Money Goals: How to Turn Your Money Goals Into An Activity Plan That Flat Out Works

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This is probably one of the most PRACTICAL and DOABLE newsletters you’ll read from me.

First of all, if you shared or liked one of my past few newsletters and didn’t get the PDF go back and check now.  I initially forgot to put the code in for the PDF.  But I fixed it quickly. They all work now. And yes, miraculously, I have the PDF here:

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I’ll start by saying I got the idea from a fantastic book called Ready, Set, Sell by Don Mastrangelo, which is actually a book for sales people.  And if you own Book of Secrets, you KNOW how I borrow ideas from other industries and fields.

Don trains sales people who are brand new to selling.

He developed a method to translate your lifestyle goals into sales goals. And from sales goals into a specific activity plan.  Here is why this will help you:

1. Without it, you’ll lack the motivation to follow through

2.  You won’t have an urgency for what you want to accomplish in a month

3.  You’ll bounce from thing to thing without any real plan

What Don found was that most sales people just had a goal of “make cold calls and get sales.”  They didn’t have any real big picture.  He developed a formula that said for every 100 contacts with potential decision makers, he’d get 4 hot leads and 16 warm ones. The hot leads should buy within 30 days. The warm leads go into follow up.

With this knowledge, a sales rep realizes it’s a numbers game and doesn’t get so discouraged by no’s.  He also found that only about 20% of sales reps would stick to their activity plan.  Then they’d wonder why “it wasn’t working for them.”  When he checked their numbers, he found out it wasn’t the system, it was simply that their activity level wasn’t on target.

To translate this into Internet marketing, requires some tweaks.

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How to Be “At Cause” Over The Results In Your Business

How to Get Absolute, Total Control Over Your Results In Marketing & Sales

I’m going to start out here with assumption that you prefer being “in control” over the results you get vs. NOT being in control.  You prefer being “at cause” over your business vs. being the effect OF your business.

Secret #1:   Have the THOUGHT of Activity

The longer I’m in business, the more I believe in this principle:  Your thoughts determine your reality.  And I don’t mean this from a “mystical” viewpoint.  I mean it very practically. Here is why:

Your thoughts largely determine your feelings.  Your feelings determine largely your actions.  Your actions determine your success.  It goes like this:  Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Success

But what KIND of thoughts am I talking about?

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How to Make Money Appear Via Marketing

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Marlon here.

in 1978 I bought a really great book about making money in the direct response marketing business.  I still have the ad somewhere. It showed Benjamin Suarez in his RV vehicle with his wife and kids. And he could fill out these forms while he travelled and have up to $70,000 come in.

I BOUGHT!  Oh my gosh. I need those forms!  Wow. This is amazing.

And that’s how I got introduced to direct response marketing and learned about Gary Halbert. I also learned a LOT more was involved than just filling out a few pleasant forms whilst traveling in an RV!  I still have the book.  Loved it.

I think everyone comes into this business with a DREAM.  And the cool part is for most of my life I really HAVE lived the dream. It just didn’t happen overnight.

There are a number of moving pieces to assemble a money machine that can run largely on autopilot.  Someone has to create products, promotions and do customer support. Someone has to come up with winning product ideas.

The TRUTH about the business is the MAIN THING is the product idea.  After that it’s the sales copy.

Those two things you can do at Starbucks, in an RV or on the toilet for that matter.  There just isn’t a big market for products on how to get rich whilst sitting on the can!  I can hear the sales letter now….

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