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How to Start Your Business Online Selling Digital Products


Marlon here.

Digital products are all the rage.


Because you don't need to buy inventory.

You don't have to wait for products to be shipped to customers.

You don't have many costs. The most important thing is your ability to create ideas, package them up and promote.

Because of this, you don't have a lot of barriers to entry. You can start up the business virtually overnight.

You can create products quickly and inexpensively. If you need money tonight, you can launch a products in the afternoon and have spendable cash by the evenilng, assuming you've built up your email list.

Another cool thing is digital products typically create opportunities to sell other things like workshops or coaching. So you have a lot of profit opportunities.

You build up an audience or following and a list. Then you simply message your list about new products of your own or affiliate product.s Many customers will buy again and again for years if you serve them well.

Here's How You Get Started

You start out by getting product ideas.

I look at Youtube videos for ideas. And the things customers ask about a lot in Facebook groups. Every pain point is a potential product idea.

Then when I get the product idea, I make a list of everything I know about the topic. And everything that should be covered to help people get the result they want.

If I need to learn more about the topic, I'll spend a few days watching Youtube videos and learning.

Next, I write out what are called bullet points. These are things that make people curious about the product. I make them as tantalizing as possible.

Sometimes I'll write the sales page at this point. And sometimes I'll go on to product creation, depending on my mood.

Now, I'll usually divide the product content into modules or weeks based on the steps people need to take to get from point A where they are now to point B where they want to go.

So I write out 4 to 7 steps.

And I organize the content under each step.

I'll record the product as videos or as Zoom calls.

I'll do mindmaps, slides or just talk and show things on the Internet, depending on the topic.

The recording goes into a member's area. And I'll typically add in bonuses from other products or things I've written or created. I call this the “baker's dozen.” It's how you give customers more than they paid for.

That's most of what you need to know.

See, the trick is to keep is SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE. If you want something complicated, there are plenty of courses you can buy that will make it seem horribly complicated to create a product.

It's actually easy.

My advice is to keep it simple and don't overcomplicate it.


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