other product (for 'other' read 'cheaper'!) that includes just the credit card processing/shopping cart/sales letter writing info, please?

    Thanks, Steve

    [Steve, good luck on your new venture!  Ummmm, for shopping cart, try  That also has your autoresponders, affiliate sofstware and ad tracking.  For sales letters, you can try and  Although for fiction, I'm guessing the big pull is just a sample chapter and an opt in form.  Simple.]

  • Awesome post. It truly encourage me to keep going and believing that sooner or later something will click for me. Thanks for your message.

    [June, there is so much good information available on marketing now.  Study how to target different markets, how to do surveys, how to write sales letters and do teleseminars, and then choose 1 traffic method and specialize in it.  Article marketing is free and a good start.  Of course, having an affiliate program.  PPC is good in niches.]

  • Jan says:

    re: "[…]Think…Interview… Do a little 3-hour product…write a sales letter… it….see if anyone buys…. If they don’t buy, guess what? ….. You asked the market, "Do you want to buy this?" And the market responded, "No, not in the way you’re presenting it to me." Your choice is to present it differently or do another product. Honestly, in the DOING, you’ll learn a lot more than you’ll ever learn in the reading… But if you’re a spectator and you never get in the game, I can guarantee you one rock solid thing: You’ll never win the game if you aren’t in it…. I don’t think everyone should be in this business.[…]" OK, this is very true. From all I read and witness online, many success stories develop in a long process. It could be "learning curve" or "new product creation curve". The most experienced marketers online don't originate new products every day…sometimes 1 a year or more. They wheel mailings, article publishing or forums etc. But they don't create new products too often. Why? The "product creation curve" is usually long. It takes a long hours or days for rethinking to avoid market rejection. …."[…]And the market responded, "No, not in the way you’re presenting it to me."[….] Little comment is needed here – its good to think about this and get the own formula right. Probably own formula – evolving around market participation and response – is what is needed, and own – not somebody else's formula. Maybe we disagree on this point – why own formula is more essential – not the copy of somebody else's formula? One can bake a bread by formula of somebody else…? Even if you try somebody else's formula, in own marketing practice – you will discover elements that are truly unique for your own business. This is always true, in your private business, all what you will do in that business will be your formula. It might be be remodified formula originated by somebody else but you will call it your own. This level is worth working on – definitely.

    [Jan, I've probably rolled out more products than anyone in this market or I would certainly be at the top of the list. So I pretty much know what I'm talking about in terms of product creation.  The people you site who don't roll out products actually DO it all the time. But they are seminars, products or coaching programs they sell at seminars, private membership sites, coaching programs, teleseminars, 6-week programs and so forth. They are products but not ebooks.  Most everyone in this business who is successful constantly rolls out new products, webinars, teleseminars, seminar speeches, coaching programs, courses, product launches and so forth.]

  • Annette says:

    Great article. I passed it on to a lot of work at home and stay at home moms I know who really want to make money and are tired of the hype. Thanks Marlon!

    [If you want to send people to the blog through a reseller URL, go to: and you can get the URL to do it.]

  • Nathan says:

    Thank you! I mean it. It's very nice and very refreshing to read your honesty. You're clear, precise and ethical. THAT's what we all need to read and do. You keep it simple and lay it all out without getting bogged down. Again, it's refreshing to hear you "keep it real" and I am sure that this alone will keep people as your fans and land new ones!

    Take care, Nathan

    [Hey Nathan.  Thanks.  And help me spread the word about this article!]

  • Hi Marlon! I read and enjoy everything you send me. I studied marketing at college here in the UK (1974 – 1978) and used to love the simplest of definitions of the science/art of marketing and that was "1. identify a need, 2. create or locate a product that fulfills that need, 3. deliver that product PROFITABLY" The internet has made it easier to identify what people want but the basic theory as you put it across stays the same. Well done for promoting common sense in you post.

    [Martin, you're right on here.  I love the simple definitions also.  Thanks for your comments]

  • Jen says:

    Well said. Thank you Marlon.

    [Thanks Jen.  Hope it gave you some inspiration.]

  • Rhen says:

    That was an amazing article Marlon. I don't read a lot of emails because I don't have time and have been un-subscribing from a lot of them recently… (not yours) but you're putting up some great stuff since you started this blog :).. Frankly like you said so well in your post, I mostly look at what you do, and what other marketers do rather than say, and have been for a while. This has proven to be a very effective strategy in getting ideas and adapting them to my own endeavors. This post was very captivating.. I guess it's refreshing, when you hear personal stories like this.

    Thanks, all the best.

    [Hey Rhen, hope the niche in a box is going well.  Appreciate the comments.  Marlon]

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  • Ronn Memel says:

    Fantastic post Marlon! I respect your experience and admire your honesty in telling it like it really is. People now days are so trained for instant gratification that they are more inclined to quit early than to die trying. They steal their own dreams through lack of action and/or just plain laziness. I've always been a big fan of reducing things to "the ridiculous" and you have done so masterfully here. My favorite quotes from the above post: "You need a product. You need people who want it with the money to buy it. You need some great promo out there. – I can promise you that if you find demand, meet it with products and well-executed promotions, and you do that over time, those bills will likely fade away." Well done! Keep up the great work, continued success, and I look forward to returning to your blog for more inspiration and advice.

    [Ron, appeciate the comments.  You know, I really do believe that.  I really do believe it's true, as obvious as it may seem.  But sometimes, just a reminder of the big picture helps!]

  • Thank you. Just what I needed to read. Validation of the tried and true by a pro. Helps in staying the course.

    [Steve, I really believe if you do surveys to stay in touch with what your people want, and provide what it is they want, then promote it with on target benefits, a good value build and call to action — if you do that, you will find success.  Marlon]

  • Tim Godfrey says:

    Over the last 4 years I have read thousands of posts, articles, sales pitches – but that was possibly THE best blog post in the history of the web. Marlon – you're an inspiration. I'm emailing my list


    [Tim, well, to be honest, I thought it was a good post.  Don't know if it's the best in history.  But I do feel strongly about what I wrote.  I just really, really believe it represents the truth.  And I'm very glad that resonated with you also.  Marlon]

  • Yannis says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I have read with great interest your article about marketing. You are right and people should follow close on all your advices. Yes, everybody need Internet marketing and particularly FREE MARKETING which works well!

  • Dr.Mani says:

    Awesome post, time spent reading it through was well worth it. Chockfull of valuable lessons – if only enough people would read it and INTERNALIZE what you shared, success would be so much easier to achieve, Marlon. Thanks – I even 'twittered' about this blog! 🙂

    All success


  • Yes, Marlon, I see what you are saying. I guess what I was saying is that I GLADLY paid for the Design Dashboard and the Marketing Dashboard, because everything you ever told me before that was so valuable, even when you offered it for free. Obviously, anyone who "puts a price tag on sharing their experience" actually does a service for others – when they present info of real value. The trick on the part of the purchaser/student is to try to determine if the product being offered has real value, which is easier to conclude when you know and trust the source. After spending literally thousands of dollars on every promise and program that came along, I'm now being much more selective and, I hope, wiser. Sincerely, Brennan

    [Yep, Brennan, I understand.  I was just pointing this out because some people DO have a problem charging for their information.  I know one very talented marketer who insists on giving away his information for free on the dream it will FINALLY become viral and spread! It could happen.  But I could get a date with Jessica Alba also. But what are the odds?]

  • Wow, Marlon! You just put so much training into one single post, if people will only take the time to understand what you have said. I have paid so much for ebooks and training programs that didn't tell nearly as much as this one single post. Is it any wonder people get discouraged about buying things? $97 for a gussied-up training program or getting the info for free in your blog. What kind of choice is that? Hah! I hope people realize how important this message was. Too often we devalue things that we don't pay for, and yet this info is worth SOLID GOLD! Thank you! No one can ever say that you short change the SMART people who listen to you. Have a wonderful day! Brennan

    [Well, Brennan, to some degree in doing this I do a disservice. See, if people come to expect information for free, then they don't respect a person's experience and the value of it.  I don't give away a lot for free because I don't think people value it or act on it.  And then, it's true, their expectations from other marketers rocket.  I believe people should be proud of selling their information and should never apologize for putting a price tag on sharing their experience.  I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want people to feel they have to give away the house for free and feel like a second class citizen for selling what they know.]



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