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Are You Ready To Stay Up All Night?

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re:  You ready to stay up ALL night?


Marlon here.

I spent most of this weekend reading a thread in the Warrior's

And once YOU start to read it, you'll be up all night.  It's a LONG
thread and entirely captivating.

But first, a WARNING…

Listen, I'm just not a big fan of Adsense.  And that's what this
thread is about.  So WHY am I telling you to read it?

Even though I think betting your livelihood on what Google does,
the LOGIC and APPROACH of this guy in this thread blew me away.

1.  He found a super SIMPLE approach and just focused in on it like
a razor.

2.  He learned to create one type of very, very simple site so it
would make $100 a month.  And he just keeps making those sites.
Now he is up to $300 or $400 per day.

(Like I said, Google can pull the rug out from under him anytime,
so even though I think what he does is very cool, I also think it's
pretty risky.  The doesn't invalidate the genius behind his laser

3.  He uses a piece of software that is not even the current
version. Why?  Because he likes to keep things SIMPLE.

4.  People all through the thread ask him, "Why don't you do this?
How come you don't add that?  What about this other deal?"

His response is always, "That would distract me from my plan."
In other words, he found one tiny thing that worked very modestly
($100 a month) or about $3 to $4 a day and just kept repeating it.

5.  He succeeded where others don't

In the thread you'll read that virtually no one else has come near
to his success.  But in reading the thread, you'll see that while
he sticks to a simple plan, all the others keep trying to make it
more and more complicated.

This adds barriers to them taking action.

For example, a lot of people came to the thread and said, "Dog,
man, why don't you build web 2.0 pages like hub pages and squidoo
and add links to your pages from those?

His reply?  He already gets inbound links from a very simple article
marketing method. So it's just added complexity he doesn't need.

Genius!  Absolute genius in a lot of ways.

6.  You'll read a lot of people who posted that got caught up in
"are they doing this or that right?"  And he says to them what I've
said to you:  Taking action is far more important than getting it
all perfect or right.

7.  He DID get distracted for several months late last year with
the affiliate site building model.  But he got back on track when
he realized he didn't enjoy that model.  And he really loved his
little adsense model.

The point is, he LOVES doing the adsense pages.  There IS something
to be said for doing what you enjoy or love. He admits he has a
somewhat irrational fascination with Adsense and he is FULLY aware
of the risk.

He does it anyway.

I like that.

He KNOWS he could do a million things.  But finds the one he really
enjoys and focuses on it.

8.  Here's something else bizarre about the thread.  He gives away
ALL his methods IN the thread.  Yet I bet a lot of people bought
his little ebook summary also in spite of that fact.

That's pretty neat.

9.  I love his focus on simplicity

He ONLY uses article marketing to get links to the pages he puts
up.  He COULD get links a lot of other ways.  But realizes he only
needs one.

He COULD use software to automatically create his sites. Instead he
does them by hand.  Simple.

10.  It's the single best tutorial on SEO I've read next to Justin
Brooke's little dollar report I told you about earlier this year.

Really, I learned TONS about article marketing and seo just reading
that thread.  Tons.

I dug out my Microniche Finder software he talks about and started
mucking around.  I found ALL the awesome keywords for a new blog in
a non IM market.

And check this out:

Martha Stewart Halloween has an adsense payout of 1/2 of .57 on
Spyfu (that meets his  criteria) AND the SOC is a 44 green light. 
(You'll know what that means when you read the thread.)  It has
40,500 local searches.

Halloween Haunted Houses is an SOC of 18. Which means if you were
Platinum on ezine articles, you'd be off to the races in like a day
or two.

Check out MicroNiche Finder here to read about SOC via my affiliate


I never understood SOC. But now I do.

What Does This Have To Do With MY Model?

This isn't even in my best interest to turn you onto this thread
because I realize that there a few people who regardless will jump
into his method hook, line and sinker.

Just keep in mind that he IS selling an ebook on it and is starting
a recurring membership site soon.  That SHOULD be a clue to you if
you read my ezine regularly.

What I DOES have to is this:

1.  Choose a model

2.  Create a simple plan

Most people think they need a complicated flow chart with all this
stuff. And sometimes that works. But there is something to be said
for having a crystal clear plan you can act on without losing focus.

3.  Keep it simple

4.  Prioritize taking action

5.  Stop chasing rabbits and rainbows…unless you KNOW that's what
you're doing and you're ok with that.

Do it in your spare time NOT your business building time.

6.  I'll say it again.

Prioritize action.  Keep it simple.  Do one thing that works over
and over.

7.  Keep it evergreen

This is the one area I differ from Xfactor. I think there's very
little chance what he's doing is Evergreen and won't get slapped
by Google in 6 months to a year, for whatever reasons.

Now, MY model is creating info products and using your affiliate
program to build your list.

Then send emails and sell other products to your list.


That's the link to the thread on Warrior's Forum. It's the longest
thread I've ever seen. So you WILL get sucked into it and be up
all night.

Here's the title of the thread:

6 Months Later: $300 Daily w/Adsense (Lessons Learned)

You'll be up all night.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Best wishes,


PS:  My BEST and simplest action plan is in Gimme My Money Now.
That product pretty much STARTED the mini site and 2-page web site

It still works exactly as written.

The only change is really that to get affiliate's attention, you
need to add in some upsells and downsells (i.e. add-on products)
after they order the first product.

And that's not even true in non-competitive markets.

  • Yer I just finished reading this post, was long but worth it!

  • I keep read sites that talk about becoming financially free or making an extra income, and seeing your information is encouraging, because it is not so easy as they say it is..

  • Hey Marlon,

    this was a really inspiring story.

    I think my BIGGEST mistake (I'm still trying to get better at this) is that I tend to complicate the process.

    I think this is a killer for more than 80% of IMers.

    I'm getting better at making thing simple I think.


    [Franck, there's something to be said for expediting action. I think there are different strategies between starting and growing. John's method of laser focus is how you grow to a certain point. Focus on action. However, the disadvantage in his approach is his links aren't diversified and adsense income is subject to Google changes at any moment. So I think when you hit a certain point, you look at making sure you're evergreen and building something that lasts. Still, there's a lot to be said for simple models that you repeat.]

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