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What in the heck happened to the joy of online marketing — and what is this awful thing it has become?

Holy cowl.

What in the HECK happened to the JOY of online marketing?

I mean, today it all looks the same.

Run a Facebook ad to a video sales letter that leads to an application. A phone call. And a $5k or $10k coaching program. Followed by $25k. And without that, you can't afford to run Facebook ads.

So people buy the program.

And they discover that for THEM to afford Facebook ads they too need to run an ad to a video sales letter to an app to a phone call and multiple big tickets.


Listen, there's NO JUDGEMENT here. None. I'm NOT saying it's wrong. More power to 'em. I'm saying I can't stand it. I hate it. It makes me want to throw up.

To make it in that world, you have to be some freaking anal retentive, spreadsheet scouring, number crunching person hunched over a computer.

Good grief.

Is this what Internet marketing has become? I hope not!

There IS a different world. A different way. A way of passion. A way of purpose. A way of fun.

You come up with an idea that excites you.

You whip out the sales page in maybe a few hours. On a good day 60 or 90 minutes.You create a member's area. and drop a mix of content into it. PDF's, videos, whatever. But you create a GOOD experience for those who log in.

The core product is delivered via live trainings. Or pre-recorded. Take your pick. Or even PDF. I love PDF's personally. Amazon has done their darndest to KILL the value of the written word. And make it worth $3.95. But I've found my IDEAL CLIENTS still see the value.

They're still happy to pay a fair price for excellent specialized knowledge.

After the above is in place, an evening has passed, Maybe a day with breaks, errands and a nap. Listen, at my age, there's a nap in there. Trust me on this one.

I think I still remember when I was a spring chicken. More power to 'em.

So anyway, once the above is all in place, BOOM!

The fun begins. Well, not quite yet.

You send the email to the list.

And the first day is typically depressing. Sometimes you hit a gusher and sales pour in. But for me, more typically, the first day I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that this thing is gonna tank. It rarely does. But that's day one jitters.

Or I realize not many are clicking to the site. I watch this traffic LIVE. And you should too.

On occasion I have to change the headline. Usually not.

I do stuff like, “Oh crap, I forgot to put a deadline on it.”

But more often than not, I just write a new email that night or the next morning. A different subject line. Different copy.

One or two tweaks and the sales come in.

Most people have been taught to NOT do it this way

Most people have been taught the sales page has to be perfect and can't have even one typo. Screw that.

Most people have been taught the graphics have to look like the God of Art created them. Screw that.

Most people have been taught the sales copy has to sound all professional and stuff. And for gosh sakes, add pretty pictures and don't make it too long. Or no one will read it.

I mean, except for your ideal clients.

Here's what I believe in.

Getting VALUE out to the marketplace. Getting products done when you're still EXCITED about them. Because that thing will be sterile and lifeless if you do it after your excitement wanes. Do it when you're EXCITED about it.

Low tickets.

Mide tickets.

High tickets.





Not coaching.

Whatever YOU have the ENERGY to do.

Whatever topics you're really passionate about. If you've attracted YOUR ideal clients, then they'll love it. Yes, I often do a 12 product survey. But when you're dialed in, you don't have to. Get it out there.

Now, you ALSO have to get your MESSAGE out there to ATTRACT these ideal clients. That's the topic for another day.

Best wishes,


PS: If this sounds exciting to you, check out The Writer's Secret.

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