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How to Rise Above By Tapping Into Your Creative Power Going Into 2023

Read this article for a full reveal on how to rise above with the Creative Mind


Marlon here.

As I'm writing this we're headed into 2023.

Hopefully we won't have another pandemic this year. Who knows what will hit us for good, bad or ugly.

This is why you have to be determined to RISE ABOVE. And have a strategy for doing so.

That's the topic today.

How to rise above by tapping into your creative power. By finding your power to create value and help others by using the power of your creative mind.

What is the power to create?

What is the Creative Mind?

How do you tap into it?

What can it do for you?

How is the Creative Mind different from what most people do?

Is the Creative Mind something mystical or practical?

How can tapping into your Creative Mind bring you money over and over and over again?

Let's dig in:

In The Sixth Grade The Teacher Wanted to Know Why I Drew a Duckbill Platypus Instead Of a Cow, Dog or Cat Like All The Other Kids — We Are Taught To Conform Not Create

I believe God put the seed of genius and of creativity within every person.

But in school we're often taught to conform vs. create.

In the sixth grade we were supposed to draw an animal.

All the other kids drew cows, pigs, horses, dogs and cats.

I drew a duckbill platypus.

I'd never heard nor seen of one. But I looked it up in a book. I wanted to draw something DIFFERENT. My teacher didn't quite “get” this.

See, I believe every person has the power to create inside. We have the ability. But we are conditioned by society to CONFIRM, to not make noise, to not stick out.

And, in fact, in society, those who stick out too much, who brag about or put their wealth on open display are often hammered ruthlessly. It's assumed they've done something immoral or wrong.

The nail that stiscks out gets hammered.

So you have to overcome a certain amount of internal conditioning to find your power to create.

What Is The Creative Mind, Soul or Spirit?

Throughout history it has been called many things.

Some people call it the Creative Mind. But others feel that has a religious connotation and is “metaphysical.” Their religion would tell them that's wrong.

So there are many “socially acceptable” words for it.

Some call it the Creative Spirit. That's less objectionable than the Creative Mind for some bizarre reason.

Others call it Soul Power. Some see that as a good thing. Others don't.

You can call it whatever you want.

Whatever fits with your paradigm, your upbringing and your religion.

I have a Master's in Psych. So I call it the Creative Mind as the mind is inside of you and doesn't imply drawing on some “outside force.”

Yet, Think and Grow Rich fans know that Napoleon Hill taught the power of the Mastermind. And he believed your mind could tap into Infinite Intelligence.

That may or may not be. It's not my lot as a teacher of marketing to argue one way or the other. What I CAN tell you is this:

Every person has the power inside to CREATE. To become a Creator. But you have to learn to tap into that creative energy and power as we've been conditioned to conform.

How Do You Tap Into Your Creativity?

I look to people like the famous pschologist Edward De Bono for advice on this.

Edward De Bono is a top teacher of creative methods

Another author I like is Alex Osborn. His book Applied Imagination made the term brainstorming a household term. Alex believed the secret to creativity was brainstorming a lot of ideas without criticism or analysis. Then going back and analyzing those ideas.

There have been 1,001 theories of creativity since then.

But I usually go back to Alex Osborn. I just brain dump all the ideas I have and can come up with. It seems like the right idea eventually presents itself, although often not at the time I'm brainstorming. It comes later when I'm doing something else.

This is very common.

But it's the act of brainstorming that focuses the mind and thought.

Then your subconscious mind makes connections when you're out and about. And EUREKA. The idea appears.

What Can The Moneymaking Power of the Creative Mind Do For You In Your Sales, Marketing and Product Launches?

I love creativity but not for creativity sake.

I love it because of what it can do for ME, my business, my sales, my online marketing, my info product launches.

When you tap into your inner creativity, you get super power ONLINE MARKETING IDEAS that give you an advantage in the marketplace of ideas. Your ideas can stand out because they aren't the same old, same old.

My product The Strange Ritual was a creative idea I got while brainstorming at my kitchen table over coffee in the morning. It's about this Strange Ritual I do every morning that always makes me sales and money in my online marketing business. But it hinges on unleashing the power of my Creative Mind.

My product The Secret Knowledge stemmed from my research on the true OLD SCHOOL MARKETING BOOKS and courses before CLAUDE HOPKINS. Before DAVID OGILIVY. Before any of those guys, I'm talking years before, there were the real giants of marketing on whose shoulders we stand.

So I created a product about all these incredible old school marketing books and courses virtually no one knows about.

The same thing happened with my 20-minute info product promotion machine. It's a method I developed so people could promote their info products.

THIS is the power of tapping into your own creativity.

You have product ideas deep inside the hidden recesses of your mind. But no one has ever showed you HOW to tap into those.

No one has ever showed you how to turn your creativity into info product ideas. And your info product ideas into 4 or 5-figure online launches.

How is The Creative Mind Different From What Most People Do?

Most people who want to create info products look around at what others are doing and they COPY it! Not smart. Not good.

See, you want to STAND OUT not blend in with your info products.

Creativity is NOT everything.

You can have highly creative products that do NOT sell, that no one wants. So there's an art to COMBINING creativity with what the marketplace wants to BUY.

Creativity for the sake of creativity will make you a starving info product creator and promoter! It's a bad, bad idea.

But when you combine your creativity, your innovative ideas with what your audience wants to BUY, then magic happens.

But most people don't do this.

They just copy what's already selling. And, at best, they look like a copycat.

Yes, you can be a fast follower.

But you need to add some brainstorming to it and adds your own creativity and uniqueness. For example, you can differentiate on an attribute.

The 20-Minute Promotion Machine differentiates on the attribute of time. It takes 20-minutes a week or a day. BOOM! Promotion done.

How can tapping into your Creative Mind bring you money over and over and over again?

This is the fun part.

When you learn how to tap into your Creative Mind and how to combine that creativity with market demand, it's awesome.

You can make it RAIN SALES!

Oh man.

That's fun! And very exciting.

So we don't believe in creativity for creativity sakes. Heck no.

We believe in using it to differentiate or create something a bit different that brings more value to our potential buyers.

That's the stroke of genius when you can do that.

When you do that, you're unleasing your inner genius.

Best wishes,


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  • Dr.YKK says:

    I’m 72 and has been interested in creativity for over 20 years. In fact, I have even written books on it, published on amazon!

    I like your article and I have been following you for quite a while.

    The key thing about creativity is to take action otherwise it will just be born and die in the head. That’s where my weakness lie. I have spoken and given talks on creativity but have not taken sufficient action to make it a reality. Perhaps, you could tackle this in your next article.

    I would like to be in contact with you and learn from your successes. I would deeply appreciate if you could help me out.
    Thanks a million

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