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Text to Humanoid In 1 Click

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. I'm talking about text to Humanoid today and a little bit late. I woke up a little bit late, a lot late. This is my second cup of coffee. We're getting ready to roll. So today, and I think, I don't even remember the time. I think it's like Don't quote me on this five Eastern standard time.

You'll need to check the sales page. I'm gonna show text to speech, text to humanoid, blast out on all social media channels in the 10 minute a week. Social media machine reseller toolkit.com/twenty-minute, or if you wanna see a live demo of the text Tohu. You can go to which is like you type in your text and it's literally a person there speaking your text.

It's incredible. You can go to reseller toolkit.com/omni I, but tonight I'll be doing a training on how I do it. I'm just showing it on that video that's about an hour video where I demonstrate it. I cover. My 20 minute promotion machine, the elements of it, how it works, why it works, and then I make the offer at the end.

But tonight it's tried before you buy, so you come, you don't pay unless you love it. All right now. It's a good coffee. So that was the hook to get you to listen. Today is the text of humanoid. I you. My it will do different languages too, which is pretty freaking amazing. And the price is is unbelievable.

Also, Texas speech, like the price today for Texas speech is like for 59 bucks. You can do text, a huge amount of Texas speech. It's just mind boggling. Boggling how good it is. Oh, so what I'm gonna do is drop my newsletter into this program and I will have an audio book for every newsletter.

Freaking unbelievable. Not only that, if you do upsells, if you do like free plus shipping or you want other bumps or little upsells, the checkbox software audiobook, boom, you stick it in this, you have instant audiobook. Instant it takes like maybe two minutes. Two minute audio book. Almost instant.

And I'm kidding. I'm not kidding. The quality's insane. Hey, shout out to everyone if you're on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, wherever the heck. Shout out Facebook group. Facebook groupers, masterminders. Welcome. I am watching the comments here on my live. I'm trying to, where is, I don't see my live yet.

Okay. Freaking great. It should, I should be here. I should sit over here in comments though. So shout out to you. How are you? Good morning to you. Yeah, I see a user here. Welcome on live, but little bit late. All right. And I. Oh, okay. So I can't see that. So I'm trying to see, I guess that's Chris. Okay. I think that, is that you, Chris?

No. Heck, I don't know. I can't see my, I can't see my, my, my live stream. Anyway I was listening to some Dan Kennedy about, I'm gonna switch topics completely right.

I was listening to Dan Kennedy, and, but he agrees about omnipresence. He actually has a thing, I haven't listened to it yet, but in one of his programs about being omnipresent, right? He doesn't like doing stuff for free though, so I guess it's a little bit, but the content marketing is hard to deny today.

But one of the things just talking about is price. And here's your takeaway for today, for listening today. Price is mostly mental. I don't think there's anyone that teaches price better than Dan Kennedy. I'm being serious about that. I don't believe there's anyone that teaches price better at price getting premium prices because he's 90% of it is mental.

90% of it is you feeling like you have a right to charge the price and all of these mental issues, he has a, he had a thing I bought I got via Russell Brus Brunson's Diamond membership for his newsletters and stuff. It's called it's like the pricing power, pricing something. It's really gonna seven ways to like effortlessly increase your price.

And, but I just thought that he did a great job explaining how and why it's metal. In other words,

Stand industries develop a standard like, okay, so Kendall eBooks four bucks, right? Five bucks. Definitely under 10 bucks. And he is the problem is people get sucked into an industry norm, right? And he is you don't have to go by the industry norm and ebook is not worth 10 bucks. That's not what an ebook is worth.

It all depends on the actual value of it. And that's all in. Like in your head. So he gives the funniest illustration. I wanted to tell you about this. So he's with he back when he did work with Guffy Riner, they're trying to get Lee Ia Coca, I think to do Infomercial or something like that. I don't remember the exact details.

So he's over at Cocas house with people from Guffy. Riner, and it comes dinnertime. He doesn't have any food in the house, so he is let's go out. They take his van out and it's hysterical. He takes him to this. Pizza place. That's like the only thing I can compare it to is cc's. It's like a low end pizza place.

It's not like the high end. It's like the cheap low end pizza place. And he is and then Coke is okay Dan, I got it. The bill, right? Dan's yeah, I could, I guess that cuz I mean it's like the low end pizza place. And it's hysterical. And he's got all these millionaires and they're going down to the low end pizza place and his house is worth like 18 million.

And so anyway, they go down there and get this, he goes to pay and he pulls out coupons to pay with. Freaking hysterical. And his point is that everyone has money issues and we all have, can have issues charging for what were worth, what information is worth. Our products and services are worth because we have it in our own mind that it's ma that I wouldn't pay that.

And we think everybody else is like us. That's the real takeaway here. We think everybody else is like us and they're not right it all, because value is personal, value is what it's worth to them. And so you hear people say I would never pay a thousand dollars. I would never pay 500. It's just like sales orders.

I would never read a long cells that are yeah, but there's a heck of a lot of people that do and they buy. You are not your. I just think it's a tremendous point that because you wouldn't buy it doesn't mean that others won't buy it, and that it's not okay to offer it at that. It's a heck of a psychological point, right?

All right, so you gotta cast your bread up on the waters. I think I did a great webinar. It's not a webinar, it's a video sales letter actually about this. It's reseller toolkit, voice. Even if you're not, I don't if you, I can't imagine why you wouldn't wanna attend for free today, but even if you don't, you're still gonna get value out of the out of this vs.

This video sales letter. I answer a lot of objections, but then I do it live demo of text to speech and text to humanoid. That, honest to God, I thought was mind blowing. Maybe you, but listen to this. I show text to audio in my own freaking voice. I paste my newsletter or text in, I click a button and the audio is in my freaking voice.

I demonstrate that on the video, so it's at reseller toolkit.com/omni. Om, I think it's Omni two, om n i with the number two, I forgot the two. I'm sorry, guys. Reseller toolkit.com/om N I Omni with the number two, Omni two. That's a really cool, you should have got the thing in your email if you're on my email.

So I realized after listening to this Dan Kennedy on the on, on pricing, I'm like, okay, I really underpriced this thing. And he just reminded me that you really should have a three price thing on your pricing. You should have your low and your middle and your high because there's, 10% of the people that will take the high because that's, Because they buy, they're just a high end buyer.

They always buy, like Bill Harrison is like that. If, Billy runs an incredible business teaching authors how to create and promote books. Radio, TV interview report is his just awesome guy, right? He's gonna buy the high end. You have high end buyers and if you don't offer it, you're just leaving money on the table.

And then you always have people that wanna upgrade to some kind of a v I P experience. , and then you have your standard buyers. I didn't do that and so I just left money on the table. It just reminded me of that when I was just, I'm like, okay I guess I just but see, this is the power of education.

I swear people don't understand the power of self education. Some people are like, proud of it. Oh, I never, I don't even have any products on internet marketing. I don't believe in educating myself. I believe that being ignorant is a good thing. I make money. Ignorant. Yeah, that's true. But how much more would you have made if you just educated yourself a little bit?

Good gosh. Swear. And I have over 4,000 books. I don't even know how many I bought at a lifetime because I've given 'em away like the, taken 'em down to the used book store or to Goodwill sometimes. Batch of 500, everything I just throw in my trunk, in my car, take it down, boom.

Get, cause I ran out space. I've done that multiple times. And so I believe, but just so listen to this Dan Kennedy thing. I get this thing about pricing. I already knew it, but you forget what you know. And he really made great points about pricing, so I'm like, yeah, you know what? These are really great points.

So that's the power of self freaking education. Today, I'm gonna educate you about how I do these live streams and push it out to Twitter, LinkedIn it goes to my blog. Now I don't have a podcast yet, but in one click I can have a podcast just like that. Just that easy. I get 30 hours of free transcription a month that puts things in paragraph.

It ain't like otter.ai where it's a blob of text. I mean it nicely formats. At one click, I remove all the ums and alls freaking unbelievable. It's just the world we live in today with these new technology, and that's part of what I'm covering today is new technology. Did you know that you can translate your stuff in other languages in one?

Audio, you can go text to audio and translate other languages in one click. Freaking unbeliev. All right, so the video trainings, reseller toolkit.com has omni with the number two. And then if you wanna join us tonight, today, it's reseller toolkit.com. Has 20 minute for the 20 minute promotion machine.

The Dan Kennedy Diamond stuff from Russell. I don't remember the url. It's no bs, something or the other, but, The way I always find stuff is I type in Russell Brunson in Facebook, you always look for the one that's got like 200,000 followers cuz you know that's their page. And I think it actually says page there.

You scroll down a little bit, it'll say transparency, and then it'll have a button for more info and you click more info and then it'll be see Facebook ads or ad library. You click ad library, there's all their ads. And aj, good morning. I made the purchase. But if I can't make it live, of course you get a replay, aj.

Of course. Congratulations on your purchase. Yeah, I probably should have put that in there in gigantic letter as a replay because the truth is aj, 90% of the people will get the replay. 90% won't be there live, right? What Amazing time in history. So many things to be happy about you. People complain,

Hey Jay. That is so freaking true, like that's because of social media. I guess the function of social media is like to post controversial stuff in the complaint because it gets engagement and social media has an Achilles heel, which is, it thrives off Engagement. Engagement is built upon complaints, controversy, arguments.

It's. Yeah, it's questionable. There's so many great things about the time that we live in, like the ability listen. The ability, I never promoted audiobooks, even though like it's the best bump you could have for something printed is an audiobook. I can sell, you get this. I can sell the audio book version of my new.

All freaking day long and it takes one click at about two minutes to have it. I can translate it into a hundred languages in one click. I don't know how I would do the customer support cuz it can translate it, but it's not gonna sit there on your support desk and answer people in guacamole language or whatever.

Spanish, Italian, French. Every language you can think of you can translate into. Do you understand what a huge markets you could go into? I just gotta figure out how something where I think you can probably have a program where you copy and paste the checks and it translates, I know you got Google Translate, but you need something better that Google Translate is all right. Yeah, aj, you'll get the recording. You have a members' area, by the way, if you haven't been there, you've already got a lot of stuff in the members' area. And aj, there's a newsletter in there. It's about 40 pages long, a report that details everything pretty much except the podcast, which I'll be doing on the call today.

And then the the text text, audio, text to speech. I'll be doing that live today. And you'll get also a transcript of the call today, not just the audio recording, but also the transcript. Which again, I at 30 hours a month, so in one click I'll have the transcript of today and probably it takes four or five minutes.

And it's cool because it's formatting in paragraphs. I could not stand those programs that give you a big gigantic blob of checks. So you gotta sit there for the next 30 minutes, freaking making paragraphs. It's just such a beat down. Can't stand that. So I. And this text humanoid thing, it's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

I'm not sure how I'm gonna use it yet. It's it. But the one thing you can do with it, and I haven't played with this yet, but I believe it translate, I'm not sure, I think it translates, can translate into other languages. If I into a humanoid in other languages, then that would be really pretty freaking awesome.

I haven't deep dived into it that much yet. I just got it right. I just found out about it. All right. My, my second cup of coffee's about gone. This thing about Dan Kennedy on pricing and. Understanding that you are not your customer and that there's a certain percentage of your customers that want the premium version.

You know why? Cuz ain't broke. They got money. They're buying for other reasons because they wanna be more efficient. They want maybe they wanna make more money. Maybe they're already making a million bucks. They don't want more money, but they wanna make it better, easier, faster, more expansive. Dan Kennedy's, so it's 90% a mental thing. We all have mental crap up there that's costing us, God knows how much freaking money it's costing us. Seriously. Who knows, right? I do not know how much Russell Brunson charges for the Diamond thing, but you get access to all the Dan Kennedy programs. Like you get three credits each month for three programs.

Almost all of 'em. Renegade isn't in the renegade, millionaire isn't in there, but most everything is in there and it's mind boggling. I don't even know the word. I don't even know the word for it. I also think the credit system. I've never seen a functioning credit system like that where it gives you credits each month and you can spend them.

It's really freaking cool water retention tool. I bet his retention is out the roof. All right, guys. Appreciate you all have a great day. Do y'all have any comment, any other comments? Let me check the Facebook group. Maybe I'm not seeing here. Do you have any other comments? If you go toki.com/omni two, Omni with the number two, and see this Texas speech of Texas humanoid, you gotta realize why you're missing out if you don't get this because, no, I don't reveal the source.

I show it, I demonstrate it. But you gotta be on the live training today or get the okay for me to reveal all the scoop. And the reason is just, it took me, Oh, I see Roger there. Hey, Roger, how are you doing, man? It took me a lot to find this and, and so forth, and some learning curve.

But yeah, I gotta do more. I haven't even finished this whole Dan Kennedy thing on price. He got seven pricing things. I was knocked out. I like screwing up on number . Screwing up on number one. I probably got six more to go. I love educate, why people brag about not learning, about not educating. Oh, I let it spend a thousand dollars on that or not.

Oh God. Oh, so Dan May, and I'm gonna make this point, then I'm gonna go, Dan makes this point. Like your customers your ideal customers have gotta be people that, number one, wanna learn. Number two, they're hungry and they're searchers. He goes through this whole list of stuff about what your ideal, the traits your ideal customers need.

Number three, they, they need to be learners, and number four, they need to be able to consume longer sales pitches. Presentations. You know why? Because if you're gonna sell something for $5,000, you ain't gonna do it off your eye. I ain't gonna listen to nothing longer. 10 minutes. Okay, listen, that ain't an ideal customer.

You know what they are? They're someone else's customer. That's who those people are. You see it all the time on social media, or I ain't listening to no video longer than five minutes. I ain't rated nothing longer than one page. Okay, great. You ain't in the target market. You're someone else's customer cuz you ain't ever gonna buy.

You ain't gonna spend $5,000 off of a 10 minute video in the vast majority of cases, right? You ain't doing it. That's the power of education. All right guys I'll see a lot of you on today. You all have a great day. And again, it's reselling toolkit.com for 20 dash minute. If you're not, if you don't have it yet, it's the 20 minute promotion machine.

Y'all have a great day. Appreciate all of you. See some of you today. Bye-bye.

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