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How to Sell Info Products – Why Steady Beats Big Bursts


Marlon here.

If you want to SELL INFO PRODUCTS online, steady beats big.

Recently, I put out a training that shockingly enough was horribly unpopular.

People did NOT want to hear it!

And the training showed the consistent 4-figure money I make by creating $47 info products like clockwork.

The only thing I could figure out is people are enamored by the BIG dollar amounts. For example, I've done $24k in a day.

But I don't talk about that.

I have friends who have done a million in a day.

But steady beats big.


Because when you have a BIG surge of cash into your account that's outside the normal, it causes all kinds of problem with your merchant account like Stripe or Paypal. They like to see steady, consistent money, not a giant spurt.

The other thing to remember is a big launch may not be as impressive when you realize 50% to 75% may go to affiliates, plus 10% to an affiliate manager.

I call it Cash Like Clockwork.

You want to make steady, consistent sales like clockwork. Not a giant surge that impresses your friends.

See, it can take months of preparation before a “big surge” event. What happens to your cash flow during that time period? It's probably low.

Same thing AFTER the event.

I'd rather spread out the sales over time. It's easier to manage the customer support. And merchant accounts prefer it.

But it's certainly not as impressive to customers.

I remember when I responded to my first ad about this business. It told how this guy filled out some papers while on vacation in his Recreational Vehicle. And Then $70,000+ came in almost overnight. I thought “holy crap.” I need to learn about this!

My dad probably had that much come in every month like clockwork from his TV repair business. But he never told me! He had a cash cow going built on recurring income. Because he serviced tv's for hotels and motels who paid him a set fee every month. And he had other ancillary income related to it.

In any event, when I read about this guy who made this big money filling out these forms, I had to find out about it.

Come to find out, those forms were to create a direct mail campaign to sell a product. And he spent thousands of dollars mailing those letters!

Fortunately, today we do things digitally. It's a ton easier.

Bar none, the best way to sell info products online is to have steady, consistent sales and cash flow. Steady, consistent marketing.

Steady and consistent wins the day.

Which is why I write this blog post almost every day.

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