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How to Sell Digital Products Online Using the Triple P Formula

Imagine selling digital products online by the hundreds or thousands all because you know and use religiously a simple one, two, three step formula called PPP.

Your momma didn't tell you 'bout this.

But I'm fixin' to.

This is what you need to do EVERY DAY to sell ebooks, courses, training, coaching, workshops and digital products online.

You do this EVERY DAY.

The more you stick to that plan, the more you make.

The less you stick to the plan, the less you make.

P Number One: Project a Message To Your Audience

You've got to project OUT your message. Get it OUT there.

Grant Cardone says the number one problem we have is OBSCURITY. You know what? He's absolutely right!

First, you need a MESSAGE that will get people to request your freebie. And a message that is MAGNETIC to your desired audience. Messaging is a WHOLE ART and science. But that's the first thing.

Get your message out to the market. There are ONLY 4 traffic sources you need in order to do this.


Every single day get your message out to your target audience. Period.

It's best to do this early in the day if not the first thing in the day.

P Number Two: Pull In Your Potential Buyers

You want to PULL in your target audience or potential buyers with a FREE or LOW COST offer. Think of the place in the food court at the mall where they have pieces of teryaki chicken on a stick. And they hand you a free sample as you walk by.

It tastes really yummy.

And the next thing you know you're ordering a plate with the veggies too and a soft drink.

You can see MY FREEBIE at Right now, the free offer is my Seed Marketing report. That might change in the future. But that's what it is right now. It's all about how to find the need, sow the seed and reap the harvest.

The money is the list.

So when people respond for your freebie or low-cost offer, get them on a list and in a database or CRM.

You can get them on SMS (text messaging) lists, retargeting lists, direct mail lists. All kinds of lists. But at MINIMUM get 'em on an email list.

Here's the BIG SECRET: “Cast your bread upon the waters”

Hubspot did a study and found that the more freebies you have out there, the more bread you cast upon the waters, the more optins you get.

P Number Three: Promote Every day.

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