Monetize ANY Passion, ANY Interest. Get Paid To Talk, Write or Pontificate! (Legendary Street Performers Reveal The Secret) - Online and Info Product Marketing

Monetize ANY Passion, ANY Interest. Get Paid To Talk, Write or Pontificate! (Legendary Street Performers Reveal The Secret)

In street performing, performers call that “building a tip.” Or building a crowd.

See, a street performer makes no TIPS unless there's a crowd watching them perform. The great street performers like Jimmy Talksalot are super skilled at building a tip.

I got to see the legend Jimmy Talksalot perform at the enormous flea market in San Antonio. That thing is gigantic.

And that's when I saw this guy performing magic to a whole crowd.

What street performers know that you don't is this: If they can build a TIP, if they can attract a crowd, they can GET TIPS. They can make money.

Period. End of story.

Here's a video of Jimmy building his TIP, his crowd. And working his magic to turn it into money:

So it's the craziest thing.

People somehow believe that in the info business they have to make money with or monetize topics OTHER THAN what they love talking about or love doing.

Some people are doing “Internet marketing” or trying to do it who don't have passion for it. Or long ago lost that passion.

And yet, they're enormously passionate about SOMETHING ELSE.

But the thought never occurs to them to turn that SOMETHING ELSE into money.

If you're passionate about a topic, if you LOVE talking about it, you can attract others who feel the same way. You can build an audience. And monetize it.

That's what street performers know and do.

Jimmy is not only only great at building a crowd, he loves performing. It's his thing. By the way, he's on Facebook and puts out entertaining videos too. And he a has a book on Amazon called “To Lure With Spectacle.”

He's one of the most famous street magicians in the world.

Do You Have a Friend Who Does This? Or Maybe You Do?

I have a friend.

He lost passion for his primary business years ago.

But my goodness, he loves talking about politics. I mean, any conversation you have with him probably ends somehow somehow turning into a talk about politics.

I'm guessing you know someone like that, right?

Now, if you blogged about politics daily, posted about your thoughts on social media, did frequent live streams and put daily emails filled with passion and insights out to your email list, do you think you could attract a crowd on that topic?

Absolutely yes.

People who are into politics go APE over it.

And if you attract that crowd, that TIP, do you think you could pass the hat at the end and make money? Do you think you could promote newsletters that pay an affiliate commission?

Do you think people might pay money to join your Patreon?

Do you think they might watch your Youtube videos?

The answer is a HECK YEAH they will.

If you're willing to do the WORK, there's money there.


Because there's a TIP.

There's a CROWD you can metaphorically pass the hat too.

Here's how PROS build a crowd. This video breaks down the actual steps they use to build the crowd and pass the hat:

The Tragedy of Building a Crowd and NOT Passing The Hat

In the same way, do you know anyone who is passionate on a topic, builds a crowd BUT NEVER PASSES THAT HAT?

They never produce, position, package and promote their own products. They give away EVERYTHI|NG for free.

Maybe they promote affiliate products. But they're just struggling to get by.


  1. They do the bare minimum to pass the hat, if they do it at all.

    Oh my goodness, you should see Jimmy Talksalot pass the hat. He's a pro at passing the hat and collecting the money.
  2. They don't go ALL IN on building their TIP, their crowd.

    They don't have a Youtube channel because they don't want their “face” on videos. Yet, there are at least 25 ways to do videos without their face on 'em.

    “But I don't want my voice out there either!”

    That's what I mean, you have to go ALL IN. You just do.

    But what's more, they don't put their posts on a blog or put them out on social media.

    They just barely do the minimum to build a TIP. It's like the street performer who barely builds a small tip then never passes the hat.

When I say pass the hat, I mean MONETIZING. Making affiliate offers or offers for your own products and services.

My dad loved to build model airplanes. He could have EASILY built a TIP and passed the hat. Youtube didn't exist back then. But it would be so easy now. It'd be so easy to blog, do great Facebook posts and Youtube videos.

He was NOT good at all at flying his remote controlled airplanes. He almost ALWAYS crashed them. He was world class at re-building them!

But his PASSION would have come through. This was something he started doing when he was very young. And had to scrape together money just to build one.

When my dad was in his golden years, I convinced him to start building remote controlled model airplanes again.

My dad when he was young. How he go thte money then for that airplane, I don't know
Here's to you dad. I hope they fly airplanes in heaven. I'm only sorry you didn't live in a day and time when you could've easily amde money showing videos of rebuilding your planes, flying them, crashing them and talking about new models. Anyway, give mum a shout out for letting you build the planes and spend a small fortune in your golden years.

Just seeing this old picture cracks me up. I don't know if I can finish this post or not.

But it does remind me, my mum loved painting china so much.

She won state fair of Oklahoma three years in a row. She taught classes to local women in their golden years. They paid 10 bucks a class. She would re-pain their plates and fire them in the kiln. Those ladies thought that kiln worked magic!

Do you think she could have done Youtube videos, a blog, and Facebook posts? And built a TIP or a crowd.

Darned straight she could have.

Another member of my family is really into essential oils. Do you think she could build a TIP or a crowd around essential oils?

Heck yes.

I mean, if she was really passionate about it, shared the passion, did live streams, videos, blogging and Facebook posts…and used those things to BUILD A LIST.

Then send out great content and offers to her list?

Yes, she would, could make money.

My brother has this dream of writing this novel. He can tell you every chapter in his mind in detail.

Could he blog, post and do videos on the JOURNEY of writing a book as a novice? Heck yeah he could. And if he was really into it, really passionate about it, and did an exquisite job of communicating, he could build an audience.

Are You Beginning To See How This Can Be So Much More Powerful
Than Promoting The Latest PLR? (Unless you're REALLY into PLR)

There are people who just freaking LOVE private label rights products. Do you think they can build a TIP? Heck yea.

I have a friend totally fascinated with and passionate about artificial intelligence. Do you think he could build a TIP?

Heck yeah.

All he has to do is DO IT. And do it NOW. Because the time is NOW. Not 6 months from now.

The truth is, most people will dilly dally, think about it, plan about it, dream about it and do everything else OTHER THAN building the tip and passing the hat.

Best wishes,


PS: I'm thinking of doing a class on HOW to do this. It won't be super cheap. But it won't cost you a small fortune either. PM me if you want details when it comes out. Just say you want info on the “pass the hat” class.