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Why Leaders and Readers and How to Keep Your Passion Alive and Ideas Flowing Strong

Many years ago a famous author and motivational speaker Charlie Tremendous Jones said leaders are readers. Here's a video where he talks about it. This is a foundational truth so many people miss out on. And I'm shocked at the number of people who don't get it.

I've found that READING and LEARNING are keys to keeping your motivation alive, your passion ongoing and your ideas strong.

If you become stale or inactive mentally, then in the IDEA BUSINESS you're sunk.

I believe that.

I believe that leaders are readers and learners. (Today, you can extend that to audio books).

I believe that to keep your passon for the business live, you have to keep your desire to learn new things alive.

I believe that when you stop learning, you stop growing. And when you stop growing, your business will stop growing.

Some people say reading books is a waste of time.

Elon Musk learned to build rockets from reading books. So it did OK for him.

Andrew Carnegie was a huge reader of literature. By the early 1900's, he was the richest person in the world.

Carnegie funded 2,509 libraries and wrote 14 books including:

1) A League of Peace.

2) The ABCs of Money.

3) How to Win Fortune.

4) The Empire of Business.

5) Carnegie's Own Story for Boys and Girls.

6) Peace Versus War.

7) Relations Between Cuba and the U.S.

8) Andrew Carnegie Speaks to the 1%.

9) A Look Ahead.

10) The Gospel of Wealth

Why Ideas And a Fertile Mind WILL Make New Info Products Easy

People buy NEW things.

That's why Tide detergent has added one new ingredient a year for 20+ years.

And if you aren't feeding your mind, where will your new ideas come from? They won't. Your ideas will likely grow stale.

Reading gives you the new ideas you need to create info products and keep your new products vibrant.

Now, FINDING THE TIME TO CREATE INFO PRODUCTS can be a real challenge.

I often listen to videos when I'm taking an afternoon nap.

I like to read in the morning when I'm drinking coffee.

The Key Is To Make Sure You Produce Products From What You Learn

You've got to productize your knowledge.

If ALL you do is read and learn, you won't get products out. And you won't make money.

This is a trap a lot of people fall into. ALL they do is read and learn. They never get around to getting their products created and promoted. HUGE MISTAKE.

You have to be a prolific product producer and promoter. Period. End of story.

That means new products.

That means products at all price points.

That means membership sites.

So you can't just sit back and absorb info ALL the time and expect money to fall from heaven. The money comes when you produce and promote products to a hungry audience.

Part of Your Time MUST Be Spent In Audience Building As a Priority

AS a priority, you have to build your audience.

Every day.

Every day you have to build your audience.

If you spend all your time learning and don't build your audience DAILY, you're making a huge mistake. Right now, writing this blog post is building my audience.

At 8:30 est today I'll do a live stream using my 20-minute promotion method. That will build my audience.

Are You Productizing Your Knowledge?

Here are a few of the products you want to be producing and promoting:

  1. Little $20-$17 bread-and-butter products
  2. $47 bangers
  3. $100 90-minute to 3 hour seminars or workshops
  4. Full day workshops or seminars
  5. Membership sites
  6. VIP upgrades
  7. 4-week classes
  8. 6-8 week classes
  9. Coaching
  10. 1-on-1 consultations
  11. Small group coaching

You say, “Marlon, that sounds like work.”

And your point?

Listen, if you build tremendous momentum, you can create an automated business. But today, I'm more about having a business where you can express your passion and knowledge, codify it into coaching and information products and get paid royally.

You've Got To Become Proficient At Selling At Different Price Points

There's a different sales process for different price points.

So this is one of the things you've got to learn. How do you sell at different price points?

Do you need to generate leads in a different manner in order to support higher price points?

What will your ascension model and path be?

Don't Let Your Thoughts Tell You It Can't Be Done By You
Or It's Too Hard. Rome Wasn't Built In a Day

Your brain sometimes will tell you things based on conditioning.

This is too hard.

You'll never have that many ideas.

You can't do this.

It's too much work.

Of course, when you're working out of your passion and drive, none of it seems like work. And yes, you will grow into it. Rome wasn't built in a day. You learn as you go.

But here's the main point: None of this is possible without a fertile mind, a mind well-prepped and prepared by learning, reading and absorbing newe ideas.

Best wishes,


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