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What’s Your Core Differentiation? Do You Know?

Marlon's Marketing Minute
November 7, 2009


Marlon here.

This week's Marlon's Marketing Minute article:


What's Your Core Innovation?


This week I explain the concept of differentiation and

All business business growth rides on the back of
differentiation and innovation.

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Marlon Sanders

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #40, November 7, 2009

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C. “What's Your Core Innovation?”
Some of my articles are for newbies. This one applies
to both newbies and advanced people.

The idea I'm going to present could at first seem a
little abstract but I'll boil it down and make it

I believe virtually all explosive business growth rides
on the back of a core innovation.

Look at the resurgence of the Mac line.  The core
innovation was the Ipod then the iPhone.

Look at Microsoft.  The core innovation was an operating

Look at the United States.  The reason the U.S. succeeded
originally was because of “the industrial revolution,”
which was a method of mass production pioneered by Andrew

The problem Microsoft has is that originally the cool
thing about the PC was all the software, shareware and
programs available for it.

But as the market has matured, the need for software for
most businesses has been reduced to a relatively small
number of programs that are also available on a Mac.

So the importance of the core innovation or differentiation
offered by the PC has dwindled.

The keyword I want you to understand is DIFFERENTIATION.

All differentiation is based on an innovation.  Doing things
a bit diffently.  Offering people a relative advantage to
some other alternative.

Here's what I want you to think about:

Can you offer people an advantage vs. their other options?

If you can, then you understand the essence of differentiation
and the basis of business.

Now, is that difference OBSERVABLE?

Is there some way you can “tangibilize” that difference so people
can see it? Think of the old Timex commercials where they
strapped the watch to a boat, whirled around a lake, removed
the watch and showed that it “takes a licking and keeps on

I fly Southwest Airlines.

Their planes are safe and seldom have problems.  And they have
an expedited boarding process that gets you there faster.

That's their differentiation.

The alternatives to flying Southwest are driving or using another
airline.  Other airlines have a slower boarding procedure since
they have assigned seats.  It's more hassle to fly them.

And they often cost more.

Driving a car takes more time and costs as much or more in gas.

Southwest Airlines has sustained their key points of difference.

What happens a lot of time in business is that your core
innovation or differentiation gets copied.  Then you have to invent
something new.

Look at razor blades.  They keep coming out with new innovations.
The single blade, then the double, then the triple.  All kinds of

That's innovation and differentiation at work.

But understand this:  You still have to deliver on the core

Think of American Idol or similar talent shows.

If someone is different but can't sing worth a hoot, their
difference means nothing.

They have to be different in a way that others value.  No one else
is exactly like you.

YOU are the U in the word unique.  Now let your “u-ness” shine
through in what you offer, who you offer it to you and how you offer
it in such a way that you build incredible value not easily copied
by others.

Don't let anyone steal the U out of your “u-ness.”  Not that they
can.  But be so good at what makes you distinctly u that no one
else even wants to try!

Sometimes your differentiation can be relatively simple. And
sometimes you can take something and just execute it better than

Russ Brunson used to be my top affiliate before he found stardom on
his own.  Russ says he doesn't innovate a lot. He borrows ideas. But
he executes them better than anyone else.

Execution counts.

Let's bring this down to newbie level.

Can you add a touch of uniqueness to what you're selling?  Something
that adds value for the customer?

You an be unique by dressing in some crazy costume.  But does it
add any value to the customer?

Remember the idea of the baker's dozen?  Where in the old days if
you bought a dozen cookies at the bakery, they tossed in one or
two extras?

Just something as simple as that can be your difference.

Doing something a little extra for your customer that others don't.

If you're a more experienced or advanced marketer, ask yourself if
your core differentiation or innovation has gotten watered own
by those who have copied you.  Maybe it's time you re-invent
yourself or your products.

Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing and
“The Ambassador of Old School Marketing”

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