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For Goodness Sakes, Find a HOOK, Or Not Even Your Mum Will Read Your Offer

For a beginning Creator, getting ATTENTION and finding hooks is a big challenge.

This is part art and part science.

Read your headline.

If it sounds generic and could be stuck on ANY SALES PAGE relating to the topic, you know it sucks. I mean, no one will read it.

No one will buy.

A HOOK is something UNIQUE.

The FOUR elements of hooks I learned from Michael Masterson are called the four U's. So here's my rendition of Michael Masterson's 4 U's.

Unique: There has to be something that sounds UNIQUE about it.

Ultra Specific: Generalities make people snooze for all eternity.

Useful: That means it has a CLEAR benefit to the reader

Urgent: There's some element of immediacy, instant benefit or benefit in x period of time that is relaitvely close.

You use the 4 U's in HEADLINES but also in BULLET POINTS in sales letters.

As an example, here are bullet points from my Social Media On Fire sales page: Most of them will have 3 or all 4 of the 4 U's.

*  How a gray-haired guy on Tik Tok got 7 million followers and 76.7 million likes using simple edutainment.  Best of all, there's no reason you can't do what he does regardless of your age.  Easy peasy.

* 30 “can't-miss” engagement hooks from a person with millions of views. Just punchin your topic

* The 7 second strategy for Tik Toks.

* 940,000 views on Youtube shorts in short order. I have the inside scoop from my friend who did it.

* How to create Youtube Shorts in 60 seconds or less

* The best way I know right now to add $1-$2 million in sales.  And where to deep dive on it if you want to lear more.

*  How to remove wrinkles from the neck and chin in under 30 seconds.

* 5 steps to get 100,000 subscribers on Youtube

*  The incredible marketing power of just your phone.  Your phone is a marketing machine when you know how to use it.

* The simple rinse and repeat method to get 10k followers on Instagram per week by someone who does.  It's just ONE method.  Will it work for you? You'll never know until you try.

*  Why I always avoided Tik Tok and Instagram. And what I've discovered that totally changed my mind

* How to add captions to your videos  FOR FREE in Only 6 Seconds.  And Zoom Your Video Views

* Why your Instagram Carousels are being ignored — and how to easily fix it

*  How to make big ticket or mid ticket sales in a Facebook group in 5 days.

* How to get followers on Instagram even if you don't have one

* How to potentially get 10,000 followers in 24 hours

* What to do to your Facebook Reels so they're super effective opt-in getters.

* How to grow on Instagram in only 15 minutes a day

Can you see how DIFFERENT these are from boring cliches like:

— How to get more traffic, leads and sales


— How to increase your profits using social media


No one will read.

No one will buy.

Look at the promotional emails that you actually READ. Most all of them are likely to have a HOOK.


Without it, no one reads, listens or watches.

No one pays attention.

If you go to, you can see world class headlines. Not all but many incorporate 3 or all 4 of the 4 U's.

Your headline needs to have a UNIQUE MECHANISM that delivers the result. So it's not just “how to get traffic.”

It's some MECHANISM you discovered that gets the traffic for you:

“Strange way of using 24 online classified ad sites brings in 434 visitors a day on average for .15 cents each. Starting getting visitors in 90 minutes.”

Can you see how the unique point is “online classified ad sitess.” And there's a lot of ultra specificity.

Here's what I wrote for the 20-Minute Promotion Machine:

Not ALL headlines have to use the 4 U's. If you have a story headline, for example, you probably won't. But still, there has to be a hook.

This is what I wrote for the Book of Secrets:

The 20 Minute Promotion Machine
Give me 20 minutes and I'll show you how to become a promotion machine
In only 20 minutes, I'll create one easy peasy piece of content, blast it out to youtube, linked in, Twitter, my Facebook page and group. Then I'll transcribe it, remove the filler words, put on my blog and drop the audio onto my podcast. And connect everything to my offer.

Study how headlines use the 4 ‘s. This method will serve you well. If you want to learn more how to write copy that gets you sales:

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