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How to Get Consistent New Customers Using 3-Person Virtual Summits

Good morning to you. Marlon Sanders here. Happy Monday.

How are you? How's your marketing? We wanna talk about how you get quality customers using what we call three-person virtual summits. I dunno if you've all seen this or heard about this before. Morning to you. Good morning on Twitter. Good morning on YouTube, and morning on LinkedIn. If you watch on LinkedIn, type LinkedIn, if you watch on Twitter, type Twitter, if you watch on replay, type replay and where you're watching from.

If you watch The Bitter, let me know. How are you? So if you don't know, I launched a new product. It's a reseller, and it is the definitive book on marketing systems for routinely, regularly, and consistently getting new customers in your business. One of those methods is 48 systems, and one of those is called three-person Virtual Summits.

Hi David, How are you? Welcome. Yeah, I'm a little late today, David. I don't know. I tried it up between eight 30 to nine Eastern standard time. That really depends on how soon my brain would be. How fast the coffee kicks in and how soon my brain wakes up. So welcome. So the idea of the three-person virtual sum, it's just one of 48 systems you can use to get routine regular customers.

So what you want is about five spokes in your will. This is the goal. The objective is to have five spokes in your will. That way one spoke to dies out or goes down or has a problem. You got four other spokes. If you only got one spoke and it goes kaput, kapu. You're screwed. So this is why I teach 48 because it's like a buffet and you can go and choose which ones work for you.

Now, let's talk about the three-person summit. I have a friend David per Purdue, and he does he's done the bigger summits. The problem is it's good morning to you. I see a Facebook user. Let's see who it is. Hold on here. Let me get over, I'm gonna switch over to my Facebook page here so I can, I'm in the group so I can make sure that I see everyone who comes on.

So anyway, David used to do these virtual summits, and what he found out is that putting them together is a heck of a lot of work, right? And so the leads are great, the leads are fantastic, but it's like trying to herd cats to get all of these people together, like simultaneously in all of this. That's a really tough deal.

And let me go down here where I can see comments now. Okay, great. Oh, I see you, Rick. Okay. Good morning, Rick. So the idea is that if you just do a three-person but it's you and two other people. Now if you're new, you get two other people who are relatively new but have at least some list that they can promote to, as you grow, then you'll get a bigger audience and get people with larger lists to promote. Now, if you have experience, then you can get two other people who are experienced, but this is gonna be a heck of a lot easier. Then trying to produce this whole big virtual summit, which is Oh my goodness, that's tough.

That's really tough. So in the product, I talk about this, I show you where you can get really inexpensive, a lot more in-depth training on it. It's one of the things that I do is I always give my resources and where you can learn more, study more, find out more, and so forth.

I have personal experiences and one of my objectives was to cocreate products with people just like two other people. And even just doing that was really hard. I don't know. I'm busy. Oh, God. They just, it was tough. And I'm like, Okay, this, if you get the right people, that's great.

But just trying to find the right people sometimes can be a challenge. And. I come across this three-person virtual seminar, mail Man. This is dynamite. This is gonna solve a big problem. The problem it solves is number one, list building with high-quality people. We're not talking about low-quality people, or the people that come from virtual summits are gonna be buyers and they're gonna be really high quality, number one.

Number two, you're introduced to them in a very professional manner. Number three it allows you to network. Effectively with others in a way that's not too much effort for them. Now, there are, you gotta have people who are gonna participate. You want people at your same level.

If you approach somebody that's gotta list 10 times the size of yours, that's probably not gonna pan out. You gotta get people that are relatively on your level when you do these things. But I really like it because number one, you can have more cons. What you're shooting for is consistent activity, right?

And so the Challenger, the problem with. With a big virtual summit as you get this huge rush of leads of people. But it took a long time to put it together. And so it's, again, you're back in like feaster famine feast when you have a virtual summit famine when you're trying to put together the next one.

And what I prefer are the smaller wins. That can get you consistency as you go along, David, that can get you consistency as you go along. R gets you consistency as you go along. My YouTubers and LinkedIn people, Twitter people, and Facebook group masterminds, right?

The derivative of this is co-creating a product with two other people. Man. What I found, and it's funny because when I talk about co-create pro, I'm just talking about you all three, getting on a Zoom call, and recording a product together. All three of you, each one of you presents. It's really a no-brainer, but man, I had trouble getting people to agree to that.

It was just like, it was really not the easiest thing in the world. And the idea is then is each person would pre the product to their list. And it would promote the other person. But one of the issues there is you're not actually getting the names of the buyers. It's only if they watch it like you and then opt into your list.

If you do a three-person virtual summit, there are better ways to build your list where you could build a bigger list of high-quality people faster. Now, think about it. Let's say you do five virtual summits and each one of them adds only 100 people to your list, right? Which is really realistic with two other people, right?

If it was only 100 people, though, that would be 500 fresh names on your list. Now all of a sudden, You've increased your list size by 500 and you can go get some bigger people on your virtual summit. But let's say that you add 200 per virtual summit, which again if you've got two other people that's 100 each, that's very doable.

Now you would have 1000 people added to your, So what I'm saying is you can parlay this thing up relatively quickly. Now, in the old days, there's Guy one of my friend's great guys named Tellman Knutson. Tellman did this, but this kind of thing. But he did, it wasn't really a virtual summit, it was this weird hybrid, and it.

It worked really well. But again there, there were still a lot more personalities involved. I really like this thing of just having three, or two other people, and here's why. Consistency to me is so important because what you do not want in business, to me, by my way of thinking, my way of feeling is a lot of ups and downs, UPSs and downs just suck.

They will suck the life out of you, right? What you. Is to aim for consistent growth. Now, if you studied any of the things the back live streams that I did on goal setting, if you didn't, you should go back and listen to him. I'm a fan of a guy named Joe Verde who's the best teacher of goal setting and accomplishment and achievement bar none in ever history of the world as far as I'm concerned.

He learned it from Zig Ziegler, but he took it like. Too, too many levels beyond that, and there are different approaches, right? His approach is a lot more detailed. Grant Cardone's approach to goal setting is very big. It works though. It works for some people, right? I just like the way Joe Verde teaches it because he seeks the difference.

Joe seeking incremental, steady progress and grants like seeking big huge breakthroughs. They both work right.  and for people with big untapped potential may be seeking that huge, massive explosive growth can work for them. I like being more steady and consistent. One of the reasons your merchant accounts, if you dump a whole lot of money real fast into your merchant account, it's probably not gonna be a bit.

A good, it's probably not gonna be a good picture, right? So you like prefer that steady growth. So if you wanna know more about this and you wanna learn more, again, I got 48 marketing systems in there. But if you wanna learn more about this marketing system, you just go to reseller for Chest Marketing Haven if you haven't already done.

And I'll give you the one biggest chip about this that I think is really gonna help you. Cuz it's a mistake I may not approach other people and try to get them to agree on a date. This is a sure path to failure. I'm serious. It's not gonna work. What you do is find the one other person that you can get on board, and you nail down the date and time with them.

Now you go to the net, you go to your other hit list of P Possible people, and you say, On this time, on this date, we're having a virtual summit. It's gonna be three people, me, Johnny Jones, or whoever. Sally's, and we and one other person, and we'll each mail our list, we'll make this virtual seven-half and we'll all be able to build our list.

We'll get exposure. Everything's gonna come up. Roses, right? If you do it like that, Then you're gonna have a lot greater chance of success because if you're just like, Okay guys, let's get together on a date here, they ain't never gonna get together. Just two people. You can imagine what it is of the virtual summit.

If you're trying to get a bunch of people to agree on a date that ain't ever gonna happen. I know there's some personal experience. I was like trying to get just a few friends to come together to create a product. So I got one friend who wanted to do it, and I'm like, Okay, great. This is gonna be great.

And, but we didn't really nail down the date and time or anything else. Then I go to the next friend, Oh no, I don't think I wanna do it with this guy. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It, I think, the product creation seemed like too big of an obligation. Like somehow that they didn't agree with every little thing that the other person did, that they were gonna be personally responsible if they sold the product, right?

On the other hand, a virtual summit to me is a lot less commitment, right? This is what I think. So Ron Monday's the time you set your goals for the week, your plan for the week, and you think about your week. If you're a fan of neo tech like I am, you have 10 injections for the month for your business growth, and each Monday, then you take, you may not have 10 in Neo tech, you do 10.

Which is a lot, that's a very aggressive thing. I can't really manage 10 injections in a month. It's a challenge unless they're small. But the idea is you have your growth plan for the month, right? And then on Monday, you wanna make sure you're blocking out time for those because if you don't plan for it, it'll never happen.

You ain't never gonna do it. That's what I got for you guys. If you watch your son replay, type, replay, if you watch it live type, live, you watch you the bitter in type bitter. If you watch it on LinkedIn, let me know. If you watch it on Twitter, let me know. If you watch it on YouTube, let me know. If you watch it on my Facebook group, let me know.

And I do these every day. Now, by the way, you can make money referring people to my to my products and indirectly to my live streams, right? The way that works is I have a free live streams page that you can promote and that sets a cookie and I follow up with the people who join to sell other products and services.

You can find out about that and join at reseller toolkit dot. Calm down and get in on that. Help us grow the group, help us reach more people, and make this a fun, exciting, dynamic place to be. And if you have topics you want me to cover on new live streams, then you can also let me know today.

You all have a great week. Plan out your week plan where your income's gonna come from if you have the strange ritual. That's what I like to do on Mondays. So with that said thank you all for being on, and I'll see you tomorrow on the next live.