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Come on Guys and Gals. You Gotta Promote. Start USING Social Media

It's crazy.

I see people post in groups that they've been TRYING to make sales online but haven't been able to.

So I go check out their profile on FB.

There are NO POSTS about what they sell. NO POSTS for a FREEBIE. No posts for a HAND RAISER to get someone to raise their hand. NO live streams.

Are people freaking supposed to read your mind? I mean, really? For real?

This week I've been participating a nifty free 5-day challenge Grant Cardone put on. Pete Vargas spoke about his signature story method. And the assignment was to create a 1 minute video.

Here's the one I created:

Anyway, the video quality would have been better if I shot it on my iphone.

Regardless, I posted this everywhere I could on FB — my group, profile and page. And then I posted it on Twitter.

You Can't Hide Your Light Under a Bushel

There's a famous book a lot of people have read that says “Don't hide your light under a bushel.” That's so TRUE.

And it's what a lot of people do.

I understand if you don't want to sell on social media.

But what you CAN do is post a short little video kinda like this one. Or you can offer something free and send people off FB to your email capture page.

Mine is at

It's my free Seed Marketing Report: Find the need, sow the seed, reap the harvest.

I think people are afraid their friends will make fun of them or something.

But you CAN create a separate list of people in FB. So you can post anything about business ONLY to those people! Facebook allows you to create sublists.

If you don't want your Auntie to see that you're selling something, you can do this. Now honestly, I think Auntie SHOULD see that you're selling something. Maybe she can send you a referral. But that's your call.

Pete gave a very brief outline for a signature talk. He teaches the whole shebang in seminars and such.

But the gist is to start with point A where people are. Or the problem YOU had that you solved. Then you sell the point B…the result you got.

Then you give 3 to 5 quick tips to help people get a result.

You give a call to action.

And end with an example or illustration.

The assignment was to do all that in 1 minute. So that's what I did in my video. The free event I learned this at is I don't know if the recordings will be available after the event or not. But I'm sure Pete has videos on it in his Advance Your Reach Youtube channel.

I always like to attribute where I learned something.

In MY video I tell the story of how I discovered the secret of selling digitial products by the hundreds and thousands. You can read more about it at Or just grab my free Seed Marketing report at

Best wishes,


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