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How to Solve For X When X = Money


Marlon here.

I was terrible at math.

But I do know that the objective in math problems in school was to SOLVE for X.

In business, we do the same thing.

We solve for X.

And, interestingly enough, we do the SAME FUNCTIONS to solve for X.


  1. Add new customers and add value to customers
  2. Subtract or subtract problems from our prospects and customers. Subtract pain points.
  3. Multiply — We multiple the value customers get. We multiply our reach.
  4. Divide — We divide problems into sub-problems and solve them for customers

Now, on a bigger picture, here's how we make money.

If you can accomplish these four steps, MONEY WILL NEVER BE A PROBLEM AGAIN.

These are the 4 MASTER KEYS that unlock the door to abundance and prosperity in whatever your chosen business is.

I don't care if you're an artist, a roofing company, a coach, an author, a consultant, a speaker, a sales pesron or some other occupation. Maybe you sell on Etsy. Or you have carved out a little unusual niche for yourself.

If you MASTER these 4 steps, the world is your oyster.

Step one: We REACH our ideal clients or customers with our message.

I'm going to give you 4 steps. Just for the record, these are a different 4 steps than in my 4 step system, although a couple are in common.

So step one is WE MUST GET REACH.

That's a challenge today in that Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linked In THROTTLE your reach because they want you to pay money to GET REACH. So they're not real keen on giving you reach for free unless you jump through hoops.

How do you get reach? How do you increase reach? Where do you go to get reach? What if you're not getting nearly enough reach?

These are challenging, burning questions that absolutely MUST be answered.

If you can't GET REACH you don't pass go. You don't collect $200. You don't do jack.

So none of the other 4 steps matter if you don't have reach.

There are several problems or challenges people have with getting reach.

Problem one: Posting good content on social media but just not getting much reach for it.

It's social media's job to NOT give you reach. But if your hooks are strong enough you can typically get decent reach. Keep in mind that Facebook will only distribute your message to a small portion of your page followers or friends on your profile.

Problem two: Being unable to convert leads generated from paid advertising or organic social meda.

It's pretty easy to pay money and get leads. The fly in the ointment is attempting to get those leads to give you money fast enough that you can BREAK EVEN on running the ads.

It's one thing to get free leads from social media. And quite another to get them to buy your introductory offer or service.

Problem three: Not being able to actually target, reach or get a message TO your ideal clients.

If you can't reach them, then nothing else matters obviously.

Problem four: Not being able to get a message to your ideal clilents in a way that the present cost of doing it is multiples LESS than the future value of those ideal clients.

Your average ideal client is worth or projected to be worth Y amount at some point in the future. Typically, 30 days because that's how long you have before you have to pay for the ads you run. You have 30 days float.

So if you can't an ideal customer value ON AVERAGE greater than the cost to reach the ideal customers, then you're digging a hole and it's not viable.

Problem five: Reaching people who are NOT your ideal clients

I've noticed that FB loves distributing my message to people in countries who have almost no discretionary income to buy my products and services.

Step Two: You get your ideal clients to raise their hands

If it's not obvious, you aren't selling them anything unless and until you know who they are. Without that, you can't get the message in their hands in an in-depth way about your product or service or intro offer.

Problem one: Not being able to REACH the ideal clients with your message. This is a problem in step one.

Problem two: The hand raiser you offer is off target with the ideal clients and doesn't inspire them to raise their hands.

Problem three: The hand raiser you offer is boring, not differentiated and generic.

Typically, all 3 of those issues are deal killers.

Step Three: You get your ideal clients to purchase an introductory offer

This helps you build know, like and trust.

And provides the opportunity to build value for your other solutions that go beyond the result you help them get in the introductory product. Usually, the introductory product offers help with a narrowly defined goal or result.

Here are the challenges most people have:

Problem one: The introductory product or service does a poor job of transitioning customers to the next step in the Value Ladder or Ascension process. They see it as a one and done. No additional value is created for the ascension products and services.

That is, the additional products or services they'll be asked to buy at premium prices beyond the inexpensive introductory offer.

It sucks to have a list of people who will ONLY buy introductory offers but NEVER ASCEND. Never buy recurring billing offers. Never invest in themselves or business in a substantial way.

The cause of this is having the wrong targets or not knowing how to sequence and build value for the ascension offers.

Problem two: Having an introductory product or service that ideal clients are very lukewarm about buying. Even with your best persuasion efforts, they are largely “don't wanters.” They just don't want it.

This is indicative of not having an effective survey mechanism in place, and not having sales copy and a process or sequence that builds value for the introductory offer.

And not positioning the offer upfront so it will easily transition to the next step in your Value Ladder, conveyor belt or whatever you call it.

Step Four: You ASCEND the ideal clients to offers that bring them greater and greater value

These are the main 5 problems in ascension.

Problem one: Sometimes, you have to offer quite a bit just to get people to take a risk on buying the introductory product or service. So then they don't see the NEED or VALUE in ascending to the next step up.

Problem two: Sometimes ascend to the next step. But never go BEYOND that step to the next. Your connecting points and transition from one step to the next are CRITICAL.

Problem three: Customers just don't see the value in the ascension product or have any urgency to buy it.

Problem four: You must have a way to deliver the ascension product or service and have a way to deliver it without pulling out your hair.

If you get exhausted trying to make people happy with their ascension products or services, you don't have fuel to scale any further.

Problem five: You do a smooth job of delivering the ascension product or service BUT the client doesn't PERCEIVE the value in what you've done for them. So they are may satisfied but not delighted because you didn't build the value for what you did.

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