Internet Marketing Solution — 3 keys

Internet Marketing Solution — 3 keys

Are you looking for an Internet marketing solution?

If you are, there are 3 keys I recommend to you:

1.  Look for step-by-step help.

Anyone can spout off good-sounding theory. But can you deliver on it?  That's the question.  And the WAY you deliver on it is with step-by-step help.

Now, I might point out that I've been dubbed by some as "the King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing."  That's a moniker I'm rather proud of.  But more importantly, I aim to make sure our line of Dashboards deliver on that promise.

Website Site Design — This Dashboard helps you design your web site.

Promote Your Website — From targeting your market to setting up your email address capture page to following up with emails that get people to give you money, this Dashboard does it all step-by-step.

Those are just two examples of what I think you should expect in terms of step-by-step help.

2.  Don't jump for every bright and shiny object.

The good news about Internet marketing is something new comes out every day. The bad news is….something new comes out every day.

If you're always hopping on the new bandwagon, you'll spend all your time researching and none of your time doing.  I recommend you spend at least half your time doing.

3.  Look for Evergreen models..

The problem with the fad of the day is that fads fade fast by definition. That's why they're called a fad.

I believe in designing a business based on Evergreen principles that stand the test of time.  I think the Good Book calls it building on rock and not sand.

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