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I felt scared to hire my first virtual assistant…and then this happened


Marlon here.

Should you hire a virtual assistant?

Do you have doubts?

Here's how it went down for me:

I had so many sales raining down, I couldn't keep up with support.

Plus, at the time I lived in a townhome. And the neighbor's dog would start barking early in the morning! I couldn't get a full night's sleep. And wasn't operating at 100% some days. In fact, some days I felt flat out tired. Certainly too tired to handle all the support tickets pouring in.

This was way, way back before all the great systems we have today existed. Things like passwords were a big hassle back then.

But I felt scared to hire my first virtual assistant. I'd tried hiring part time people without skills specific to the job. Friends of friends. That BOMBED. I wasted money. Terrible idea.

My sales had EXPLODED with the launch of the Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy. I mean, really freaking exploded. Money rained down like a typhoon. I paid the rent for 6 months in advance because I was scared the money wouldn't last.

Committing to a salary was a new thing for me.

So I called Cory Rudl. Cory at the time was the big dog of Internet marketing before his untimely death.

Cory told me he felt the SAME WAY when he hired his virtual assistant. But everything worked out. And it was a great decision.

So I put up a post in the Anthony Blake forum, a really great Internet marketing forum at the time. I said I was looking for a virtual assistant.

Cory had just purchased the Internet Marketing Center from Derek Gehl. But he'd let go of his support person. Michel Fortin messaged and said that IM Center had let go of Lisa and recommended I hired her.

I did.

A GREAT support person can take a huge load off your mind. And free you up to CREATE. That's what Lisa did for me.

She also learned Photoshop from one book I bought her. And began doing design.

We worked together for many years.

For me, it was a great decision because attention to detail isn't my strength in life. Lisa had great attention to detail.

Don't hire someone LIKE YOU with the same weaknesses! Hire someone with skills that fill in your weaknesses.

A GREAT virtual assistant can make you a lot of money. A poor one will cause you to pull your hair out. ; A mediocre one will just bleed money from your business.

Russell Brunson has always hired TOP TALENT. And that's one reason for his success. Talented people make a world of difference.

I had an assistant once named Matt who could get the work of multiple done in one hour!

You DO need the sales to support the person. But take into account the increased sales you'll have by being able to get rid of work that doesn't produce money.

If you have anemic sales, a virtual assistant won't cure that.

Best wishes,


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