MMM — How to Boost Yo Money Using “Bumps” and OTO’s


Marlon here.

Today you get a video newsletter vs. a PDF. This issue is on how to bank mroe money using “bumps” and OTO’s.  There’s some good info based on what I learned via the school of hard knocks.

Let me know in comments if you prefer the PDF or the video.  Yes, I know you’d rather have both plus mp3. But on Saturday mornings, I got time to do ONE not all 3.

Now, last week I promised to tell you the RESULTS of my test using Thrivecart and giving away the newsletter but having a BUMP checkbox.  My bump was for converted some but it wasn’t great.  We had a few sales.  Nothing to write home about.  I *think* the reason is most of you already own Ockham’s Razor.

But it could also be the product is a little hard to explain in 1 paragraph.  And I’m not entirely sure I had Thrivecart working properly.  I’ll be revisiting this on another day and another product or bump.

I CAN tell you that NORMALLY bumps get a 30% or so conversion, depending on factors of course.  But in my experience something around 30% would be normal.

Best wishes,


PS:  If you have any thoughts on this you’d like to share, post in comments.