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Peek inside a million dollars a month Internet Marketing sales machine

Hello, Marlon here. The new issue of Marlon’s Marketing Minute is ready for your download.  It will likely ONLY be free for the next 72 hours. This past week someone asked on the support desk if I had updated Amazing Formula.  My response was that it hadn’t gone out of date so I didn’t […]

Do you have YOUR Profit Planner Yet?

Here is a picture of the final PRINTED VERSION of the planner.  If you don’t have your Profit Planner yet, snag it now and I’ll get it shipped right out to you! Marlon  

Secrets of How Tanner Is Crushing Facebook

Hi, Marlon here. In this issue you’ll discover: * How Tanner is crushing it selling Tshirts from Facebook Fan Pages * The money in, money out formula that makes everything else make sense * Perspectives for planning a great 2014 Best wishes, Marlon

Post here after you’ve told 3 of your friends about the Book of Secrets!

Hi, By telling 3 of your friends about the Book of Secrets, you’ll get my 12-month implementation course. Each month for 12 months, you’ll receive a follow up from me reminding you, cajoling, stimulating and encouraging you to use the 12 Secrets.  This takes things out of the world of theory into the world of […]

My 3 secret sources of knowledge revealed

Hello, Marlon here. People want to know WHERE I get my marketing knowledge and secrets from. How do you get marketing knowledge when you’re starting out and you don’t know what is legit, and what isn’t?  When you don’t know what works, what doesn’t and what are secrets?  Then how do you finally assemble knowledge […]

What are YOUR comments on today’s ezine?

Hi, Marlon here. What are YOUR comments on today’s ezine?  You can read it here if you haven’t yet. Just scroll down and type in comments.  I will pick at RANDOM one of the comments to win my upcoming product for FREE.  Deadline to post is Monday at midnight CST.

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