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Marlon, Where Is My Money? Why Is It Not Showing Up? What Is Holding It Back?

I need more sales.

I need more money.

I need more, more, more.

You make goals to GET MORE.

But Marlon where is my money?

I have a whole product by that title. Today, I'll give you the quick-and-dirty version.

Most people are focused on their LACK OF MONEY.

When you have bills raining down on your head, it's hard NOT to think about the lack of money. Or when you REALLY want more for a vacation or whatever, it's hard to NOT think about it.

But here's the weird thing.

Focusing on the MONEY will NOT get you more money.

Weird, right?

The reason is, you can't just WILL money to show up.

Money is the EFFECT not the CAUSE.

So you have to focus on what CAUSES money and sales.

And that is your products and promotion.

You create or offer more products across all price points of the spectrum.

And you PROMOTE more.

You get more promotion OUT and reach MORE PEOPLE with your promotion.

So INSTEAD of asking “How do I get more money?” You ask, “How do I get more and better promotion OUT and reach MOREL PEOPLE with it?”

Money and sales are the effect.

Your OWN ACTIVITY in terms of the products and services you put out and the demand for them or the demand you create AND the amount and quality of promotion you PUT OUT control your income.

Products and promotion are the INPUT that cause the OUTPUT of money.

So instead of focusing on the money, focus on the products (or services) and the PROMOTION. Getting your message out to MORE PEOPLE.

You look at your sales.


You don't worry and fret about “Oh my gosh, I need MORE SALES. What do I do?”

If you worry and fret, you do it over how you put out MORE and better quality PROMOTION and how you offer more products and services.

But the question is how do I put out more promotion?

That's exactly why I created a product called “The only 4 traffic sources you'll ever need.”

It's about HOW to REACH a lot more people.

More promo out = more sales and money.

Bank it.

You'll find the product here.

But even if you don't get my product (which you should) then focus your attention on PROMO OUT.

Next time you see that you want more sales, focus on “How do I increase the amount of promo I put out and the REACH of the promo?”

Best wishes,


  • Jo Thomson says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Loved reading this post. It’s so true that when you focus your attention on doing the inputs in your business, the sales will start to come.

    I bought your product, The only 4 traffic sources you’ll ever need, yesterday, and it’s just amazing!!

    Just like your other courses, it’s jam-packed and full of methods and resources that you can implement straight away. Your training always has a big impact on my business.

    Your training and style of teaching really are unique and the VALUE you give is what keeps me coming back to learn from you.

    Thank you so much!
    Jo Thomson

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