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Why I’m Not a Fan Of “Done-For-You” Offers And What I AM a Fan Of


Marlon here.

I'm NOT a fan of “done-for-you.”

Most beginners and newbies are very attracted to offers that claim to have everything done for you. They give you the products, the promotions, everything. And if you have half a brain, you can presumably make out like a bandit with them.

The problem is, usually they don't pan out.

With that said, one of my first online businesses was selling a little business opportunity I bought off of a full-page magazine ad. I broke even but did get some experience.

However, I learned more running little classified ads for my own deal and responding with a sales letter I wrote.

You don't learn a lot in “done-for-you” deals typically.

And more often than not, they don't work.

On sites like Warrorplus and JVZoo, done for you is all the rage.

Rather than go on and on talking about why I don't like done for you, let me explain what helped me and what I DO like.

One of the first products I created took me 6 months. Back then, it was torture to create an info product. Anyway, after launching it, I found out I couldn't sell the darnedd thing. So all that time was wasted.

Or was it?

While I didn't make money on the time invested, I learned a GREAT deal. I learned NOT to spends six months creating a product you don't know will sale!

I learned to create quick-and-dirty versions first. Or what they now call “minimum viable products.”

I learned a lot from that somewhat dreadful experience.

Later, I had a lot of winners because I did the exact OPPOSITE of what I did with that product.

Another big lesson was when I ran little online classified ads and responded with my sales letter to people who replied. I didn't make ANY sales.

And that's when I learned about the value of doing 12-product surveys.

That's when I became sold on the value of creating your OWN products. Because the offer I tried was some wholesale books tied together with a sales letter.

It flopped.

But out of that, I met another dude who was selling one of the same books! I admired his copy and told me so. His name was Jonathan Mizel. And we went on to do 120 seminars around the world.

See, if I'd never flopped selling those books, I probably never would have admired his sales letter, which was far better than mine. I would've never made that relationship.

There Are SOME Types of Done For You That Are Beneficial

Sales page templates have value.

It takes experimentation to design a good sales page.

When someone else has already done a great deal of experimentation and can give you the sales page template, that has value.

Having sales copy templates has value.

Promoting products as an affiliate has value because you aren't expecting someone else to almost do everything for you. It's clear that YOU are the one who still has to find the customers and present the offer in an appealing way.

Templates, checklists and cheat sheets are all very useful.

What I don't like is when someone presumably has a turnkey done-for-you business. Seldom in my experience do those things pan out. And the mindset is one where the buyer generally expects to make money with no work.

It's YOUR knowledge, YOUR skills, YOUR abiliity to drum up an audience and present an offer that makes sales and money.

THIS is what has value.

And that's something you learn by doing it.

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