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Where’s The Evidence My Formula Performs?

My Marketing Formula, otherwise known as “The Amazing Formula” has a number of hidden advantages a lot of people don't see or understand because they only look at the surface.

So let's drill down and look at some things you can SEE and OBSERVE with your own two eyes:

1.  Screen caps with the largest numbers do not a business make.  What matters is what YOU can DO with what you learn.  Your results NOT theirs are what matters.

I don't have the biggest numbers or screen caps. So if you judge by that, you can bolt this page right now.  However, here are some points to think about:

Is the full “Formula” or System actually revealed?

I know many if not most, of the people who sell formulas and systems for online success.  I can tell you that just because someone can parade big numbers on screen caps doesn't mean their products actually REVEAL the methods that generated those numbers.

For example, more often than not, those numbers are actually generated from their mailing list.  And a bulk of that list was built using “Amazing Formula” methods.

I reveal what I do and how I do it.  This is full disclosure marketing.

Does the person possess advantages that aren't disclosed?  Have you ever read a product and scratched your head as to what it had to do with the massive income figures in the sales letter?  Chances are the person has a non-disclosed advantage.

2.  The Criteria For Success Is How Actionable It Is

A lot of products are blob products.  They dump this big blog of stuff in your lap with videos, cd's, dvd's or whatever.  The biggest blog doesn't win.

What matters is USEABILITY.  This is what my Dashboards are designed for.  If you can't USE the information, what difference does it make?  How do you eat an elephant?  A bite at a time.

Here's HOW the Dashboards work.

Each day you have ONE ICON to click on and follow the steps.  That's it. No overwhelm because that day you know exactly what you need to do. And you don't go to the NEXT icon or think about it until you finish the prior one.

That's as SIMPLE as it gets.  And as ACTIONABLE.

A big blog of “oh my gosh that's so incredible” insights does NOT a business make.  What makes your business is getting things done that are actionable.

LOOK at the people buying “big blog” products. Are they DOING anything?

That's that ACID TEST.

3.  My Formula is disclosed and doesn't contain critical “non-disclosed” information.

A lot of people TEACH one thing and DO another.  They make their money with affiliate marketing and joint ventures but they TEACH something else.

Go figure.

Listen, I'm NOT guru bashing.  I think most gurus work extremely hard to provide great value. At the same time, you have a right to be an educated consumer.

So as their PROOF someone shows you how they built a zillion person list using ONE method.  Then the product they SELL you teaches something completely different.

Yeah, I got a problem with that.  And as an educated consumer.

4.  A good Formula is Evergreen or disclosed to be otherwise

I think it's ok to go with fads that fade as long as you KNOW what you're doing and are fully aware of it. But a lot of Systems and Formulas aren't Evergreen. They're fad based.  But you get the impression you're buying something that will work long term.

MY EVIDENCE is that I've been doing this since 1996 FULL TIME. I hear lots of people claim they've been doing this since 1996 or before.  Nothing wrong with that. But were they dabbling or making a living?

You can SEE the established dates on my web sites and domains.  Check out amazingformula.com and higherresponse.com.  I don't have a web site up on higherresponse.com but it was my first domain. Check the back issues of the associateprograms.com newsletter back in 1998 and 1999.

My FORMULA has stood the test of time.  But there are NEW tweaks and NEW methods to make it work. The FOUNDATION is the same but some of the methods have CHANGED and are NEW.

This is the evidence that my Formula is worthy of following.

  • I write a music blog for my audience research class. I'm new to blogging and I want them to be good! So any advice you guys could give me would be great

  • This is so true. Guru are not bad boys like many people claim. And in fact, when you actually apply their advice, you make money.

    Almost every single tip I learned from gurus worked for me and made me money.

    It's true that sometimes, some of them use their authority in the marketplace to influence newbies though.

    I mean stuff like "Death of adsense", etc.

    Many newbies really think that it's the death of adsense and try something else, while adsense makes truckloads of money for everyone who chose this business model.

    Keep the good stuff coming.


  • Frank Gorka says:

    Hi Marlon Frank Gorka Here I LOVE READING YOUR STUFF. WHY because you really do care about the small business guy or gal and your advice is as solid as a rock.

    See Marlon I took your advice that day you called me many years ago when I got on your list for the first time and you told me to take my Skills with SEO offline and promote it to business owners.

    Well that's what I did Marlon and now I have 6 Sales People In Trinidad and Tabaggo, 1 in Virgina, 2 In Chattanooga TN, An a Total of 24 in the US.

    Just Yesterday one of my sales Reps made $418.20 and That's a BI MONTHLY INCOME for him and his family.

    See Marlon your advice is DEAD ON BROTHER DEAD ON, I am not going to stop until I Have 1000 reps across the US and Canada.

    See Marlon you told me to sub niche a niche so that's what I did by seeking out people with a list and doing a JV with them.

    This has work like a charm and both sides win big time. You also told me to go over seas and out source most of my work to people that could read and write English and teach them by Videos on what I want them to do.

    This has work like a charm to. See Marlon I took action on what you teach and now a HUGE HARVEST is starting to pour in.

    Marlon I owe you everything my friend, my life has changed before my eyes, and by the way I need to tell you something else.

    Just yesterday I got a phone call from a new Joint Venture Partner that is in the TV PRODUCTION BUSINESS. He has asked me to do a 50/50 split with him and become his partner.


    And it's all because of you and how you taught me Marlon I OWE YOU BIG TIME MY FRIEND.

    If you ever need anything from me Marlon I am there for you my friend, and I am proud to call you my friend because your my friend for life.

    God Bless and Take Care


  • Mike says:

    Hi Marlon,

    As usual, you pull no punches! In terms of "gurus" selling a strategy, and doing something entirely different on their own. Nothing could be more true!

    Many of these individuals will encourage "followers" to find niches outside the IM arena to market to. The reasoning being that the IM niche is way too competitive.

    Sounds good, right?

    These same "gurus" have never attempted to try and find a "hungry" niche outside IM themselves!

    They wouldn't dare.

    Or, if they did market to outside niches, it was when they were first starting out.

    They may have made a little money with "mini sites", but believe me, as soon as they could, they created information products teaching others to make a "killing" with mini sites!

    Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver are classic examples of what I am talking about. Each had mini sites covering topics such as "selling your own home","raising house plants", and getting fit while you sit in a chair.

    Among others.

    Many "gurus" are ingenious at selecting strategies and making them "sound" good. They absolutely "gush" 1/2 truths! When you are a newbie, and fail at these strategies, you tend to blame yourself. The "gurus" then jump onboard and reinforce that type of thinking by saying that you "didn't take action", or "follow through."Obviously, Many people act on emotion, have a tendancy to procrastinate, etc., and all the other negative characteristics of human nature that our friendly neighborhood "gurus" prey upon.

    So, where am I going with this?

    Simple, buyer be aware X 10! The IM world is a predatory environment, and you either have to learn to swim with the sharks, or become one. Hopefully, Marlon will see fit to post these comments, because they NEED to be heard!

    [Hi Mike, I'm really not that much into Guru bashing. But I do think you need to be an educated consumer. Yanik and Jim are awesome, talented marketers. My whole point is to be able to article YOUR difference vs. the alternatives. That's the point of this post. And I was demonstrating with my initial wording of my comparison vs. alternatives. I have others I'm doing that are worded much better and don't come across as guru bashing which isn't my intention.]

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  • Denise Jean says:

    Hi, Mr, Marlon Im triying to learn how to have a website for my Art teaching has to be in french,and also triying to open a Art school in here Hawkesbury Ontario, Canada,and triying to get governement grant for it all wish me good luck to find what I need thank you.You have a wonderfull web to help people, hope one day it can help me also.

    [Hi Denise, good luck to you!]

  • Ron Worthy says:

    Hi Marlon…

    We should do a JV!

    We need to discuss this offline…

    Check out my site at: http://www.PlayPianoTonight.com


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