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Infopreneur: How to create a product in 114 minutes & sell 6,000 copies



In today's newsletter, I'll reveal how to create a product in 114 minutes and sell 6,000 copies as in infopreneur.

When I wrote this article originally, I just got back from visiting my dad for the holiday. For the record, he has passed on now.  But anyway…

Whew!  I mean, when your dad is as old as mine, it takes a few days to recoup.  But while I was there, one of the ladies who helps take care of him came over on Christmas and fried him some eggs.


Was he ever happy!

See, he grew up on a farm. And every morning his mum would fry him eggs.  He just can't get them enough.  Fortunately, on his farm, his dad had a chicken coup with something like 100 chickens in it.

For the cost of chicken feed, those chickens kept laying eggs non-stop that sold for more than the cost of the chicken feed.

I won't say those were golden eggs.  But you could trade them for cash.

Pre-Internet days, this was about as close to “automated income” as it got.  Either you owned something like cows and chickens that produced milk and eggs you could sell.

Or you owned real estate the produced rents.

Or you owned a business that produced sales.

In all cases, the thing producing the “item of exchange” wasn't direct labor.  Chickens produced eggs.  Cows produced milk.  Products produced sales.

These “items of exchange” or things that can be exchanged for money are what I'll call “money vehicles.”

Your vehicle could be houses that produce rents.  Copyrights or patents that produce royalties.  Letters that produce sales.  Today we call this being an “infopreneur”.

Key #1:  The path to money freedom is owning “vehicles” that spin off money for you

The  question is, do you have any “money vehicles” producing money for you that doesn't require your direct labor?  Or is the only money you're producing the money that comes from trading an hour of your time for money?

Since you can only work X hours a week, if this is the only “money vehicle” you have, you have a ceiling on your income that is very difficult to get beyond.

True, if you're a star basketball player and  can trade dunks, passes and blocked shots for money, you can get paid a high enough amount per hour that it might be worth it, assuming you like to travel and be away from your family 1/2 of the year.

Most of us can't jump high enough, run fast enough or shoot accurately enough to get in on that gravy train.  That leaves us poking around for another vehicle, and preferably one that doesn't require our personal time.

This is the ONLY path to time and money freedom for most normal folks.  By all means, if you can leap tall building in a single bound and people will pay you millions for it, have at it.  Be aware, though, that even the people who can and do often end up broke.  Because when their magical ability fades, they don't have anything else that creates money for them.

They are still to some degree caught in the time for money trap.

I had a friend with a skill that spit out a LOT of cash.  It funded 1/2 million dollars in antique clothes, a custom made swimming pool, lake houses, cars, motorcycles, and more.

But one day an injury caused the cash flow to end for 6 months, while the injury healed.  The whole, entire mini-empire began to crumble.

2.  To build a mini-empire that doesn't crumble, you need “money vehicles” that operate without you, or can in a pinch.

There aren't many “money vehicles” that can run indefinitely without your participation. For example, when famous authors pass away,  for the most part, their books become close to worthless.  There are exceptions to the rule like Think and Grow Rich.  But most authors don't have someone like W. Clement Stone willing to fund a foundation to promote their works for them after they pass on.

Instead, what you're looking for are money vehicles that produce income on relative autopilot, with a minimum of time and energy on your part.  That way,

3.  Not all money vehicles” are practical and workable for you

If you're loaded with cash, you might, and I emphasize might, be able to invest in a bucket of stocks, ride out the ups and downs of the market and end up averaging 10% gains a year.

If you have enough cash in your sofa cushions to fund your lifestyle on 10% gains a year, and you're a stupendous stock picker or have a best friend who is, maybe that's the vehicle for you.

Most of us, though, start out without the cash to BUY enough cows, chickens, stocks, houses or other “money vehicles” to fund the lifestyle that gives us freedom.

It's also true that cows and chickens have to be housed, fed and attended to.  Which requires labor.

If you're a person who can write world-class novels and become the next Stephen King, go for it.  Most people will never reach that elite level.

If you can sing amazing songs that make the world want to listen, go for it.  Make money like a rock star and send me a free ticket to your concert.  On the other hand, if you don't even sound good singing in the shower (like me), then you might want to look elsewhere.  I mean, I don't even sing on key on my dreams!

4.  The ideal “money vehicle” can be created from scratch without requiring you to invest in cows, chickens, products, patents or employees

The ideal money vehicle is one where you can create money out of thin air, almost literally.  You create an asset from scratch and then that asset spins off money.

None of us wake up in the morning and say, “Hey hon, you know what?  I think today instead of going bowling, hanging out at the pool or watching sports, what I want to do is create an info product?  Excuse me while I go fire up Camtasia!”

I sure as heck don't say that.  I really do have other things to do with my time than gab at a microphone.  HOWEVER, I NEED that asset to be created.

I need an asset that spits cash at me like a chicken laying eggs. The only thing is, I don't have to scoop up poop, feed the chickens, collect the eggs or do all that other stuff.

I don't have to wake up in the morning and go milk the cows.

Paypal milks my cows for me. All I do is log in and look at how much cash my milk sold for while I slept. For example, I woke up this morning and saw this:

It's not a million dollars.  But neither did I have to buy chickens or cows, or sweep up poop.  I created digital assets from scratch by typing or speaking words.  And I trade those digital assets for money.

5.  The BEST kind of “money vehicle” to create from scratch with very, very little investment of money or even time is an information product

I know, you want to create an information product about as much as you want to wash your car.  Fair enough.  But what if you could wash your car once in an hour or so and get paid over and over and over 100's or 1000's of times for the next 10 years for investing that hour.

Would you possibly be a bit more enticed?

That's the power of creating a digital asset like an information product.

Every product has tangible and intangible value. Tangible value is what you can touch, taste and feel, like a book or a phone.

Intangible value is what something DOES for you.  A phone allows you to talk to people.  A book gives you information.

Digital assets create intangible value from thin air without a matching tangible cost.  In other words, selling 1,000 video views has very little additional cost vs. 1 video view.

6.  The great thing about creating digital assets from scratch is you can do this in as little as 114 minutes and get paid as many as 6,000 times for doing so.

Here's a recent screen cap from JV Zoo:

alexAs you can see, over 6,000 of the front-end product were recently sold.

Here's how long that product took to create:

The product is a mindmap with voice over and took a total of 114 minutes to record.

Honestly, do you need to be a darned rocket scientist to do a mindmap and blab into a microphone for 114 minutes?  I think not.  If you don't know what to say next, you just hit PAUSE!  It's not exactly like you're building a stealth bomber or something. It's a video.

Now, don't get me wrong.  Alex shared really valuable info. And you can do the same once you find out the secrets, shortcuts and techniques. My point is …this asset was created from scratch.

And whether you think you are a bumbling idiot or a mensa genius, chances are, you can follow 3 steps:

1.  Type mindmap

2.  Hit record

3.  Talk

If you can't do those 3 steps, then you REALLY need to join Toastmasters.  I'm a member and it's the greatest group in the world with chapters in thousands of cities around the world.

I've done the same thing over and over, in varying amounts of time.  In fact, I've been doing this over and over since 1997 full time.  I hear others say they've been doing Internet marketing that long. But the truth is they weren't full time and they sure weren't pulling down 30k to 65k gross sales a month doing so.

Here's just one example:

Needless to say, I've sold a LOT more of this product since 2004.  And that's just one of many, many examples I could give you.

Lest you think these examples are isolated, here are a few more that folks have done on the Zoo, the top ones coming in just the past few months:

Of course, I don't know the time investment in those products.  I DO know they are assets, some or many of which have the potential to spit out cash for months or years to come.

I have products I did over 10 years ago that STILL spit out cash.

7.  This means, that by creating info products from cash, you produce your own cash cows and chickens anytime you want, and you don't have to milk the cow, collect the eggs or scoop the poop

Does it really get any better than this?

Of course, I know there are many questions:

Where do I get the information from?

What if I produce it and it it flops?

Will anyone buy it?

What if this?  What if that?

For the most part, my answer is the same.  What if they don't buy it?  All you invested was 114 minutes give or take an hour or two. And possibly your research time, if you didn't already know the information.

It sure beats the heck out of having to buy some land, build a chicken coup on it, buy chickens, feed and water the chickens daily, protect them from wind, storms, tornadoes and disease, pick up the eggs, take the eggs to market and get money.

Instead, you create digital asset and get money.

8.  The SECRET in CONTINUAL MONEY from your digital assets is not well known

What you'll find out is many people get a burst of income from a digital asset.  But then it dies.  That cancels out the whole big picture.

In other words, their nose is back to the grindstone having to create another digital asset because the last one died out fast.

It's a bit like treading water in the deep end.

I know the obvious question a lot of people have is, “Marlon, I know I need digital assets.  But I'm not an idiot. I can do a mindmap and use Camtasia.  But how in God's green earth can I make my digital assets sell over and over and over for years like yours have?”

That's the million dollar question, isn't it?

It's why I exist.  It's my secret weapon.  It's what I know many others don't.  They make TALK about having sold online for many years.  But they have no “walk the walk” to back up that talk.  They can't show you $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 a month, month after month, year after year.  They can't do it.  Nada.  No.  Not gonna happen.

I think there are a lot of great teachers out there and this isn't a “guru bashing” session.  I'm NOT running them down.  I just want to clearly communicate the FACTS.  Has nothing to do with “knocking” other info product sellers who I often respect and admire.

Creating a digital asset is one thing.

Getting it to spin off income for you year after year is quite another trick, indeed. That's the killer system I've created. That's what people pay me money for.  In fact, I call it…

The Info Product Perpetual Income System

Other people can show (as can I) you how to record with Camtasia. How to do a mind map. How to write an email or sales letter.  How to “build a funnel.”

But all that is FOR NOTHING if you can't make the darned digital asset spit out money at you month after month, year after year.  That's my unbeatable advantage. That's why people come to me, sometimes in droves.

And they're SMART to do so. Because without it, all you got is a glorified job and working your assets off for no residual, passive income.  And THAT is what most people are doing.  Or they're jumping on the latest, greatest thing that will be worth a thimble full of nothing a year from       .

You'll hear people say, “I've been doing this 5 years,” as though that's a long time. Or they've been doing this since 1997.  But their sales weren't $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 , $50,000 a month and more.  The chances are very slim they were full time, as almost everyone who was making good sales then was my affiliate. No brag.  Just fact.  I'm NOT trying to run anyone down here.  But facts are facts.

Sometimes people respond, “Oh yeah, and you invented the Internet also.”  I'm NOT claiming something ridiculous like that.  What I've stated above is verifiable and, in fact, at different times I've shown this proof.  For example on the video here.

By the way, you know those chickens my dad's dad had?  Well, a tornado came along and wiped out the chicken coup.  A disease killed their cattle.

I've never heard of an ebook getting blown away by a tornado.  Not saying it couldn't happen. I just never heard about it.

Let me know your thoughts on today's newsletter.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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    • marlon says:

      Hi Sally,

      See, I knew I should have taken the time to explain it better. The Info Product Perpetual Income System is a title I gave to the system. It isn’t a product yet, although I may create it. What I AM doing asap is adding a module on it to the fail safe system, which is a more inclusive, turnkey solution at

      So no, it wasn’t you. I just didn’t take the time to explain properly. After writing a whole ezine on a Sat. morning I run out of gas!


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