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Your comments on MMM: “I Challenge You”


If you're a super freak who has actually taken one thing I taught in a paid info product, one icon on a dashboard, one idea in Amazing Formula, one thing in Gimme My Money Now, made one sales letter with Push Button Letters, then you are a super human.

Post the PROOF of your results here.

I challenge you to show me you're in the 5%. Let's see if I even have 20 people out of around 50,000 who can step up to the plate!  This is how little true competition exists in the world.

I don't need kudos today.  I don't need thanks.

I want to know what did you do from what product. And can you show proof?

Best wishes,


  • Anthony says:

    Hi Marlon, I just received your email saying I was a 95%'r! Thought I had better respond – I have been working on following XFactor and getting some niche product sites going with Adsense and also my first affiliate site – and working full time as well (like everyone else!). Staying up till 1pm every night trying to get a grip on nameservers, DNS, domain forwarding etc etc.

    Also, frustrated by an product designer with a huge membership site who has just started offering his membership site for affiliate promotion and here I am a newbie telling him how to promote it !! Go figure. Maybe I should start my own!

    I followed your idea of a swap file for XFactor's thread – done!

    I'm getting there,



    ps Love your emails – I look forward to them

    [Anthony, the challenge with adsense is Google can remove your income overnight. I talked about what John's doing more as a metaphor for how you approach your business. Having said that, doing anything is a lot better than nothing because you learn skills that come in handy regardless. If you follow John's system, you learn to focus, you learn about seo, you learn article writing and submission. Those are all good things. But for an income model, I highly prefer and advocate building a list, creating and selling info products, because this gives you the greatest control over your income, although there are still vulnerabilities as in any business model. I do love John's philosophy and approach to keeping it simple.]

  • Remy says:

    Hi Marlon,

    It's Remy. I guess I'm in the 5%. Here's what I did with the "amazing formula" and "create your own products". As a dental technician, I created an ebook on how to avoid getting ripped off by your dentist. How to choose the right dentist and what are the best dental prosthesis and which ones to avoid. Sells for 20 $ Sales volume up to this day are 2738 copies. Website is :

    Then with the" Red factor", I identified a gap in the market and I am now selling 3 products that are actually sold only to professionals which I began selling it directly to consumers :

    Product that helps to hold dentures firmly into place; website:
    Product that enables anyone with a broken denture to repair it easily at home; website
    Product that whitens dentures' teeth : website:
    Product that varnishes dentures; website :

    All headers on these websites were desgned by waching the tutorials of "design dashboard". Sales letter of all products were written with the help of the "marketing dashboard and the amazing formula". Gross sales with the creation of all the products is 12000$/month. Net profit is 7000$/month

    I am actually running out of ideas to create other products to increase gross sales. I hope this makes me a good student. I wish you all lots of success.

    Hang in there.

    Best wishes

    Remy, France

    [Hi Remy, you managed to pull through the obstacles and make it beyond them. Great job. Most people will never do that. I remember when you first tried selling the product and ran into obstacles. You plowed through and found a way. That's what people who succeed do. I'm proud of you for doing that. My business is doing good. I'm just trying to find SOME way to increase the amount of action taken by my customers.]

  • Tim Zager says:

    Hey Marlon, Here's what I've been working on…

    Using you Info Product Dashboard (IFD), I recently created my 1st info product for magicians. Being a performer myself, I knew some of the forums magi hung out. I followed the steps in IFD to find out what they want, and then how to find an expert to interview.

    The result was a 1 hour interview with a restaurant magician, where I grilled him on how he gets the gigs, and how to use that gig to book other shows. More importantly, how other magicians could do the same thing.

    Here's pics of the actual product:

    CD cover –
    Inside/contents – omitted

    It's selling for $20, mainly to a small list I built, using eBay to sell magician supplies. I found a newsletter that has over 15,000 magician subscribers. We're negotiating a price to advertise there — or providing a series of marketing articles for magi.

    I'm now using 'The Red Factor' to research other niches in the magic community… already found 3 other areas for product development.

    The idea for the back end is a full blown marketing course for magi that covers booking performances in about 7 different venues.

    So far, so good. Thanks for everything you do!!


    [Tim, great job of taking action.]

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