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The Second Happiest Day of My Life Was When I Dumped All The Products From My Garage

When I got started in this business in 1995'ish, we' didn't have digital products. We sold books, tapes, and notebooks.

So I had these products stacked in my garage with notebooks and cassette tapes. I know the young generations don't even know what cassette tapes are!

Well, it was a mess.

You had to buy these machines that would duplicate the cassette tapes. You spent a small fortune on printing the paper down at Kinkos.

So I'm down at Kinkos around midnight to duplicate some notebooks. I'm talking to this girl there with a cowboy hat on. She's printing some flyers or something like that. We're chatting. I tell her I'm famous around the world.

She says she is too.

I'm like really?

She says, yeah you should come down to the fair grounds and hear us sing. Her band was called the DIXIE CHICKS. At the time they were huge. I don't know if they have as big a following now.

Anyway, before the web, you used to live down at the copy shop.

One day this dude named Cory Rudl published a course on Internet marketing with two notebooks for $200 and a free consultation. Everyone bought it.

Poor Cory.

I made him do the free consultation. lolz.

Well, he explained how he sold his Car Secrets book on the web. He sold an ebook version and followed up with a print copy.

I said, “Screw the book.”

At that point in time, I don't know of anyone who was selling a 100% digitally delivered ebook. So I created and sold The amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy.


Sales rocketed.

Next thing you know, I dumped all those products in my garage.

What a relief! I saw the future. And my future didn't include a garage full of crap!

No more duplication machine.

No more Kinkos.

No more anything.

To my knowledge I was the first to sell a 100% digitally delivered product via an affiliate program. I immediately made #1 on Allan Gardyne's Associate Programs list.

I had my phone number in the sales page.

My phone rang off the hook round the clock with calls from around the world. And I'd talk to people.

The book was delivered automatically. Back then it was in some funky .EXE format. And you needed an ebook reader. Definitely clunky.

But it worked.

The Digital Breakthrough Is Alive Right Here, Right Now

This story isn't just to pat myself on the back. Or for someone to say, “Oh, good job, dog!”

It's about YOU.

See, yesterday I was talking to my friend Joe.

Joe bought PLR rights to a Dan Kennedy something or the other years and years ago. An interview, or something like that.

A week before Christmas he sent an email to his list.

On Christmas and the day after Christmas he had sales around 50 bucks each.

There was “NO TAIL.”

No classes to conduct.

No one to talk to.

No nothing.

He sold it. Product delivered. End of story.

Joe sells a lot of services for clients. So for him it's the best money he made all year!

One Evening Two Weeks Ago Translates Into Four Figures

So a couple weeks ago, I hunkered down in an evening and whipped out a sales page for the A.I. Breakthrough. And I created a product.

The main deliverable was a training I'd conduct live.

And it had bonus videos and reports I added. This is the benefit of being a PROLIFIC PRODUCT PRODUCER AND PROMOTER.

You always have things you can add in. PDF's. Reports. Books.

I launched it to my list that night or the next morning.

I don't remember.

“Oh Gosh, This Thing Isn't Gonna Sell”

I remember when I first mailed it out only a trickle of sales came in.

“Oh, crap. This thing isn't going to sell.”

That was my first reaction.

So the next day I tweaked some stuff. I think I added a few bonuses and a deadline. Something like that. I don't remember.

BOOM! Sales started coming in.

They've been rolling in hard ever since.

It's a 4 figure product right now.

The beauty is I did the class once. Added it to the product. And all the delivery is AUTOMATED. Hands free. Gorgeous. Beautiful.

I can sell as many as I want. And the sales keep rolling in. It really IS the proverbial “money while you sleep.”

In my case it's more like, “Money whilst I take my afternoon nap.” But still….

“Yes, Digital Products Still Sell Like Wildfire”

It's crazy but true.

Digital products still sell like wildfire. Even with Youtube, Kindle and everything else under the sun. Well, technically Kindle IS digital products.

I don't really count them as Kindle does their darndest to force you to sell them for almost nothing. Kindle is a good lead generator though. A way to make your name known.

STUPID Stuff People Say About Digital Products

It's not all rainbows and unicorns.

People say a lot of stupid stuff about digital products.

“You can't sell them for more than $10.”

“It's not worth it because they'll get shared on the torrents.”

“Too many people will refund.”

“Nobody buys digital products since there's so much free stuff.”

You hear all this AND MORE.

It's all lies.

It's all NOT TRUE.

Here's the truth you aren't being told: If you can help people get a result or solve a pain point, they'll buy even if it's written on toilet paper, or a 1-pager. Or just an audio. Or whatever.


Right now, you probably have 10 ideas that can all be turned into digital products.

You can write books.

You can record videos.

You can produce cheat sheets.

You can sell Zoom trainings.

You can sell access to a group.

You can sell access to a membership site.

There are 1,001 things you can create and sell.

You want to create, package, sell and deliver, all in under one week.

One week.

Give yourself a week at most to create and launch.

Get it going.

Get it done.

Do NOT sit on your idea.

Launch your idea and sit while looking at the sales roll in.

It was the second happiest day of my life. And made the FIRST 50% BETTER!


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