New seo cheat sheet from Marlon - Online and Info Product Marketing

New seo cheat sheet from Marlon

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Low hanging fruit, cheat sheet & taking candy from a baby
Marlon here.
I VERY seldom talk about seo.
I think that LAST time other than this week was like 6 months
ago when I ran my little promo.
But today I feel enlightened.  I'm sure the following cheat
sheet has some technical inadequacies.  It's more just a basic
primer on the topic.
I normally don't get traffic from seo. But SOME things ARE
worth knowing and understanding as you'll see.
Seo stands for search engine optimization.  In the broadest
meaning, it means whatever you do to try to get your site
listed under keyword searches in Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and
other engines.
Marlon's Lazy Crazy Seo Cheat Sheet
1.  A new favorite forum thread about seo where ACTUAL, real
world tests of different methods are tried and compared:
2.  John's Adsense post is a great read:
3.  Anchor Text Link
When you hyperlink keywords to a url, that is called "anchor
text".  So a LOT of people hyperlink the word "click here" to a
web site.
That creates NO inbound links for the web site under "click here."
Which probably isn't a phrase anyone is searching for to find
your site!
Let's say your keyword phrase is piggly wigglies.  What you WANT
are people who hyperlink the phrase piggly wigglies to your url.
Each of those hyperlinks is a vote to Google that your site has
good scoop on the term piggly wigglies.  I'm sure that's a 
trademark by someone and I need to say that.
Here is what anchor text looks like:
<a href="">sales letters</a>
<a href="http://www.designdashboard">website site design</a>
Since this is a link on my BLOG, the code is a bit different.  Here's
the link:
The blog creates the link code for you. I won't publish the code her since
you don't need it.
4.  What counts
In the old days, I thought if I just had lots of links to my
web site, that was enough.  The PROBLEM is links for WHAT
keyword phrase or phrases?
What you WANT are to find keyword phrases you have a DECENT chance
or ranking for and get those exact keyword phrases linked to
your site so they count as inbound links.
You also want this from a page that doesn't have a lot of links on it. The more
links, the lower the link juice for each link.  That's why not all my links in this
blog article are blue hyperlinks.
5.  My screw up
So I probably have a zillion people who link to my Push Buttonl
Letters site by HYPERLINKING the phrase "Push Button Letters".
The problem with that is I want to be ranked under terms like:
* write sales letter
* sales letters
* marketing letters
THOSE are the terms people search for.  NOT "push button letters."
So if you want to put a link on your web site for the keyword:
Sales letters
marketing letter
sale letter
…. and link that to, then post on my
blog and tell me you did it, you'll be my hero!
6.  Domain does count
Google flip flops over time. Sometimes having your keywords
in your domain helps. Sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes you can
use hyphens.  Apparently sometimes they don't count that.
As a general rule, putting the keywords in your domain name is
a good idea, even if Google isn't giving you any credit for it
today, they MIGHT tomorrow.
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7.  The law of diversity of ip links
The IP address is the address of the server your web site sites
Let's say you submit 1,000 ariticles to that
ALL link to your web site using the phrase "piggly wigglies."
Well, the problem is ALL those links likely come from ONE
IP address.  So to Google they count as ONE inbound link!
Of course, you get the clicks from the traffic TO  But that doesn't help your seo.
HOWEVER, webmasters and others will likely publish your article
on their web site or blog. Now you've picked up IP diversity in
inbound links, as long as they don't remove your links in your
The bio of your article is also called the resource box at the
end of the article where you're usually allowed to have two
anchor text keyword links to your web site
Here's one of my bios I grabbed off of imnewswatch.
Marlon Sanders is the author of "The Info Product Dashboard." 
If you want to create your own info products, go to: 
Marlon's Marketing Minute
Marlon's Marketing Minute was hyperlinked to my blog.  Like HOW
many people search for that?
You would THINK I would hyperlink to something people actually
search for like "internet marketing strategy" or whatever.
I also hyperlinked Info Product Dashboard.  Same thing. Why would
I hyperlink the name of my product?
NO good reason!
8.  Press releases
The reason press releases are touted for inbound links is they
get published on different web sites, so you get  a diversity
of inbound link IP addresses.
9.  Other submissions
Some people submit to directories or do forum posts or comments
on blogs with anchor text link on their keyword phrase to their
web site in order to get inbound links.
Of course, this work is usually outsourced using
or something like it.
10.  Finding the low hanging fruit
That video will show you how EASY it is to find low hanging fruit
keywords that are like taking candy from a baby.
11.  Diversity vs. authority?
Which is more important?  Links from various ip addresses OR
links from highly authoritative web sites?  Probably the latter.
Again I'm no seo expert.
The ideal thing is a mix.  
12.  Web 2.0
It's all the rage right now.  So you create a hub page and link
it to your blog.
It's a lot of work to create the hub page.  How much juice do
you get for all that work?  Anymore than you would have obtained
by writing an article and sticking it up on
I don't know.  But it's a good question.  Is it really worth the
effort it takes to create web 2.0 sites?
Some people use web 2.0 sites to link to their articles on
ezine articles or go articles in order to boost those articles
in the directory.
Others submit the rss feeds of web 2.0 sites to RSS aggregators.
There are a million tricks people use.
18.  My blog categories
At, you can see the categories I have on my
site which ideally are keyword phrases you want to rank for.
I have to say that mine show NO forethought whatsoever!
Understand that I get my traffic from my affiliate program.
So I've never focused on this much at ALL.  Which is obvious.
It's REALLY not a lot of effort to use Microniche Finder to find
some 30 or under SOC phrases to stock on there.  This video shows
you how easy that is:
At the end it redirects via an affiliate link so WATCH OUT!
I might make enough to buy a pizza off of you!
19.  Tags on your blog
One thing I found out is my post TAGS on my blog DO show up in
This is cool.
You choose SOC phrases under 10 and stick 'em in your tags on
your blog posts.
Cool way to pick up very easy visitors.
Put 5 tags on there that get 200 searches a month.  That's 1,000
searches.  Link #1 gets about half the clicks.  So you end up
with some cheap and easy clicks.
Especially when you do that 30 times a month.
20.  Affiliate inbound links
I haven't thought through getting seo juice from affiliate links.
I don't know how the affiliate link effects things. I should find
21.  Do follow and no follow
When you post to a forum and put your anchor text link in your
signature line, this MAY give you juice to your web site.
Some forums are do follow and some are no follow.  No follow
means the robot spiders are excluded from following or spidering
the links. So you get no love.
22.  Evergreen
A LOT of linking methods are faddish.  Concentrate on the 
evergreen ones like articles, press releases and so forth.
23.  Bookmarking
I think this used to hold more link juice than it does now. I
think people mostly use it now just to get the search engines
to spider their pages.
24.  EASY stuff to do
a.  Encourage people to link to your site using phrases with a
realistic chance of you getting ranked #1 for them.
That would be under 30 or 20 SOC in Microniche Finder.
b.  Use anchor text links correctly in yoru bio on your ezine
c.  Give people reasons to link to your sites
d.  Submit articles or press releases with low SOC keywords
hyperlinked to your site in the bio.
e.  THINK about the keywords you use for the categories on your
Do these keywords have a decent SOC?  Are they keywords you
WANT to rank for?
f.  Tag your blog posts.  It works. So why not?
g.  Make the TITLE of your web pages something OTHER than your
product name.  This is something I NEED to do!
Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders
PS:  Hyperlink the phrase "sales letter" to
and help me FINALLY crush Yanik Silver. Put the link on your
blog or web site or Hub Page or Squidoo or Facebook
Or just stick this WHOLE article on there and that WILL do it!
PPS:  This is a FUN Game to play!
Get your own product and get IN the Game!
New content is now posted on weeks 2 and 3.  
Check it out!
<a href="">sales letters</a
<a href="">learn internet marketing</a>
  • Eric says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I really like (name removed] press releases. The cost is reasonable and they allow insertion of links, video, images, etc.

    Excellent service. They have been very gracious about bumping releases up to run next day when I need it and call long after business hours. Good people.


  • Hey Marlon,

    I agree with you that domain count. 3 years ago, I bought a domain with the keyword make money online.

    I don't even promote this website, it's not even optimized for this keyword (going to change that soon), but it ranks really well on Google for this term.

    As for press releases and web 20 sites, they DO help you to get better rankings.

    All the best with your seo,


    [Franck, do you like a specific press release service? In the old days I used prweb. I just tried out several new ones that are free or under 50 bucks.]

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