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The Key To Becoming a Prolific Product Producer and Promoter For Increased Income, Fun and Status


Marlon here.

There are people who are a little in, partly in, half in on producing, promoting and profiting from info products.

That's NOT us.

That's NOT my best customers and clients.

You can start that way. I did. I had no idea what I was doing. But I ran little ads and sold a few products.

But I'm talking about making REAL money. And building or growing a real business.

Real money. Real fun. Real status.

1. Real money — Real money comes when you make the decision to BECOME PROLIFIC and not just goof around.

I was fortunate to spend a year in an in-person Mastermind with Joe Vitale, his friends and team. Joe, as you know, was featured in the film The Secret. Joe will be the first person to point out that the word ATTRACTION has the word ACTION in it.

And every day he's taking aggressive action on his desires, his projects, his ideas. It seems like every time you turn around he's written a new book! He flies and speaks around the world in places like Russia (before the Ukraine war) and Iran before the current conflicts.


The money comes from MAKING HTE DECISION to be PROLIFIC.

The “how to do it” comes AFTER you make the decision, not before. Believe me, we ALL have life issues. We ALL have obstacles. Some nights I sleep about as good as a pet rock. And I wake up so I can get some rest! lol.

Like last night I dreamed I was in this really awesome library with all these OLD books in it. Some of them gigantic. I found this incredibly intriguing book about CHANGE AGENTS. For some reason I set it down and then I couldn't find it again.

So I'm sitting there struggling in my dream to search every nook and cranny of this freaking library for this darned book. I woke up in the middle of the night TIRED! lolz. I was looking REALLY HARD for this book.

OK you got the idea. We all have our issues.

The HOW TO comes AFTER you make the decision TO do it.

2. FUN — It's FUN to be prolific and get products out and see the money come in, sometimes POUR in, sometimes RAIN DOWN like a freaking flood.

Let's be clear.

It doesn't always happen. I'm not living in a fantasy world and neither are you. My products ALWAYS SELL. Some better than others.

But it's so cool when you hit a gusher.

Like my product on the A.I. Breakthrough. Holy cowl. The thing just won't STOP selling! It pulls like a darned MULE.

I created the first version of the product in ONE evening.

The first day the sales came in slow. And I thought, “Oh my goodness, this is disappointing. I was sure people would eat it up like candy.”

I made a few tweaks and then sales started raining down…harder and harder. That's a BLAST when that happens. And the money is nice too!

3. STATUS — I've spoken in 120 seminars around the world and written a number of books

You have opportunities to speak at events, virtual seminars and events, do podcast interviews, publish books, write blog posts that get read, do live streams that get seen.

You're seen as an expert.

You acquire status.

Now, you can't put out junk. You have to put your passion, your art into your products. But that doesn't mean they should take long. A good rule of thumb is a week or less, especially when you're starting. You don't wan to get sucked into an endless product creating cycle or loop.

Are You Already a Prolific Producer and Promoter?

If you are, then you should join us in my Facebook group. It's a blast. I do live streams daily. Heck, even if you're brand new at this, come hang out.

If you LOVE info products and the ACT of creating them, it's the place for you.

Notice I said the ACT of creating them! That's different from the DREAM of creating them with no action. You got to have action to have the law of attraction.

I believe in being PROLIFIC, seeing it BIG and keeping it SIMPLE.

I'm NOT the person who is going to show you incredibly fancy and complex flowcharts or complicated processess.

I love simplicity.


Because Joe Vitale taught me MONEY LOVES SPEED!

Ideas Drop From the Universe. He Who Acts First Wins

I believe this.

Ideas drop out of the Universe into the minds of people on the same FREQUENCY.

So when you get that product idea, you aren't the only one.

Darwin wasn't the only person working on the theory of evolution.

It's well known very similar famous symphonies were being written by multiple composers at the same time!

It's not uncommon to have someone tell me they were working othe SAME IDEA but I got mine launched first.

Money loves speed.

Don't dilly dally!

Today is the day to ACT.

Best wishes,


PS: If you want to have a daily ritual that supports you being a prolific product producer and promoter, then check out my Strange Ritual.

It's a ritual I have in the mornings that helps me create and promote products. And bring in the money.

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