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The World’s Fastest Marketing System


Raw, freaking speed.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

I got in this business before you probably ever heard the words “domain name” or “Internet marketing.”

Back then, marketing consisted of 3 circles. With circle one you compiled your list of email addresses.

With circle two, you wrote your email message.

With circle three, you clicked SEND.

I submit to you that Internet marketing is the same today, although it’s dressed up with a lot of smoke and mirrors.

See, let me splain somethin’ to ya to use Texas talk.

‘Bout everybody else round takes what’s simple and makes it complicated so you gotta buy $2,000+ courses, workshops, coaching and all the rest.

I actually love products so I enjoy those and think they have value. But my style is to take the complex and make it SIMPLE:


Step one: Target Potential Buyers


The first thing you have to do is find people who have money and the willingness to spend it and preferably the habit of doing so.

Where do you find people?

On web sites that you can run banner ads on or get affiliates to stick links on.

On blogs that people read.

On forums that people read.

On other people’s email lists.

On Facebook.

On Twitter.

To use a fishing analogy, you gotta find yourself a pond where the fish are.

To use a shopping analogy, you gotta find a mall where there is foot traffic.

Basically, though, you gotta find buyers and find out where they hang out at.

Because you can stick out your fishing pole in places they don’t hang out at if you want to.

But you won’t catch yourself many fish no matter how attractive your bait is.

You could have the GREATEST retail store idea in the world. Put it in a mall that no one goes to.

You won’t make a dime.

I got one question for you: Can you find people?

If you can, you’re 33% the way there. You only got 2 more steps you gotta do.


Step two: Get The On A List


In the old days, you clicked a circle and you’d collect email addresses.

I don’t recommend that nowadays. Back in 1996 it was cool and fun.

Today, you gotta be a tad more sophisticated about it.

Thus, we go fishing. We found the pond where the fish are.

Now we put bait on our fishing pole to get the fish to bite. Now, that isn’t the most “consumer-friendly” picture.

So maybe the mall analogy is better. You stick up a BIG sign in the story like Juciy Couture has that says “Eat Candy.” And women see that sign, think that sounds good and they walk in the store.

Or you put up a sign that says SALE!

There’s a tested, proven advertising method that is evergreen and has stood the test of time.

Anyway, you need BAIT that is attractive to the little fishies, NOT to you.

Personally, I like California Rolls in Sushi. I also like BBQ since I’m in Texas.

Sushi on the end of a fishing pole won’t stay there long. And I doubt fish like rice.

And unless you’re fishing in Texas, the BBQ won’t get you many fish.

Fish like smelly, stinky bait.


But apparently that’s what they like. Not that I’ve fished more than twice in my life. I haven’t. But I get the gist of the thing.

Back to the formula:

a. Get bait your little fishies like

b. Get the email address

My pal Jonathan Mizel TRADEMARKED the term “Name Squeeze”

back a long time ago, just so people wouldn’t forget who invented it.

Smart guy. I shoulda done the same with many ideas I invented that are now commonly used by everyone.

In any event, you get the email address using a squeeze page or email capture page.

Here’s one I have:

I’ve got ones that aren’t so fancy. But that gives you the idea.

Here’s the big secret: If the little fishies don’t bite on your bait, there are THREE possibilities:

One: They don’t like your bait

Two: Your presentation of the bait is lacking

Three: You’re in a pond where they ain’t no fish!


Step Three: Make Sales


This is where you extract the cash. In other words you make sales of your own products or of affiliate products.

Here’s where my fishing analogy goes ot pot and we switch over to the mall analogy.

You’re walking down the mall, you see the sign: “SALE”

You took the BAIT.

You walk in the store.

Now it’s the SALES PERSON’s job to take the money that is in your wallet or purse and to get you to willingly transfer those funds to their sales register.

Now, you probably aren’t going to do that without getting something in return.

And the something you get in return better be something you really want or such an irresistible deal you couldn’t turn it down.

Either that, or the sales person flirted with you and told you those shoes made you look 10 years younger or the shirt really makes you look handsome!

In any event, there’s somethin’ you want there.

There’s somebody that applies a little salesmanship and charm to ya.

There’s a deadline ’cause it IS a sale after all. And it’s ending Sunday night.

So you whip out the wallet or dig in your purse, find that almost maxed out credit card and plop it down. Or, if you’ve been using my advice on trading products for dollars, you actually HAVE dollars so you plunk those suckers down on the register table.

Then you stroll out with a smile on your face and bright, shiny bag with the store’s name plastered all over it.

You wear the shoes or the shirt, your friends all rave about how you really DO look 10 years younger. You feel good about your purchase and all is well.

Later, you get a postcard, email or phone call telling you you’re invited to a special “before hours” VIP Sneak Preview event.

Me? I’m a VIP? Really?

Man, you beeline it down there again and before you know it, you’re walking out with another big ol’ sack of stuck that removes wrinkles, makes you look and feel younger, and gosh knows what else.

Like did you know there’s this little 1-minute miracle device that you run on those dark circles under the eyes and it makes ’em VANISH in 1 minute?

Yeah, it’s only $250!

Plus the recurring purchases of the gooey stuff that makes your wrinkles vanish.

But the girl who sells it is really so attractive and charming and doesn’t have ANY wrinkles, so you’re really sure it MUST work!

And if you’re a guy and about to THROW UP over the shopping analogy, I’ll put it to you in terms a guy can understand.

Step three is where you got the fish and you’re GRILLING that sucker at home gettin’ ready to fork it over onto your plate.

That’s the guy version.

Because I figure you’re too modest to admit you bought the 1-minute wrinkle remover from the smoking hot, charming, thin, youthful girl who really does think you’re the funniest guy or gal she’s ever met!


The World’s Fastest Marketing Method — Revealed!


“Marlon, that sounds kinda good. But is it really the world’s FASTEST method? It don’t sound FAST enough and easy enough for me!!”

Alright. I was holding out on ya.

The FASTEST part comes from the “Find People” step.

What you do is you find people who ALREADY have lists of people who are known buyers.

You give these people a reason to send YOUR bait to THEIR list ’cause you are gonna SPLIT the spoils with ’em, invite ’em over to your fish fry, and get the smoking hot youthful girl to run the gooey wrinkle removing stuff on their under-eye dark circles.

What’s more, you might have OTHER creative incentives for ’em. Like you’ll track their buyers and send ’em MORE money if they fork over their dough for even more stuff.

Of course, they don’t know you’re getting a kickback on the $250 miracle eye fixer machine they too bought when they got sucked into that deal.

Anyway, the world’s fastest marketing method is to have other people who have email lists to promote your stuff.

And if you don’t know HOW to get ’em to promote your stuff, that’s the secret sauce.

I reckon it’s also my BAIT to get you to join the Ateam, which is where I reveal all my best secrets.

In any event, it IS the world’s fastest marketing method. It happens at the speed of email.

I will give you one little tidbit here. My pal Jason “The Prodigy” Fladlien recently produced over 30 brandable reports for his affiliates and tells me they are a big hit.

Jason crushed it by doing $120,000 in June to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Congratulations Jason. Guys and gals, a few years ago Jason was a HOUSE PAINTER makin’ 10 freaking dollars an hour!

So don’t give me this crap about how it’s all a dream and b.s.

When someone like Jason emails his list for me, the money flows in almost INSTANTLY. Or when I sent an email to my list for my pal James Jones from and sold his product to raise money for his favorite charity, the sales were instant and I sent him the money the next day via Paypal.


Ex 5th Grade Teacher Snares $100,000
From a 1,000 Person List


Recently, Connie Green sold several of my Round Tables and collected two very nice Paypal chunks of cash from me.

Connie made $100,000 from only a 1,000 person list! And for much of that year, her list was only 500 people.

Connie writes a new article every day and submits it to the article directories. That’s one of her big list-building secrets that anyone can do who isn’t a vegetable.

Hint: If you ARE a vegetable, you better go on Odesk and pay someone $2.00 an article to do it for you!

How did Connie make that much money?

Simple. She found her group of people on article sites.

Two: She offered bait

Her articles send people to an email capture page.

Three: She extracts cash

In Connie’s case, she did a lot of teleseminars to sell her own webinars and higher end affiliate products.

Connie’s slogan is: If I can do it, you can do it!

I mean, come on folks. Connie was a 5th grade teacher and had ZERO marketing skills coming into this.

It’s NOT like she was some rocket scientist or something.

All you do is follow the 3-step formula I laid out above. Except on

step number 3, the extract CASH part, you use AFFILIATE PRODUCTS to extract the cash instead of your own.

You can extract the cash via:

a. Posts on your blog

b. Videos on your blog

c. Posts and videos on Facebook

d. Twitter messages

e. Sales letters

f. Webinars

g. Teleseminars

h. Video sales letters

i. Podcasts

j. Audio sales letters

Really, there are many ways to extract the cash. Find ONE that works for you. Connie Green specializes in teleseminars. And uses those to

sell her webinars for up to $1,000.

Like me, she does 6 week webinars. But she’s smarter than I am. She

gets paid for what HERS are worth — $1,000! And they’re worth every


Connie actually inspired me to NEVER under-charge for a 6-week program again. Because like Connie says, you don’t get value out of what you don’t pay for because psychologically you don’t respect it.

You can sign up for her brilliant teleseminars THERE.


My Own Personal Example


When I started in direct marketing, I was broker than broke. I ate minute thirty second State Fair microwave corn dogs and steamed broccoli. I once bought deodorant with all pennies.

I took a model on a date that smoked like a bomb and the guys in the valet parking laughed at me when I wheeled up…until the 6 foot tall model got out on the other side!

I was in sales, I was a freelancer writer, I was a magician when I was young. I didn’t have some amazing background or something.

And yeah, I started with NO LIST just like you’re probably starting with no list.

I remember what it was like the first time the money started rolling in in huge waves — up to $7,000 a DAY! The feeling was absolutely intoxicating.

Overnight, you pay off credit card bills, debts and buy new clothes.

A huge, massive weight is lifted off your shoulders. And for the first year, you take it a little slow not knowing for sure if it’ll last. But it does….as long as you built on rock, not quickstand.

The difference is, I’ve created good, valuable products over the years and been fortunate enough to have affiliates like and promote my products.

Here are just a few of the people I owe a debt of grattitude to:

Ewen Chia Ti Wah

Allan Gardyne

Gary Martin

Tim Houston

Lee Tuan James

Alex Sampson

Sean Mize

David Breth

Michael Wong

Jim Edwards

Andrew Lock

Michael Merz

Rudy Setiawan

Anil Kumar

Brian Terry

louie rosales

Steven Schneiderman

Jeremy Burns

Michael Filsaime

Dirk Wagner

Jace Panec

Michael Nicholas

Sasi Kumar

Frederic Patenaude

Michael Paetzold

These ladies and gentleman are a few of the loyal, wonderful affiliates who send me traffic and sales.

And to repay them, I’m getting ready to launch a very lucrative, killer

marketing funnel that will be my best ever — hands down!


The Final Wrap Up


It’s no wonder some people get confused and their eyes glaze over.

You have all these people with vested interests in taking what’s at heart

simple and making it extremely complicated to justify selling big ticket


Exactly what is SO complicated about finding people, collecting emails

and sending out emails to extract cash is so FREAKING complicated that little ‘ol you just can’t figure it all out?

Yes, there ARE details. Yes, there is some tech stuff to implement it.

But what do you THINK I do things like my Dashboards, my Ateam and my Round Table for?

It’s to help you IMPLEMENT.

Next time you feel your eyes glazing over or you’re feeling overwhelmed, I want you to go over to your mirror where you’ve printed out and taped up this article and I want you to READ IT OVER.

I want you to remember there are 3 stinking steps:

1. Find the people

2. Get the email

3. Extract the cash

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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I’ve got to tell you this before its too late text of first 4 emails redux

Email #1

Read it here:

I've got to tell you this before it's too late
Emai # 2

This is day 2 of my 7-part series. Day one is
re-published at the end of this email.

It was a day.

A day like any other day. Except this one would lead
to a cataclysmic change in my life, my work style,
my place of living, my fame -- and everything else.

There it was.

In my mailbox.

16 pages. Nothing fancy. No graphics at all.

But the headline was in red.

It said: "I paid this marketing genius $600k
because he made me 2 million."

(Actually, the numbers were spelled out with 0's but
I can't get this your email in your inbox if I show
it that way.)

11 words.

11 words that riveted my attention. That practically took
my breath away. I started reading. I could feel my heart
beat pick up, my eyes start dilate as I read. My breath

I grab a pen and start marking it up.

This guy was practically a marketing magician. He could
barter for roses and use them to increase health club sales.
He did marketing miracles I never dreamed of.

I had to have this. I had to know more. But it was $500.
I ran the balance in my checking account. I could BARELY
swing it.

There it was. The 800 number. Barely able to contain
my excitement, I dial to order. And then....

Get this.

They wouldn't freaking take my credit card. I kid you not.
They wanted to send me the course with an invoice. I'm
like SURE!

Of course, when that box arrived, that 500 bucks was long
ago SPENT! But I couldn't just send it back. I HAD to
read it.

I ripped it out open and gray, dull typeset, thin manuals
spilled out.

At the TIME, this was life-changing information I'd
never heard anyone, anywhere utter.

I'll tell you the two life changing lessons in a moment.
But first, if you're just joining me, let me catch you
up to speed:

In email one which is re-published at the end of this
email, I told you the beginning of my story.

And how I started out with no one to help or teach me
anything about the direct response marketing business,
hardly any books or courses to learn from.

I was on my own. But on quest to become a direct response
copywriter, a speaker, consultant and newsletter writer.

My car smoked like a bomb. I lived on a diet of corn dogs,
burritos, burgers, fries and drive-through nachos.

But day, 16 pages and 11 words changed my

Are you ready? Can you imagine what just one breakthrough
experience that changes everything would be like? How
exciting that would be?

To continue the story....

Here were the main two things I discovered:

Lesson 1: Why I got the crap beat out me when I tried
to sell stuff

I found out that it wasn't enough just to give BENEFITS
of your product or service You needed what was called a
Unique Selling Proposition.

HOLY SMOKES! No wonder I had the crap kicked out of me
when I tried to sell timeshare, did telemarketing, sold
insurance -- I never one time had a clear USP!

This huge light went on in my head and I felt the weight
of 1,000 pounds lifted off my shoulders! WOW! So THAT
explains it.

That explains my failures. My lack of success. That
shows me what the REAL cause of success is.

See, at the MOMENT I realized began to realize the KEY
that would later come to full fruition. But THAT was the
seed, the beginning.

In today's lingo, we call this differentiation. What
you sell has to be DIFFERENT from what everyone else
sells in a way that is highly desirable and creates
more value. If it isn't, all you are is a "me-too"
sales person.

Lesson 2: The lifetime value of a customer

The most expensive and hardest sale is the first one
because your customer doesn't know you. There is more
profit in follow up sales and they come easier.

If you knew someone would buy $200 from you in a year,
you could afford to spend up to $200 to GET them as an
initial customer, because you profit all the first year
AND in years to come.

You could go back to your customers and sell them again
and again in "concentric circles," meaning that the
follow up sales were for progressively larger dollar
amounts than the initial sale.

What started out as a $20 sale in on example literally
ended up resulting in a billion dollar business.

Back then, this was a massive revelation to me.
NO ONE was teaching this stuff.

I was so flabbergasted, I can't even tell you.

But there was a glitch.

As much as just this basic information changed my whole
world view and made me realize for the first time,
that my toolbox was missing tools. And it's hard to
assemble a home if the carpenter doesn't have a hammer or
a saw in the ol' toolbox.

As much as an impact that had, there WAS a problem.

The product was a series of thin manuals that were not
connected in any way. Instead of systematic teaching it
was some transcripts and totally hodgepodge information.

Still, if it wasn't for that 11-word headline that caused
me to read the 16 pages that caused me to order those
crazy little manuals, I don't know where I'd be today.

Maybe in the back room of some god-forsaken place pitching
timeshare. Or doing telemarketing. Or who knows what.

I don't know if you can imagine a time in the future when
whatever holds you back now doesn't hold you back any
longer. When you find and enjoy and know the other side.
What would that feel like? Can you imagine that?

If you can, then you have an inkling of what was about
ABOUT to happen. What was about to come down was huge.
I never fully and completely imagined it.

But before that...

My education had begun but there were huge massive
gaps in it.

So I went on this quest to fill in these gaps or
missing pieces. Missing pieces that I now KNEW EXISTED
because I had personally tasted them first
hand and felt the total and complete relief and even
exhilaration that came with seeing the real truth.

I started buying all the books on marketing I could
find at the bookstore. This was very frustrating because
most books had only a few pages of really good content.

When you're hungry, you're hungry. And every teeny tiny
little scrap is like one piece in this big puzzle you're
trying to assemble so you have the WHOLE PICTURE.

In the meantime, I was networking on AOL and doing more on

If I could just find that one piece. I kept taking stabs
at different letters emails, mailing pieces. Things just
weren't CLICKING for me. They weren't firing on all

With the training I obtained from buying everything I
could find and the real world experience I got from
trying out letters and ads, I was getting enough results
that I pushed forward even harder.

I did free telemarketing for the biggest marketing name I
could find in exchange for products. I networked. I met
a guy who studied some of the same things I did. He owned
a video store.

I met others. But still, that one piece kept haunting me.

Now I was on a quest. I could feel the momentum building.
Along the way I owned a retail store and managed to get
a job as a copywriter by running a direct response
classified ad offering a free report on how to increase
your direct mail response.

Not that I had that much experience in REALLY doing it,
but I certainly knew more than anyone else in Dallas and
that qualified me for the job... with a guru at the time.

In fact, over the past year none other than Gary Halbert,
the SAME Gary Halbert I read about in 1978, flew in to
meet with this guru and, coincidentally, a psychologist
in Dallas.

By now I wrote good enough copy to get that job. And I
was fast. That came from practice on AOL and my own letters
and stuff. Even though I didn't make money from all that
practice, it gave me the advantage of speed.

This fulfilled PART of my vision, my dream of becoming a
speaker, writer, consultant.

Things were cooking. I'm now on a mission. Practically
like a direct response copywriting Warrior FIGHTING for
my right to have a place, fighting for respect to be

At the time, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and Ted Nicholas
had almost Marketing God status. Here I was slaving away
writing copy in a little room on a computer.

No big name knew me. The Antin brothers spoke about
writing copy at seminars. Gary Halbert endorsed them.
John Carlton was his best bud.

Who was I to try to butt in and make a name for own self?

How could I become somebody when all these big name gurus
dominated all the conferences, the events, and everything
and I was no one?

The plot thickens. Next email I reveal the missing piece
that vaults from no one to a globe trotting speaker and

Not only that, I get to personally hang out with....
Mmmmm, I'll tell you that too next email.

But he was legendary, had an unbelievable tan and
physique, more charm than any guy on the cruise ship --
but he was 79-years-old.

Fortunately, I had a personal letter of introduction
from another legend....

Next email tomorrow -- The cataclysmic insight that changed
my life, my success, my fame, my fortune, my path --

Your assignment: Go to my Facebook Group and post
ONE insight you've had from the first 2 emails so far:

Best wishes,


PS #1: If you missed email 1, here it is:

PS #2: On Saturday August 4 at 3 p.m. Central Standard
Time, 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 1 p.m. West Coast, I'll
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Email 3

First, a quick recap of what I've covered so far:

Email #1: My quest to become a speaker, writer, and 
consultant as a living with no one to guide me, or 
help, and virtually no courses to train me. And how 
can I ever possibly gain any respect or fame
whatsoever when people of immense stature like Dan Kennedy, 
Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert and John Carlton dominate the 

Email #2: The 16 pages and 11 words that changed 
everything. The power of a Unique Selling Proposition 
and the Lifetime Value of a Customer.

Email #3: Today: The missing piece that takes me over 
the top, leads to millions of website visitors and 
dollars in sales and world travel.

I'll be holding a special training August 4. You don't 
pay until after the event, until after you agree it 
was worth every penny and more:

Vote for the one topic you most want me to cover here:

To register go here:

Now, to continue the story...

"Marlon," he asked.

"How did you like the pool?"

"You mean the hot tub, Walter?" I spit back?

"No, there's a pool. Open the door on the back left side 
of my room."

Later that day while crashing in the room of his old house, 
I opened this door at the back of the bedroom. I thought 
it was just a closet or something.

Holy smokes.

There WAS a swimming pool. But NOT just a normal pool. 
This was huge, enormous. Actually, olympic sized. Except 
there was something STRANGE about it. Come to find out, 
belonged to an ex-U.S. President who was in a wheelchair, 
and it was bought, flown in and installed in his enormous 

That evening I walk by the room Walter is in. "Marlon, 
I'd like to introduce you to Norman." "Hi Norman," I say 

"Norman is CEO of the corporation that owns Fridays and 
Bennigans restaurants."

The pictures on the wall around the house were of Walter 
with many very famous and wealthy people. While I was 
there, the phone would always ring with someone famous 
on the line.

Apparently, he'd made $600 million by taking 3 companies 

Why was I there? To write letters for him to sell his 
marketing training bootcamps. $7500 to $10,000 a letter. 
Not bad for a kid who started out the way I did, knowing
nothing. Having almost no innate skill.

But to tell you HOW I got there....let me step back one 

Before I got there, as I mentioned in the last email, 
I'd landed a job writing sales letters for a well-known 
"guru" and seminar speaker at the time.

Basically, I pecked away at my keyboard in a non-descript 
room with a desk and computer. That was about it.

One day, out the door of my room I saw this man being 
treated like royalty in the conference room. He and Phil 
stood pointing and marking up our company catalog I'd 

The man's name was Lew Williams. He'd been trained in 
copywriting personally way back in the old days by none 
other than Thomas Hall, the man Gary Halbert claimed as 
his mentor. Lew would edit my letters 20 and 30 times. 
Grueling. But like wax on, wax off, extremely educational 
and informative. I owe him a debt of gratitude and 
wonderful wife Anita, an enormously talented writer in 
her own right.

I believe if we stand tall, it is because we stand on 
the shoulders of giants who went before us and paved 
the way.

As luck would have it, the owner of the company, Phil, 
hired Lew to critique my copy. Now, I had a bit of an ego 
by then but I knew to listen to a man who got paid the 
princely sums he did just to consult.

Having Lew as my mentor gave me enormous CONFIDENCE.
Never underestimate the power of a mentor nor the 
importance of self confidence.

Still -- I had a MISSING PIECE.

My letters were good. But Phil mailed out one of 'em that 
flopped. I felt embarrassed. I got in hot water one day 
because a really, really famous "guru" at the time thought 
I'd copied one of his ads and read Phil the riot act.

Still green I was. And worse than that, I was missing 
a BIG chunk.

Of course, Phil has a LIST. He had about 60 inbound 
phone calls a day that were LEADS for his products and 
services. A lead is a prospect or a person who is 
interested in buying what it is you sell.

Now, those people were mostly sold over the phone then 
but we also had a direct mail list and used it. See, 
the world wide web didn't EXIST then.

Phil was breaking new grounds marketing on the old 
text-based Internet. And he threw around terms like 
Veronica and Archie and Gopher. My eyes just glazed over.

One day I was poking around on the shelves of the office 
and stumbled across this notebook about writing sales 

But I'd NEVER seen before what I saw on its pages....

An actual FORMULA for writing sales letters. STEPS. 
16 steps. I borrowed that sucker and poured over it like 
I'd never poured over anything before.

All of those INDIVIDUAL chunks and pieces I learned 
along the way from that $500 course, from a $5000 course 
I'd bought, from a bunch of cassette tapes and other 
stuff I'd studied not to mention all the books --

In a FLOOD they ALL came together in those 16 steps.

All of a sudden it DAWNED on me WHY my letters hadn't 
worked that well and many flopped.

NO ONE had ever before laid out a formua like this. 
NO! Even today I heard total b.s. like the formula for 
writing a sales letter is AIDA.
Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

That's the worst formula for writing a sales letter in 
the history of the word. HOW do you create interest? HOW 
do you create desire?

And even if you follow those 4 steps, you're missing a 
TON of extremely important ones. The formula sucks. 
Flat out sucks.

But THIS formula was different. In total, complete, logical 
order it layed everything out.

I immediately and instantly GOT IT.

Not only that, everything I've told you so far leads up 
to this one massive, huge insight....

The problem I had was NOT my ability to write, NOT my 
ideas, NOT how hard I did or didn't work (I worked really, 
really hard writing my copy.)

The problem I had was I didn't have a FORMULA that worked!

It was ALL about the formula. And dare I say a secret 
formula. The reason I use that word is if most people 
don't know it, it's a secret for ALL those people.

Do you know what a huge, massive burden lifts off your 
shoulders when you realize it isn't your marketing or 
writing ability -- it's the FORMULA you've been using?

You can work really, really hard but if you're using 
the wrong formula, it just doesn't matter.

And when you have the RIGHT formula, getting exceptional 
results often appears EASY.

It's like two people in a fight. One has a gun. One has 
a sword. Doesn't matter how hard the dude with the sword 
swings it. The guy with the gun pulls the trigger once 
and it's GAME OVER.

I'll give you another example: This past year I struggled 
selling on webinars. I'm 10x a writer than I am a verbal 
sales person.

I THOUGHT I just sucked at doing webinars, even though 
I'd bought all the courses and so forth. To be fair, I 
haven't tried that hard to learn the skill.

BUT -- the other day my friend Russ shared some audios 
with me of a $10,000 one-day consultation he had with 
these 2 guys who simply helped him create his whole webinar 

They've done it 400 times for people at $10,000 a pop.

And you'd think for $10,000 it was some horribly 
complicated formula.


Actually, it's simple. Incredibly, unbelievably effective. 
But simple. It's ALL about the skill level. Having the 
RIGHT KNOWLEDGE makes all the difference in the world?

Can you see that?

Can you imagine how I felt when the thing I struggled to 
do for 10 years became totally crystal clear to me in a 
matter of 60-minutes from a 120-page manual.

I don't think it took me but 60 to 90 minutes to CONSUME 
that whole manual on copywriting.

And in that period of time, what I'd spent 10 years trying 
to learn became an easy thing for me.

So easy in fact that later I changed the formula to only 
12 steps because I felt 4 of them weren't necessary.

Here's what this means TO YOU: Whether you've succeeded 
or not so far, whether you've done well or sucked toads is 
largely or mostly dependent on your formula you're using, 
on your knowledge and the model you're using.

You don't need to work harder in many need 
BETTER knowledge. How does that make you feel to know that?

Are you starting to feel the excitement course through 
your veins? Are you "getting it?"

Once I learned that formula, it wasn't long before I found 
myself visiting Walter Hailey in Hunt, Texas, the 
eccentric millionaire, writing letters for him.

Can you imagine what it's like to go to Starbucks where 
I am now, peck away at your keyboard while other people 
rush in and out to grab their coffee and go to work -- 
and know you'll make more in a few hours than they will 
all day, or even week or month?

With any luck at all, these little emails I'm writing you 
will bring in $10,000 to $20,000. Not bad for a few hours 
of hard labor at the keyboard.

Now that I had the FOUNDATIONS of things like lifetime 
value, marginal net worth of a customer, Unique Selling 
Proposition, host parasite relationships and stuff like 
that I learned in that $500 course (and follow up training 
I got by doing telemarketing as barter) -- and with my 
super powerful letter formula, I set off to create and 
make a name for myself.

But I still had a problem:

What LEVERAGE did I have to become somebody, to have 
any fame, or to even be a decent-sized blip on anyone's 
radar when Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Jay Abraham and 
Dan Kennedy ruled the marketing world like gigantic-sized 
Goliath's, and still didn't qualify as an itsy bitsy 
David? I was still like smaller than David. I was like 
the little pebble in his slingshot.

Yet, one thing propelled me from total obscurity to fame. 
One thing I learned in that $500 course I bought. Well, 
TRIED to buy but was sent with only an invoice and a 
"Pay Me If You Feel It Was Worth It."

See, this is a secret. And you know those people who say 
secrets don't exist? It's true in one way. It's all direct 
response marketing. The critical chunks.

Yet, there are also secrets.

For example, how many people right now if you asked 
them could tell you the answer to how to become famous in 
marketing in a time when Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary 
Halbert and John Carlton were the unassailable "gods" 
of the industry.

And so far above and beyond anyone else, that you hardly 
even got the time of day? I mean, how are YOU going to 
get people to pay you to explain how to write a 
sales letter, when the likes of Gary Halbert and John 
Carlton ALREADY teach this par excellence?

If you want to take a whack at it, post it on my 
Facebook group. If you're the first to get it right, 
you win $100.

Well, I'm revealing that secret in the next email. 
But for now, know this....

Not long after the above events I hung out with the 
legendary E. Joseph Cossman (with a personal letter of 
introduction,) Ted Nicholas, and Cindy Cashman, the girl 
who became a millionaire off a book with blank pages.

I had the enormous good fortune of hanging out with Cindy 
at her home on the lake in Austin, Texas. And learned so 
many things about how the simplest of ideas can make 
numbers that boggle the mind -- when you can just repeat
a winning formula over and over.

More on THAT tomorrow....

Oh, and walked the sugar sands of Roatan with my friend 
Jonathan Mizel, who I'd met back when networking on AOL.

Not to mention create an online revolution in ebook selling,
affiliate marketing and other things. And speaking at 
120 seminars around the world.

But there's MORE. See, finding that ONE formula was only 
the culmination of many formulas. The reason some people 
make it and some don't is formulas.

There are "must know" REPEATABLE formulas. With them, 
success is 10X  easier and comes 10x if not 100x faster. 
Instead of taking  10-12 years like it took me, it's 
possible to happen in a  fraction of that.

Coming up.....the cataclysmic result of putting my
formula in action. And the Esoteric Secrets no one knows 
that allow me to do magic others marvel at.

Your assignment:

Go to and watch the 
Vintage Video.  Here's the same link for the search engines:
Marlon Sanders vintage copywriting speech video

Post your comments about the video in my Facebook group:

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Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

PS: On Saturday August 4 at 3 p.m. Central Standard Time,
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holding my special training event where I reveal 11 
repeatable Formulas that you most want to hear.

These are all the things I want to reveal before it's too 
late. These will be things that could be turning of the
corner for you.

Best of all, you don't pay me until after the event. You
decide if it was worth the time and money or not. You are 
the sole judge of that.

You only pay if you agree you got 10x your value.

To register at zero risk, go here:

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Email 4

Quickie Recap:

Email #1: My quest to become a speaker, writer, and
consultant as a living with no one to guide me, or help,
and virtually no courses to train me. And how can I ever
possibly gain any respect or fame whatsoever when people
of immense stature like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary
Halbert and John Carlton dominate the scene?

Email #2: The 16 pages and 11 words that changed
everything. The power of a Unique Selling Proposition and
the Lifetime Value of a Customer.

Email #3: The missing piece that took me over the
top, leads to millions of website visitors and dollars in
sales and world travel.

------------------ Today's Story -------------------

My hands shook almost uncontrollably.

With one slip all my transparencies zipped out of my hand 
at the speed of light and splattered across the floor.

Everyone is staring at me.  There's my presentation -- 
scattered about in front of glaring eyes.  I didn't know 
transparencies could be slick as black ice unless you put 
paper between them or scuff 'em up a bit.

I'd never done this before.

Quickly, I corralled my slides and got 'em back on the 
projector.  Of course, now they weren't in order.  If I 
was nervous before, now I think my voice shook like 
a vibrator.

And to think, there are my idols all watching on.  
Ted Nicholas, the man who had ran more full page ads than 
anyone ever.  The legendary E. Joseph Cossman.  Dan 
Poynter.  Tag Powell.  Cindy Cashman.  All looked on ......

Fortunately, some of the speaker training I'd had in years 
past kicked in and I made my way through that speech.  The 
camera man later told me it was the single greatest 
marketing speech he'd ever heard.

I have no idea if he meant it or was trying to make me feel 
good.  I know Tag told the audience, "I guess we have some 
speakers here who are afraid of the microphone." 

That would be me. 

Thus went my first talk about Internet marketing.  I owe 
Tag Powell a massive debt of gratitude for inviting me to 
speak at his cruise. 

There it was that I got to hang out with Ted Nicholas who 
was and still is one
of them most accomplished marketers of our era.  At the 
time, any magazine you opened probably had one of his 
full-page ads in it.

Ted shared, laughed, and told stories with a gusto for life 
that inspired everyone.  And he did it with any hint of 
ego or one upmanship whatsoever.

And then there was E. Joseph Cossman. If you ever owned 
an ant farm as a kid, E. Joseph probably got a cut of your 
money.  Spud guns, ant farms, you name it.  He imported 
and sold it via direct mail.

At age 79 he was more tanned and ripped than any 21-year 
old on the cruise ship.  And if his wife wasn't with him, 
I dare say he could've and would've been more popular with 
the women than any guy 50 years younger.

He was a larger-than-life figure in every sense of the 
word.  A man among men.  He authored a book in his younger 
years called "The Virile Male."

And he epitomized what he wrote.

Fortunately, I held a letter of introduction to him written 
by none other than my mentor Lew Williams, who 
coincidentally produced the first seminar E. Joseph ever 
spoke at.

And, being the thoughtful mentor he was, Lew had warned me 
in advance.

"Now Marlon, when you hear E. Joseph speak, remember that 
he didn't speak like that at his first seminar.  He was 
nervous just like you'll be."

Make a mental note of that:  Anytime you do or try 
something new, you probably won't be very good at it at

Just from that one cruise I have so many stories to tell 
about Cindy Cashman, Dan Poynter and many others.

Oh, wait!  I got all caught up in the glory of my first 
big triumph and forgot to
tell you HOW I managed to get there to start with. 

Come closer.  Let me share with you the secret in whispered 

At my copywriting job, Phil had a continuity program -- 
the cd of the month. He didn't have time to do the 
interview one month so he asked me to do it. That interview 
was with Tag Powell, a very famous self publisher at the 
time of Silva Method books and many others.

Tag had this unique method, this formula, for self 
publishing books and getting them in bookstores. And a 
repeatable formula for promoting and making them 
successful.  He also had a repeatable formula for doing

I interviewed tag and grilled him relentlessly, until I"m 
sure he felt like he'd had every last morsel of knowledge 
in his brain sucked dry! 

I was relentlessly curious.  Remember those words.  My 
good friend and powerful marketing force Daegan Smith, who 
inspired me to write this email series, embodies that term 
and reminds me today of the power it wields.

It's an odd thing.  When you ask questions and listen, you 
do something for someone almost no one else does.  How many 
times in a person's life will they ever have someone 
honestly, truly listen to them for one hour, unless
they're paying for therapy?

When you do that for someone else, it's a powerful 
experience.  You bond in an unusual way.  Dale Carnegie 
wrote about the power of listening in "How to Win Friends 
and Influence People."  But most people write it off as 
something they "already know."

Coincidentally, Dale Carnegie discovered this Formula that 
if you used it the way he taught it, really would win 
friends and influence people.

He canned and cloned that formula, franchised that formula, 
wrote books on the formula, did seminars on the formula.

He capitalized on that formula about every way a man can.  
Just as the others did I was soon to meet.

Such it is with all the greatest marketing and business 
ideas.  They're simple.  Almost understated and enormously 

Like USP.  "Oh yeah dog, I know all about USP.  Don't talk 
to ME about USP any longer.  I've already heard that. Tell 
me something NEW!"


There it was.....

In front of me.  Speaking on that cruise ship that I found 
my USP.  See?

Why was it that Tag invited me to speak there?  Well, I 
DID promise to help out.  And quite frankly, did the worst 
job in the history of the world of fulfilling on that 
promise, I'm embarrassed to admit.

1.  Reciprocity.  Tag bonded with me from our interview. 

2.  Insight -- I had a friend with an Internet marketing 
list -- one of the only ones at the time. That friend was 
Jonathan Mizel, author of the first (as far as I know) paid 
newsletters exclusively about online marketing.

And Jonathan could sell some tickets to the cruise.  And 
that's how my pal Jonathan whom I'd met on AOL, made it 
onto that cruise ship as a speaker.

3.  USP -- And this would be the motherload.

See, Ted Nicholas didn't speak about Internet marketing, 
did he?  But he had his own USP formula that made him a 
household name.  Remember that ad on how to start your own 
corporation for $50?  You may not know Ted by name but you 
know his USP.  And the formula he repeated something
like a billion times in print.

E. Joseph Cossman didn't speak about Internet marketing, 
did he?  But he had his own USP  "The ant farm and spud 
gun man."  And he had his own FORMULA he used over and 
again to import products and sell them through one of 17 
channels, a number of which were direct response marketing

Dan Poynter didn't speak about Internet marketing, did he?  
But he did have his own self publishing books USP.  And a 
formula for self publishing and promoting books that he 
taught to others.

I had an advantage though.  Because Phil was very forward 
thinking and right on top of online marketing from day one.  
Unfortunately, he bet heavily on the text-based Internet, 
really bet the future of his company on it.

No one thought or dreamed that the world wide web with 
it's pictures and heavy graphics that loaded really slow 
would beat the living crap out of the text-based Internet.

But so it did.

Still, I had the advantage of being involved in it from 
day one.  And before going back to running classified ads 
on AOL and Compuserve.

Here's the big lesson:  I couldn't compete with Gary 
Halbert, Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, the Antin 
brothers or Bob Serling on the topic of "how to  write 
ad copy."

They all had their own unique and formidable formulas that 
worked over and over and over again for them.

Are you GETTING this now?  Are you seeing what a huge
breakthrough in insight this is?  

See, I COULD make a name for myself and become somebody by
talking about writing ONLINE.  And making sales ONLINE.  
On that basis I could differentiate myself.

I could have a peg to hang my hat on.

You need a really good, strong peg to hang your hat on.
A weak, namby pamby one doesn't cut it.  Do you have a 

Today people are specializing in Facebook, or social media,
or mobile marketing, sms marketing or local business 
marketing.  They are choosing niches that less crowded or 

And once you find your peg, your USP, your uniqueness, 
your differentiation, and once it gets traction in the 
marketplace, be smart enough to give it everything you've 

You may not have another chance to find your fame and 

Before I move on, let me draw for you a few lessons:

Lesson 1:  Mental curiosity creates aliveness. Be 
relentlessly curious about what happens if you try this or 
that.  That's the attitude of testing.  It's an attitude 
that drives success.

It's also an attitude that enables you to listen intently 
to others.  I didn't try to impress Tag Powell when I 
interviewed him.  I had nothing to impress him with other 
than my passion about online marketing.

But I listened.  Really listened.

Lesson 2:  Interviews open doors

Joe Polish pushed a wand cleaning carpets.  But he started 
a "Genius" series of interviews.  He ain't a carpet cleaner 
no more.  Even I am surprised at the people he got to to 
interviews with him.

Somehow he developed this formula for getting interviews 
with people, publishing and then selling access to those 
interviews on a monthly repeat basis.

And today he's not a wand pusher anymore.

The other thing he did was export basic direct response 
marketing methods and techniques taught by Dan Kennedy and 
others and taught them to carpet cleaners....

Just as some really sharp people today are taking basic, 
fundamental Internet marketing methods like blogs, webinars 
and autoresponders and exporting that knowledge to 
businesses they know and have experience in.

You think Joe could talk carpet cleaner language and sell 
marketing knowledge to them in a way that non-carpet 
cleaners can't?  You betcha.

If you did that, would have a USP?  An advantage?  
Differentiation? Just as I did when I jumped on the 
opportunity to speak about online copywriting when no one 
else taught it?

Most people don't understand Dan's business in the 
slightest.  He created a repeatable Formula people could 
use to export core direct response marketing technology 
(ads, sales letters, offers) to businesses in an industry.

He developed a way to create a funnel from lead generation, 
through continuity, to the big ticket cash out for a 
quarterly in person mastermind, a mastermind where the 
person conducting it just listens and lets others do the 

He developed this repeatable formula. Then created a funnel 
culminating in his own Mastermind to help you can and clone 
his formula in other industries.

Basically, he figured out a repeatable funnel formula all 
the way through the big ticket Mastermind and teaches 
people how to operate their own funnel in niche markets.

Repeatable Formula + Funnel + Big Ticket Cash Out = 
Good Times

The other lesson here is that YOU are the U in USP.  
When I spoke about Internet marketing and copywriting, I 
didn't just drone on about it.

I educated. I entertained.  I dramatized.  I got people 
walking around the room like a choo-choo train saying 
"everything is funny when you're making money!"

I put some U or uniqueness into it.  That caught on.

Of course, today no one would ever do that? Why? I don't
know. You tell me.  

And remember my friend Jonathan Mizel who I helped get that 
gig on Tag's cruise?  And remember those 60 inbound leads a 
day that Phil got at the company I wrote for?

Come to find out, a LOT of those calls came from Madison 
& York, the largest 900 # seminar company in the U.S., 
doing $3,000 seminars and filling rooms for 5 years.

They referred their customers to Phil so he could sell 
'em ads in newspapers, his core business.

Well, they were looking to do seminars on Internet 
marketing. So they found none other than one Jonathan Mizel 
since he published the ONLY (think U or unique) print 
newsletter on online marketing (maybe there was another...
his is the only one I know for sure about).

Anyway, he called me up one day and said, "Sanders, you 
wanna do a speaking gig?  It's paying a G."

I said sure.

Then it became 2 G's.  Then a LOT more than 2 G's.  And we 
did those gigs 120 times around the world with another 
incredible, wonderful speaker and marketer named 
Declan Dunn.

At those seminars I taught the 12-step online copywriting 
FORMULA I had discovered and refined.  See, one of the most 
potent forces in the world is a formula that works.

A formula you can repeat over and over again.  All great 
wealth stands on the shoulders of a repeatable formula.

Not long after that I penned "The Amazing Formula That 
Sells Products Like Crazy."

Please go here and vote for which Repeatable Formula you'd
most like me to teach:

To register for the event this Saturday, August 4, go here:


Now, by that time Corey Rudl was selling enormous amounts 
online. And a friend of mine named Patrick figured out how 
to get access to the stats of his affiliates.  He called me 
and said, "Marlon, look at this."

A number of Corey's affiliates were making up to thirty 
thousand a month in their commissions.

Patrick said I should start an affiliate program for 
Amazing Formula, so I did using the only program at the 
time I know of that did it. One Corey found or had a 
guy program.

Mizel started putting on these annual events in Boulder, 
Colorado. Jeff Walker was on our panel there.  Corey Rudl, 
Jim Edwards, Yanik Silver.  Many other famous modern day 
teachers of Internet marketing attended our original 
events then.

That was the core. Where it all started and sprung from in 
those days.

Here is vintage video from there.

Thanks to the promotion of Rick Beneteau and then 
Allan Gardyne, Amazing Formula rocketed to a mega 
smash hit.  It was certainly the first 100% digitally 
delivered ebook sold via an affiliate program that hit 
it big.

I think Mark Joyner sold a boatload of ebooks on a dos 
program as did Michael Enlow.  Mine was windows-based. And 
the traffic was all affiliate driven.  Corey sold a zillion 
dollars of his car secrets book digitally but also
followed up with a print copy.

This was a new MODEL.


An Amazing Formula that sold products like crazy.

I taught others to use it. I used it myself.  But a lot of 
people didn't get it. The ebook Sitesell advocated search 
engine positioning as a set up to a monthly continuity 
software program to help you do seo.

I advocated using an affiliate program because all you 
needed was a 2-page website.

1.  The sales letter

2.  The order form

Three pages if you added your affiliate sign up form.

This formula flat out rocked it.  And I repeated it over 
and over with other

Gimme My Money Now

How to Create Your Own Products In a Flash

Web Site Order Taking Machine

Speed Cash

Pr Cash

I rolled 'em out fast as we could.  I created Push Button 
Letters to CAN and CLONE my 12-step ad copy formula.

My traffic and sales were astronomical at the time. My 
phone rang off the hook 24/7 with calls from around the 

So much happened and so many stories happened, I'll have 
to tell those another day.

What have you learned here?

How many businesses became successful because they got a
Formula that worked, canned and cloned it?

What about Coka Cola to start with/

What about McDonalds? Originally, that was a formula for 
putting out one hamgurger and one french fry really 
freaking fast.  I loved it in those days.

You told 'em how many of the burgers you wanted, how many 
fries. How many Cokes.  Boom!  In sacks.  Out the door.  
In the blink of an eye.

THAT was the original McDonalds formula imho.

My friend Jonathan Mizel later went on to develop a Formula 
he called the Name Squeeze page. He holds a trademark on 
that term by the way, lest anyone else says they invented 
the proverbial squeeze page.

Frank Kern, Perry Marshall, many other modern day teachers 
of Internet marketing (those the masses refer to as gurus, 
a word which means teacher), were in his coaching program.

Anyway, he had a formula for converting a lot higher 
percentage of email subscribers to sales than anyone else.  
No one knew his formula for a long time.

He cleaned up on the cost per action (cpa) networks on the 
back of that one formula.

My friend Declan Dunn became Ceo of a company that had 
a repeatable formula for buying and re-selling advertising.  
They raked in huge figures.

That's where Mike Hill of Traffic Tsunami fame got his 

But it was all a simple formula.  One no one else knows 
to this day.

Do you now SEE and FEEL the power of having a repeatable 

The power of canning and cloning it?  Can you imagine 
the feeling of just having one powerful, USP-driven, 
repeatable formula that you just do over and over again?

Imagine a time in the not so distant future where you have 
such a Formula working for you on your behalf.

What is life like?

How is it different?

How do you feel?

I don't know if you can see that clearly and vividly now.  
But if you could and if you found your mind working 
backwards in time to NOW when you and I make that happen 

That's where I'm headed with this.  I'm holding a special 
event on Saturday, August 4.  And you're invited.

I'll be teaching 11 of the greatest repeatable formulas 
I've learned over the years.  And 4 of the most powerful 
secrets that fortunes are made of.

You don't pay me a dime for this if you don't feel it's 
worth many times more than I ask for it.

You don't pay until a day AFTER the event is over. See, at 
the end of our time together, I'll give you a URL to post 
to if you don't want to be charged. Just post a note and I 
won't charge you a dime.

But that won't happen. 

Because this is the event I share the things I've got to 
say, the things on my mind, secrets and Formulas I want 
YOU to know ...

Before it's too late.  Every day I wake up and know my 
name, I thank God and am grateful.

Today, I live each day like it's my last.  Because at my 
age you just never know. 

A lot of people do this business only for money.  I do it 
for love and passion.  The money is great. 

But there is a difference.  Some people will do anything 
for a buck. I won't and don't.

But I need your help.  And I need it today.

See, I have too many Formulas to share for one event. I 
can't cram them all in.

I can only teach 11.  And I want it to be the 11 YOU feel 
will personally benefit YOU the most.

So here's what I what I need you to do right now.  Your 
assignment today is to go here and select the one 
repeatable Formula you MOST want me to talk about.

Now, you'll notice that none of the formulas are "How to 
make X amount in Y time."  That's a great formula.  And 
personally I like it. I know that it's what you want or 
would like to see.

I don't blame you. I'm very reluctant to publish that sort
of thing because in the U.S. the laws are pretty stringent
about it. I understand you're quite possibly in another
country like UK, Australia or Canada where such laws may
not exist. But it's how things are in the U.S.

Anyway, if you believe in the concept of repeatable
Formulas and you want me to share with you the best ones I
know, do you have enough belief to spend 2 hours, possibly
more, with me and then only pay me if you agree it was 10x
worth your time and 97 bucks?

You've probably already invested $97 of your time in
reading these emails, so you know that you know the value
or you wouldn't have spent the time.

So go ahead and take that next step to visibly demonstrate
your trust in me and belief in the power of repeatable
formulas and go here:

Vote for the one topic you most want me to cover here:

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But the story isn't finished quite yet....

In the next email....

My mum gets alzheimers....

The head of the Neo Nazi party in America attacks us

My web host gets more complaints than they ever had

My girlfriend gets sold into slavery

And my Internet marketing acumen and business comes to
the rescue on ALL counts....

That and more in the next email.

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5.  What the topics?

They are NOT all decided yet. That depends on YOUR
responses to my survey:

And YOUR comments in my Facebook group:

Here are the FOR SURE topics:

1.  Sales Letter Formula -- My 12-step formula that has 
sold  millions of dollars

I will be breaking this down in very good  detail for
you.  Plus, see the bonuses.

2.  The Guru Creation Formula; What's the formula to become 
a guru with a dedicated following who  buy products on 

I have secrets here I will share you've never heard 

3.  The List Building Formula -- Use adswaps and solo ads 
to explode your business overnight  and build your list

In today's market, it's all about list building, so I'll
definitely cover this one.

The other topics are to be decided.


First 25 to sign up are guaranteed to receive:

1.  FULL access to the complete presentation from my
Vintage video in 1997.

2.  A written document covering my 12-step sales letter
formula in depth.

If you like to read and have concerns I won't cover it
in enough depth in the webinar (which I will) you have
this to fall back on.  This is an extensive document.

3.  One year access to my Push Button Format email
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Write the email in any text editor. Paste it in. Click
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All other tools I see jack up and truncate lines and 
you have to manually go in and fix every line. This
includes the built-in tool on Aweber.

Note:  Infusionsoft doesn't have a built in line length
marker and if you're sending text emails with it not
formatted to 72 characters per line or less, it's a huge

This is the ONLY tool I know of that fixes this problem.

4.  To be announced.

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I'm in the 22nd story of the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong.

Overlooking me is Kowloon Bay. I came in at night from the
airport, in a limo, over the longest expansion bridge in
the world.



The electronic gadgetry really blows my mind. Things they
had there they didn't have in the U.S. I knew nothing
about where I was or where to go.

I jumped in a plane on 4 days notice. I snagged a $4,000
laptop and set reservations go to Thailand, the land of

Money isn't a problem. Which is good. Because I get an
urgent message from Lisa. Someone decided to attack us

Believe me, when you're a top 3 or 4 "guru" in the world,
a LOT of stuff goes down.

When I check out, the girl looks at me and says, "your
phone bill is $3,000." Of course, she barely speaks
English and I don't have time to debate it.

I pay and hop on the plane to Thailand. The people there
amazed me. Those stories will be on another day. But it
really and truly is the land of smiles, a magical,
enchanting land filled with mystery, legend, and rituals
from times gone by colliding with pollution, political
unrest and the economic instability of our times.

That was quite a contrast from not all that long ago.
Because back then, I remember buying deodorant with all
pennies. And the man at the Stop 'N Go on Dallas Parkway
and Spring Valley said, "Normally, we don't take this many
pennies but in your case, I'll make an exception."

I'll never forget the day I moved from the 600 square foot
apartment to a town-home on Hidden Bend, a street with no
sign because I publicly published my address and people
would try to hunt me down all the time.

I pre-paid my rent for something like 4 or 6 months
because I was scared the money wouldn't last. I'm sure the
rent lady thought I was really strange.

That happens. I send money to Lisa who is my webmaster and
designer and has been for years. She lives in Canada.

I have a penchant for wearing designer clothes, sometimes
a bit flamboyant. In a city like San Antonio, believe me
you stand out.

I think the girl at the western union place thinks I'm a
drug dealer. I wear fancy clothes. Wire lots of money.
Actually, I had to prove to the U.S. Gov't I was legit.

That happens when you have to wire $4000 to the
Philippines embassy in Syria to get your girlfriend out of

More on that in a second.

================N O T E ================== 
I realize this issue is packed. There are things I want to tell you
today, in this issue, because tomorrow? It might be too

While seats are available, register right now for
Saturday's event:

Before I go on, here are a few comments from our
Facebook Group:

And some of my highly esteemed friends stop by to say hi:

None other than Willie Crawford and Declan Dunn give 
me a shout out:

Moving on....

These meandering stories I tell. The one about the cruise
ship. Other stories. They all have a common thread. A

The unstoppable power of a repeatable formula.

There are 3 parts to my original repeatable formula:

When they work in unison, it's like a well-oiled machine.

1. Your front end

You need new buyers or prospective buyers pouring into
your business every day.

This has to be a repeatable formula. Every day I got 40 to
50 sales for Amazing Formula like clockwork.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not even giving your
income a second thought because you know you'll have 50
sales that day on the front-end.

2. The "back end"

Here was my original repeatable formula:

a. Amazing Formula at $67

That was the first product that sold widely at that price
point. People price their products today at that but have
no idea where the price came from nor why I chose that

There's a reason.

The sales letter followed my standard 12-step formula and
I wrote it in an hour or two and didn't even change the
typos for 3 years.

There's a reason for that too.

b. Big Course at $500, digitally delivered.

That's right. I shocked people when I sold Amazing Formula
100% digitally delivered. No one thought it could be done
without a major refunds problem.

But beyond that, no one to this day realizes I was back
ending it with a $500 digitally delivered course.

Pop a back end every day or every other day and you're
sitting pretty, depending on your overhead.

My second back end is a recurring billing service called

c. Affiliate traffic

This was the ENGINE of my machine.

Your engine drives your front-end sales which feeds your
back end, which is where you make your money.

Get all 3 of those right and that engine will run a long
time with minor tweaking. Unless you count reading as
work, I probably didn't work 30 minutes to 2 hours a day
for 12 years.

And in my upcoming training, I'm going to explain some
nuances of these 3 steps and hopefully hammer it home in a
way you'll never forget.

Let me put it to you this way: I remember many times
digging around in a stack of papers for that $5,000 check
I'd left laying around for a few months.

$5,000 bucks. Didn't bother to deposit it ....sometimes
for several months. Those checks show up every month and
are true passive income.

That money allowed me to fly in many times and help out my
dad with my mum when she had Alzheimer's. And I"ll tell
you this.

If you wake up in the morning and you know what your name
is, it's a good day.

Of course, I stopped speaking at major events because I
was afraid I might need to fly in to see my mum. And
events are an intrical part of being a "guru."

Your best customers and affiliates come from speaking at
events. Plus, it gives you that celebrity halo effect.
Which makes people less price sensitive when they buy your

I'll never forget taking 50 pictures at Yanik Silver's
birthday bash with attendees there. My hair hadn't been
cut. I felt exhausted and could barely smile. I vented a
bit too much to Mike Long about the state my mum was in.
But he patiently listened.

See, my dad had colon cancer so he was holed up in the
hospital and they wouldn't let him out. Some local ahole
in the neighborhood got the homeowners association to
serve him a lawsuit in the hospital because he put the
wrong grade of shingles on his home.

And my mum had to go into an Alzheimer's unit because my
dad couldn't care for her.

During this tough time, the money just kept coming in. And
I didn't have to work much. Of course, I had Lisa to keep
things afloat. When you have money, you can hire help,

My friend Art calls me up. He'd been one of the biggest
names in an industry so controversial I can't print the 3
letter acronym here.

There was a girl his Filipina wife had met at a Casino in
Vegas. He said she was visiting from Makati and I should
meet her.

It's a long story. But back in the Philippines she was
promised $250 a day to be a maid in Syria. Of course, she
gets there and they immediately take away her cell phone.
She wasn't allowed to leave the house and had to do dishes
while trying to eat food very foreign to her.

For 6 months day and night I contacted every agency
anywhere you could. They didn't know who they were messing
with. From the President of the Philippines to someone
running for Senator, to agencies in the U.S. you *really*
don't want to be having a conversation with, to lawyers in
Syria, to covert personnel who help liberate captives, to
negotiating with her "boss."

Two things happened in my career that taught you don't
have friends in business. You have allies.

12 million people in the world are in slavery. The biggest
export from the Philippines is labor. And many of those
people imho are put in slavery or close to it.

Try telling that to a friend. It's too much for someone in
the U.S. to grasp or relate to. That's how you make your
phone not ring, when you're using to it ringing 24/7.

But money isn't everything.

Somehow she escaped and made it to the Philippines
embassy. For $4,000 I flew her out. There was a very long
waiting list and it's enormously difficult to get out.

There were many poor girls there just waiting and waiting.

Money? What good is it? You can't take it with you. But it
can buy other things.

You know that part about the Internet lifestyle? I
probably started that, as I did many things in this
business the origins of which are long ago forgotten.

I had Milcers Marlon's Internet Lifestyle Club. I later
dumped it because no one could pronounce it!

Remember that 3-part formula? Front end, back end,
traffic. Get that machine humming and you can make more
money drinking a latte at Starbucks than the people
rushing in and out will make all day.

Now, dialing in that formula takes time and
experimentation or both.

Over time, the formula changes and you adjust or die. It's
one thing to be the guru of moment or day or week or month
or year.

It's another to do that over and over for many years, more
than you can remember. When I got started in 1997, I had
all my hair.

You know that if you watched my vintage video at

But it ALL boils down to a repeatable formula. A lot of
people rocket to "guru status" with a short-term
repeatable formula.

But it won't repeat long term. So they are here today,
gone tomorrow.

The more you control where your traffic comes from, the
better the model. The less you control it, the worse the

Oh, I forgot. Friends and allies. Your friends will turn
their backs on you if it's in their financial advantage to
align with someone else.

Never forget that. Ever.

In business, you don't have friends. You only think you
do. You have people who align with you because you're
powerful and they feel it's in their best interest to
align with you.

The ironic thing is, you could crush them. You could
demolish them and whoever else they chose to align with in
the blink of an eye.

Never underestimate a marketer. Of course, a person with
power won't crush a lesser opponent. It'd be like Anderson
Silva getting in a bar brawl. LOL.

Actually, I'd pay to see THAT one.

The head of the neo-nazi party in America attacked us once
when I was top 3.

That's another story. There's a book written about that
dude. If I recall, I think he's in jail now.

I vaguely remember translating one of his emails out of
Chinese into English then using it to take down a server
in China. And somehow getting his cell phone number and
using it to trace the IP block with ATT. And to tracking
down a phone number at the current residence.

I didn't have a formula to do what I wanted to do. I
invented one on the fly. Inventing a formula is a bitch.
It's a lot of wasted motion and effort because you don't
know which lever moves the world.

So you just pull a lot of levers, sometimes frantically.
It's a lot easier to start with a formula.

So what about you? This is my story. The story of the
power of having a repeatable formula.

Do you have a repeatable formula?

The short version is:

profit x velocity = Fat Hip Pocket National Bank

You have a product with a margin. That's your profit. You
sell something bigger ticket or recurring billing on the
back end. That's profit.

And you have velocity: How many do you sell and how fast?

To elongate the formula:

1. How many leads and new prospects and customers do you
get a day?

It all starts here.

Do you have a smoking hot front end? A way to get people
into your marketing funnel?

2. Your back end

What do you sell after the initial purchase? Is it a
well-oiled machine?

A few of my friends skip step 1. When you are ninja, you
can do that. They buy traffic and go direct for the big

You can do that if you're really good at giving a verbal
pitch. Or if you practice a lot.

People think I'm a genius. I'm no freaking genius. I've
read more than about anyone. And I came into this business
having had 10 years of failure and extreme motivation.

Try eating microwave corn dogs and burritos for 10 years.

3. Your traffic

Without it, you die.

With it, you live.

It's your engine.

Get that formula right, and you don't work for 10 or 12
years. Or don't have to. It gives you the time and money
to buy and read 3,000 or 4,000 books for the heck of it.

Or to do whatever it is you want to do with your life.

I've shared a lot of my life. Stories of a lifetime. There
are many others. I've chose these to illustrate to you the
power of a repeatable formula.

Now, times are a changin'.

Gurus come and go. This is a celebrity-driven business.

The Guru business is a strange one. I never believed in
gurus because my mentor, Lew Williams, he told me many
years ago: "Marlon, all the real gurus died in WWII."

And he's right. If we stand tall, it is because we stand
on the shoulders of the direct response marketing giants
who went before us.

There are many stories I have to tell. Some of which are
better off not spoken.

But there is one. Before I tell you that, let me encourage
you to go register right now for the training event.

I want to share with you secrets of the Guru Business and
how to develop a loyal following that buys on demand.

How to use my 12-step copywriting formula.

How to build your list.

How to assemble your 3-part machine of front end, back end
and traffic.

Register right now here:

One last story:

"Derek, it's Marlon. Is it true?"

"Yeah, he said. It's true."

I think I uttered something I don't care to repeat and
hung up.

The God of Internet marketing was no longer with us.
People don't even know his name now. That pisses me off to
no end.

You remember this name and you never forget it: Corey

He was the greatest Internet marketer of all time and no
one holds a candle. Only those around in those days know

We had times I'll never forget in Amsterdam and London. He
once wrote me a $25,000 check on a handshake over the

He loved fast cars many times more than marketing. And he
ended it all that way. He knew the risk and what might
happen. Because I asked him about it once.

Kenny Rogers was right when he said the best that you can
hope for is if you die in your sleep.

None of us has a lease on life. By the numbers, once you
have angina pain, you got about a 75% chance of not being
here 5 years later.

Doesn't matter if you get stints or whatever.

Fortunately, one info marketer discovered a repeatable
formula around a somewhat radical diet. More fruits and
dark green leafy vegetables than you really wanna consume.

Most days I follow that diet.

And the research shows it allows you to beat the odds for
20 years. Fortunately, my dad is 89, my aunt is 100.

I have good genes. So I believe you'll have me around for
a long time to come. Which is great because I follow about
half the formula.

I eat subway. Crap. That's not on the list.

I eat salmon. Believe it or not, no animal fat at all.

I drink freshly squeeze orange juice: Ain't on da list.

Good God. It's a miracle I'm writing this email!

So you live each day as if it's your last. And if you wake
up in the morning and know what your name is, it's a good

Funny how people do 1/2 a formula then blame the Formula!

One day, the ezine I write will be my last. The email I
write will be my last. No man has a lease on life. You
walk out the door and you never come back. You pray to God
you helped a few people along the way. That you
contributed to the optimism of the human race and not the

That you inspired hope and not hurt. That you earned the
right to receive more orchids than onions.

One day you look back and all you have is your memories.
And if you're lucky you can remember those.

I have a fantasy. Not of the normal kind. That one day you
pass on to the other side. And when you get there, Gary
Halbert is at the head of the table.

You're first thought is, "Holy crap, how did he make it
here?" Your second thought is, Your second thought is,
"Hey, where the heck is Michael Enlow. Oh good, he's over
there mumbling something about how this really IS the
paperless, staff-less office. And right next to him Cory
is pitching the affiliate program. Ken Giddens is handling
the seo and Ken Kerr is licensing out the whole darned

And then Gary hands you a stack of envelopes and tells you
to start licking stamps. Because he's sending out a new
promo to sell chunks of the pearly gates.

And you're like, "Good God, I don't know if I want to send
this out or not!"

Then you think, "Oh, what the heck, this is heaven."

In any event, I'm sharing the thing I've got to tell you
before it's too late in a very special and magical
training event that I hope will be life changing for many
people, and quite possibly you.

I'm offering you an irresistible offer:

1. Come to the event and don't pay me until after the
event is over.

2. If it wasn't worth your time or money, just post with
no guilt to, and Lisa will cancel your
billing. She'll handle this not me, so you don't have to
worry about offending me.

3. Even if you don't want to pay for the event, you get to
keep the recording anyway. Yes, it will be recorded.

4. The event will be held Saturday. It'll run as long as I
have the energy to teach, and as long as it takes for me
to hammer home the most important formulas.

I'll be covering 11 formulas but spending the most time on
the ones ranked highest in the survey, which are:

Here are the FOR SURE topics:

1.  Sales Letter Formula -- My 12-step formula that has 
sold  millions of dollars

I will be breaking this down in very good  detail for
you.  Plus, see the bonuses.

2.  The Guru Creation Formula; What's the formula to become 
a guru with a dedicated following who  buy products on 

I have secrets here I will share you've never heard 

3.  The List Building Formula -- Use adswaps and solo ads 
to explode your business overnight  and build your list

4.  The Advertising Formula -- Get paid advertising 
without paying for it out of pocket.

I need more votes to decide the rest of the topics.

In today's market, it's all about list building, so I'll
definitely cover this one.

The other topics are to be decided.

5. There are some special bonuses...I may withdraw one or
more of these any hour now. So I urge you to sign up


1.  FULL access to the complete presentation from my
Vintage video in 1997.

2.  A written document covering my 12-step sales letter
formula in depth.

If you like to read and have concerns I won't cover it
in enough depth in the webinar (which I will) you have
this to fall back on.  This is an extensive document.

3.  One year access to my Push Button Format email
editor that is a complete and total life saver when 
you're writing emails like this one.

Write the email in any text editor. Paste it in. Click
a button. Boom!  Your text is 100% formatted the right

All other tools I see jack up and truncate lines and 
you have to manually go in and fix every line. This
includes the built-in tool on Aweber.

Note:  Infusionsoft doesn't have a built in line length
marker and if you're sending text emails with it not
formatted to 72 characters per line or less, it's a huge

This is the ONLY tool I know of that fixes this problem.

========== Assignment ==========

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"Look at Marlon, he looks kind of bald now"

The lady looks and me and says, "So do you have any

I know that you "used to be somebody back in the day."

"What those old school marketers teach doesn't work
anymore. Not now. Not in today's volatile market."

"He's really out of touch."

"He was great.....BACK in the day"

"Actually, it's true. I really AM that much more well
endowed than he is."

Next issue: The nasty side of the Internet marketing guru
business: Pitches, framing and webinars gone out of

Plus, answers to YOUR questions about having a repeatable


The details are emerging from the survey:

1.  Time length:  However long it takes me to cover
the topics.  Usually I fade after 2 to 2 1/2 hours

2.  Will I cover the topics in a cursory fashion
or in depth?

I'll cover them 100% in the depth needed.  Several
topics you WILL receive supporting videos or
documentation on as you'll see.

3.  Will it be recorded  if you can't make it?


4.  Don't know for sure if you'll get your money's worth?
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Don't want to dissapoint me?  LISA will be handling these
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5.  What the topics?

They are NOT all decided yet. That depends on YOUR
responses to my survey:

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