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Grab More Optins And Sales With Lead Magnets: How I Got 72 Opt Ins Yesterday and Sales Too.


Marlon here.

So yesterday I got 72 opt ins for FREE. And on the download page I had a link to my Marketing Heaven report. I sold a number of those. I haven't ran the numbers yet.

But YES, it got SALES. It wasn't just freebie seekers or lookie looz for all you skeptics bout opt ins not being worth anythang. Which is the most ridiculout thing I've heard.

That shows a total lack of understanding about what causes what. Which is one of the 3 BIG INSIGHTS I want to share today about how YOU can go out there and get 72 opt ins in a day or however many yourself.

But NOT just one day. How to get opt ins daily and weekly.


Here's a BIG SECRET to getting steady opt ins. There's a whole video about this in Fast Start System on the traffic tab if you own that prdouct.

So I'm always learning. Every day.

And one thing I heard recently that's really awesome is this:

If you want to get opt ins for your lead magnet daily, then you have to PROMOTE it daily.

If you want to get opt ins for your lead magnet weekly, then you have to promote it WEEKLY.

The suggestion was, for example, to have a routine where every Friday in your Instagram and FB story you promote your xyz lead magnet.

This is just a DYNAMITE idea. Why I didn't think of that I don't know. My thought is to have 5 or 10 pre-made stories for a lead magnet and rotate those.

You pick a day of the week and promote the lead magnet.

What a fantastic idea.


So I have a cool lead magnet on seeing new opportunities by opening your Johari Window.

According to a google search, the Johari Window “is a framework for understanding conscious and unconscious bias that can help increase self-awareness and our understanding of others. “

“It is the creation of two psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham, who named the model by combining their first names.”

Now, the free report is at

The only thing is, it didn't do well as a freebie offer or lead magnet.

The BENEFIT wasn't or isn't clear enough. Now, if I work on the big promise, maybe I can turn it into a great lead magnet. But right now it's not a very good one.

In contrast, my lead magnet on “How I sold 70,000 info products using free advertising” got 72 opt ins yesterday, or something like that.

It crushed.

And I made multiple sales from the offer on the download page.

The REASON it's a good lead magnet for my audience is they are very, very, very RESULTS driven.

In fact, unless it's DIRECTLY about the sales they make or money they get, they usually aren't interested.

It's a bit ridiculous to be honest. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you write a 10x better sales letter your sales will rocket.

But copywriting is notoriously difficult to sell.

In other words, people don't see or understand CAUSALITY. The link between the predecessors to a result.

In any event, if I want to get opt ins from a lead magnet, it has to REALLY put out a result.

TAKE AWAY: NAIL THE HOOK and the title

You have to nail the title and the hook.

— That usually means a big result.
— Or a fast or easy result.
— Or something that's novel or unusual.
— Or something that's intriguing

BIG INSIGHT THREE: The more lead magnets and email capture pages, the more opt ins you get

On my blog at marlonsnews is an article about this. There's a stat Hubspot researched and put that says “Businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages get 7X more leads than those with only 1 to 5.”

That means MORE lead magnets MORE email capture pages = MORE LEADS.


Notice I'm talking about opt ins. It's actually not the best title for a lead magnet. Because again, people have real issues understanding or seeing CAUSALITY.

They want to hear about SALES not OPT INS. But what they heck do you think CAUSES sales? The ability to get an offer to a prospect. But literally, people's brains have problems connecting those two thing.

I think this must be something hardwired into our biology. I really do.

It's like a flaw in the human brain where it has challenges and troubles identifying causality. It's probably an underlying cause of crime. People have problems making the connection between committing a crime and something bad happening to them.

Their brain doesn't easily make that connection.

In any event, if you want MORE LEADS and MORE OPT INS, create more lead magnets and more email capture pages with the most intriguing HOOKS your brain can come up with.

And you can also use A.I. tools to help you come up with research and hooks if you so desire.

Brendan Kane wrote a brilliant book about it called “Hook Point.”

He's basically a data scientist who uses massive data testing to find hook points. It's an interesting book.

BOILED DOWN this means:

  1. HOOK PEOPLE's attention and interest

Don't bore them to tears. Say something interesting and exciting that captures the imagination.

  1. Put that hook point in your lead magnet title
  2. TEST hook points

This is the big revelation Brendan Kane made. He could use social media to test hundreds and thousands of hook points. Now, he has access to big budgets.

On a small basis you can do the same thing on your Facebook profile or page.

Test different hooks and see which ones people RESPOND to by asking for more info.

  1. Get more lead magnets and more opt in pages out there.
  2. Get the Fast Start Syustem because it explains how to do all of this in detail, step-by-step. It closes out today.

So I wouldn't dilly dally about it. If you want the info, drop a line.

I realize you may THINK you know about all about lead magnets, opt ins and such. But actually, there's a real science and an art to it.


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