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How to Overcome That Sinking Feeling In The Pit Of Your Stomach That This Time It Might Not Work

I've sold 70,000+ products online.

And been doing it since 1997.

But even at that, almost everytime I launch, I get that feeling in my stomach, you know, the fear that what if it doesn't work this time.

You email your list.

Maybe the response is lackluster.

You think, “OK, maybe I missed it on this one! Not everyone bats 100%.”

So you send another email.

Or you tweak this or that.

And before you know it, some sales come in. You're feeling more confident. Better about it this time. Then an affiliate or two promotes.

Sales are starting to come in.

You tweak a thing or two again.

Sales keep rolling in.

More emails.

More sales.

Pretty soon you're going, “Holy smokes, I have a fireball on my hands here!”

That doesn't happen everytime. But it happens a lot of times.

See, self doubt is normal. See, there are two sides to this Game. On the one side, people who sell trainings on how to do stuff appear enormously confident on the outside.

Almost over the top at times.

Yet, on the inside, they're just like everyone else. They have doubts. They have uncertainty. They aren't always sure. That's just how it is.

The key is this: You have to ACT in spite of doubts. In spite of uncertainty. In spite of not knowing 100% sure that it's going to work.

Getting your idea. Putting clothes on it. Making it come to life is the FUN part! It's also a challenge in that your'e never 100% sure it's going to sell lights out.

And, in fact, you won't bat 100%.

You won't always sell the lights here.

Here's the Difference Maker That Separates Those
Who Make A Lot Of Money From Those Who Don't

Those who make money KEEP at it.

They don't let fears, doubts and uncertainties hold back their creation, launching and promotion. And, in fact, the more they doubt, the harder they promote.

This is no Game for passivity.

“Well, bless God, I put an offer out there once and it didn't sell like I thought it would. I guess I'm no good at this.”

Or have you ever heard this one, “Wow, putting a lot of offers out there. That sounds like WORK! I mean, I thought I just created a product, put it out there and money just rolls in forever.”

And actually, that CAN happen. I've had that happen more or less many times. But more often, I've put offers out there that sold. Then created and put another offer out there. Then another.

And one out of every so many is a home run.

The Amount Of Time It Takes To CREATE The Offer Is

This is mind blowing.

I've worked my tail end off on products. Only to have them sell so-so.

Then, like recently, I've created a product literally in ONE EVENING that sold LIGHTS FREAKING OUT!

It's not the TIME you put into creating the product that makes it sell or not.

It's the DESIRE the audience has FOR the product.

You've got to EMBRACE being a CREATOR.

Finding your value.

Knowing your value.

Putting your value out there in the form of offers.

When you do that, you'll find success.

Offers At ALL Price Points

You want to have MANY offers at all price points.

This runs CONTRARY to what so many marketers teach. “Just do one offfer,” they say. Market it until you've made a zillion bucks. Then do the next one.

Yeah, that's one way to do it.

Another way is to put a lot of offers out, promote them well, build your auidience daily — and know that some will TAKE OFF.

You don't know which ones in advance.

You just don't know.

So you launch.

How Much TIME Does All This Take?

So here's the weird thing.

You can put offers out FAST. It's not like you have to slave weeks and weeks to spin up an offer and put it out. The word is prolific.

Listen, at my age, I take a nap every afternoon. Sometimes two, depending on the day.

But I still get offers out.

You can do the same.

But you have to KNOW your own value. Know that you have a message to put out there. KNOW that you have value.

And find JOY in creating.

It's FUN to come up with the idea, codify the sales page, and launch it to your audience. Which is hwyt you want to build your audience daily. That way, you have someone to launch your offer to!

So be prolific.




This is the path.

And know that if you have uncertainty, self doubt, imposter syndrome, or a sinking feeling that this time it “might just not work” == it's normal.

That's just how it is.

Best wishes,


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