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Online Sales and Conversions Training — Over 1 Hour of Video

Click the play button on the above video to watch over 1 hour of hard-hitting online sales and conversion training.   This includes my detailed breakdown of $10,000 weeks across many years.

You get over ONE HOUR of online marketing sales and conversion training in the video above, two parts of which are taken DIRECTLY from my Rising Tide Online Sales and Conversions training. Your likes, comments and subscriptions on my Youtube channel send a message to me that you want more training like this. So it’s in your self interest to take just a moment to like, comment and subscribe

In this newsletter you will discover:

* Where to get handwritten fonts for FREE

* How to add them using Clickfunnels, Optimize Press, Thrive themes, Dreamweaver, Instapages, Kompozer or other page creation tools you might be using.

* How to make handwritten arrows on your page to attract attention and direct eye flow

* EXACT secrets and elements from my $10,000 weeks.

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8 Email Countdown Timers

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Marlon here.

Have you gotten emails with cowntdown timers in them?

Today I saw this subject line in my email:

email subject line

If you can’t read that it says:

Hey Marlon:  Here is your free download of Andrew Martin’s “The London System”

I mean, if you’re a chess player, you gotta open the stupid email!  So I did and

sample countdown timer in email

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Republishing Content: From 0 to 255,262 article views in 1 month using republishing (and much more)

Content republishing — It’s how bloggers get started and score big results!  Today we take a SUPER DEEP dive into content marketing.  “Marlon, how can I find my audience, get my word out bigtime AND build my list?  Via my deep dive research, I uncovered businesses and individuals starting from scratch and building big audiences, lists and readers using guest blogging, republishing and content syndication.

In this newsletter:

  • How James went from 1,000 visitors his first month to over 250,000 a month and built a list of 100,000 subscribers using republishing
  • The LinkedIn republishing strategy that got 255,262 views in one month
  • How to find your audience through guest blogging, and when to do it vs. republishing and syndication.
  • “Who can you point me to for success stories and practical examples of “it” working for normal people who don’t already have fame or a brand?”
  • The incredible discoveries I made about republishing your content
  • Where do I find other “deep dive” articles about content marketing?
  • How does content marketing help me build a list?
  • Do I have to write every day?  Or how much or little do I have to write?
  • What’s the surprising news about getting 1,000 visitors from Linked In per article using a 10-minute procedure?
  • What about the Google duplicate content penalty?
  • How Buffer built their traffic originally using ONLY guest blogging
  • What if I built it and they DIDN’T come?  What then?
  • How do I get people to my blog when I have no list, and no visitors to build from?
  • What if I’m not a “pro writer?”
  • Can you give me examples of emails I send to get my content republished?
  • Why people screw up on guest blogging and republishing and fail to get subscribers.  How to easily fix it.
  • How to get guest posts when NO ONE knows you!
  • The 3 types of posts to write
  • How to get 2500 email subscribers a month from one page on your blog
  • How to save $1,004 in 10 minutes.  And do it over and over.

I have a lot of exciting information to share. So let’s dive right in.

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