$10.00 Video (Freebie For Next 72 Hours) Reveals Secrets of My 2-Page Web Site Model - Online and Info Product Marketing

$10.00 Video (Freebie For Next 72 Hours) Reveals Secrets of My 2-Page Web Site Model





Marlon here.

I plan on selling this video for $10 in the next week or two on

But for the next 72 hours, it's yours to watch as a freebie:


Sending this to you as a freebie is my way of saying THANKS for
being a loyal subscriber and reading my emails. Plus, I need some
testimonials for the new sales letter.

So if you loved the video OR if you'd make a great CASE study for
my 2-page web site model, then please post your comments on my
blog here by clicking on the comments link and typing in what you
got to say! If you type it, you give me permission to use it.

In this video, I go through my whole 2-page web site model I
innovated or helped innovate back in 1998-2000.

It's content-rich.

You'll discover:

* Real life results of a 12-product survey

* How I find demand

* Which comes first? The sales letter or the product?

* Do you create a “quality” product or a “fast product” and why?

* What is the one best way to get boatloads of traffic?


Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

PS: I really am going to be selling this video shortly for 10 bucks
on Gimmesecrets.com. So I can only leave it up until I put up the
“for pay” sales letter.

  • I guess I’m the first one leaving a comment in year 2015 🙂

    The video certainly didn’t suck.

    The concept of failing fast is especially pertinent for me. As a software programmer, I tend to get involved with feature creep when I make my own products. Then I find myself with a time shortage.

    Another takeaway is the concept of writing the sales letter first. For software, I write a feature list. As mentioned, that tends to expand as I go along. I think writing the sales letter first will help me out.


    • marlon says:

      Hey Will,

      Yeah, you know, in the old days people commented lots…now, it has to be something that REALLY pops out big to get many comments. Scope creep in software is ALWAYS an issue, as you know. However, the nice thing about doing the sales letter FIRST is it keeps you focused on the end result you want. It really DOES work!

  • Elmer Diaz says:

    The video was Fantastic! I am in the process of launching my first product and this video help me put everything in perspective. I love the process and the way you explain it. It is a must see for anyone interested in web marketing

    [Hi Elmer, glad the video was of service to you!]

  • I heard you loud and clear hear Sifu (since I'm Asian and Guru gives negative connotation). I've been thinking along those lines thus what you recommend resonate like thunder to me. Thanks for stopping by (I saw you visit from my Awstat just now).

    Yup, if the market is starving (that's your HTM) a simple presentation will triumph all the time.

    I've started with the 'revamping' process. I'm split testing a few squeeze page design for that and I'll see how it goes.

    And YES! I don't have marketing force like those of Amazon or Barn and Nobles (I knew somehow you'll bring this up).

    Thanks Marlon. This is a real gem.

    And from now on (here's my confession) I'll back you up like I did with Harvey Segal! (I am a fanatic to him).

    I know deep down, it's worth it.

    Talk to you soon.

    Got a split testing to catch up with 😉

  • Hey there again Marlon,

    Well, to me, the main difference is the way the whole presentation sounds.

    Now, you have 'your way' or style which I personally call 'coming in strong and hard' (you remind me of my upline who like 3 BIG when he talks – big eye, big smile, big voice)

    But Michael, now, he present like he reads a letter that was meant for a girlfriend! And the slide transition was too smooth, if you know what I'm saying.

    I believe, people have their own preferences. There are no right or wrong just effective or ineffective. If it works, like in your case the way you present, by all means…keep at it.

    Thanks for the answer Marlon.

    You really are the one and only (especially in personally answering to comment – that means a LOT)

    [Hi Nezrul, I'm not even sure Michael does those. It sounds like an announcer reading a script to me. They're very professional. But really Nezrul, presentation style is a small component here. What matters is, is what you're doing making you money? And if it isn't, consider doing what I teach in the video. Because it works. What I see on your web site is you have lots of things on it. I think if you take one thing and write a presell for it ….if you're an affiliate….or revamp the sales letter if it's plr…..split test that until it converts really, really well. Then add upsells and downsells. Then your funnel in your follow up emails. THIS is what works. Focus on 1 thing at a time. When you present multiple buying decisions to people, you lower your conversion rate. Unless you're Amazon or a few really large, well funded online companies.]

  • Wayne says:

    Hey Marlon … Wayne here.

    Thanks for the great video clearly explaining the 2 page web site process.

    You made a number of terrific points including:

    * Get it done fast, target seven days or a week FORGET a month, six months, two years OMG!!!

    * Test, test and oh yeah TEST!!!

    * Use the KISS method … Keep It Simple Stupid. No point in building a Rolls Royce if you're targeting Ford Focus people.

    * Use affiliates to drive traffic, much cheaper than PPC.

    I just started my new blog less than a week ago, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a good start.

    Thanks again for all the valuable info you provide to your subscribers.


    [Wayne, good luck on your blog. Tinu's stuff is great on blogging.]

  • +Faith says:


    Thanks for another, yet again value packed Free content that is an info product in itself – be it called by other names like: "Jumpstart checklist of an online business" Or "Your info product now" Or "Test your market & maximize sales".

    You have a way of condensing the complicated into short, simple, doable steps that could be translated into any eBusiness model. And I definitely got much more than I expected.

    My take aways from this video:

    -Making sales with 2 page sites is still possible today & even practical as it is fast & targeted in finding long term success with less cost & more buyer happy results.

    -Checklists are crucial – simplifying from start to finish & backwards gives you a model, a focus in essentials for foundational success.

    -Nothing is certain in any endeavor, but Something is for certain when you keep at it! – Just do it – Fail fast – Keep going till something clicks – Rinse & Repeat!

    -This video is a great example of positive proof that greatness starts small and builds on itself. And a 2 pages site can be the beginning of something big.

    *Thanks Marlon & company and keep the +value coming!


    [Hi Faith, how are you? Thanks for your great comments!]

  • david says:

    Hello Marlon, really liked the video, $10 dollars is extremely cheap (although I am happy I'm getting it for free =)) for a product that can set you up in the right direction and avoid costly and worst of all time consuming mistakes.

    It has taken me some time to even figure out what direction I want to start with since the internet is a huge market place where it is easy to get lost.

    I can't say that I have figure out everything but at least I know where I am going. I wish you had posted this video a long time ago and save me all that trouble, but I am glad someone else will avoid the pains.

    Thanks again.

    [Hi, well I put the $10 on it because I wanted to emphasize there IS a value. Not sure what I'll sell it for on the web site. We'll try a few prices.]

  • Marlon,

    I was a newbie in 2005 and started making money online in 2006. I have always learned from you and this is no exception. If you have any newbies that need to get started, feel free to send them my way. I take good care of my people, just like you do. Product creation can be simple and you are generous to take the time to explain that in this video, along with the steps to take along the way.


    [Connie glad to hear you're out preaching the straight and narrow path and helping folks out!]

  • Wow Marlon!

    Once again, you've "knocked it out of the park". I love your presentation format. Very easy to follow, and very, very informative.

    Believe me, I took lots and lots of notes. Thanks for helping me get back on track. You're the best!


    Daniel Szeremet

    [Hey Daniel, thanks so much for your comments. If you have a pix I can use, let me know. You can upload to getyoursupport.com and tell Tim to give it to me and that you posted on the blog.

  • Eddie says:


    As a newbie I have read and filed away everything you have sent me. But, I have to say this helped to clear up the first step to getting on the internet. Thanks for the free information.

    Eddie Howell

    [Hi Eddie, very glad to hear that. If you follow the simple principles I laid out, I believe you'll succeed 3X faster than if you don't.]

  • Sean says:

    Hi Marlon, once again top information.

    Thanks for the free stuff you always give.

    There were many features in the video, but

    the one thing in particular that stood out for me, is that you should get your product done within a week. If it doesn't work move on.

    I last saw you in the UK last year, when are you coming to visit?

    [Sean, I miss London. Maybe I can make it there again sometime.]

    Sean London

  • Copey says:

    Hi Marlon, Have been a fan of yours for 8-10 years and your video was clear, interesting and even entertaining. But it is not exactly for me. I don't have "products" I have one product which I have been trying to sell on the web for years (see my website) – but not too effectively. But I am learning all the time……


    Herzlia, Israel

    [Hi Copey, one of the points of the video is to NOT get stuck on a product. OK, it isn't selling. NEXT! Move on my friend. Create 'em fast and test 'em.]

  • Hey there Marlon, it's Nezrul here, the one that ask you about Resale Rights previously. And I concur with your reply on the issue of creating your own product and find others to promote it for you.

    I knew this is true because the ONLY guide that I've been referring to time and again is Harvey Segal's Ultimate SuperTip and he's a strong advocate to recruiting affiliates.

    He even say GoodBye to Search Engines and not depending on their whims to get traffic. That was cool, BUT…

    He also said the best place to sell our own product with ready-to-serve affiliates is on Clickbank. Now, if I understand you correctly, you are advocating something along the lines of having our own affiliate program. Am I on target here?

    And if we choose Clickbank or Paydotcom with its army of affiliates, how would that be different? Or actually they are just the same?

    Love to hear from ya, and Oh! No offense here Marlon but you sound a bit like Ziglar on videos; are you his fan? When it comes to screen shot video, I am Michael Rasmussen fan 😉 Gooto love the way he made videos…

    [Hey Nezrul, the way I sound is just me. What did u like about how Michael does his videos vs. what I did yesterday? Just that it sounded like a professional announcer? Or the way he did the slides or content?]

  • Robert Plank says:

    Hey Marlon, I really liked the Gimme Money 2-Page Web Sites video.

    You're a pretty unique guy especially since you've been putting out infoproducts probably since before I was born. And making money at it too! I'd rather get my information from a guy who isn't depending on product launch after product launch but is consistently raking it in year after year.

    I put out an average of one product a week (and have created 7 products in 7 days) but even I picked up a ton of tips. Like writing the Killer Sales Letter before taking the next steps… very important.

    I also have been researching the HTM before writing the sales letter (without realizing it) but I need to do more of that, and now that you consciously reminded me, I'm going to do it.

    I especially liked the part of the video at 9 minutes and 30 seconds where you SHOWED this in action…

    Finally, immediately after watching the video I setup a couple of extra split testing campaigns. As you can tell from the tone of my voice when I mention "split testing" in the video below, I'm a little skiddish when it comes to split testing but I'm doing it because you made me, using a free tool. Just like there are many free tools you recommended in your video such as how to host webinars and record the videos of those webinars to create instant products!

    Marlon, I would have paid $97 to get a DVD of this or paid $997 to attend a seminar to see you present this life. You're an idiot if you price this at 10 dollars.

    (Here's a video of my giving my review, I know I didn't follow your advice of getting the soft lights so excuse the bags under my eyes…)


    [Robert, everyone needs to check out your video. You're a product creation machine! And what an AWESOME example of how to get traffic from blogs. I may even send your video to my list getting u more traffic. Wonderful example of taking action on something simple.]

  • Robin M Lee says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I loved the video! I've got a couple of hard goods websites, but I'm just now getting started in the Info Products market. I'm learning the ropes on how to create products (yes, I purchased your Products Dashboard) and am contemplating the Amazing Formula as well.

    I really appreciated the formula and your explanations of the 2 Page Process. Made it simple and easy to understand.

    Thank you and best regards

    [Hi Robin, thanks for taking the time to post! You're a real go getter.]

  • Darrel M. Jones says:

    My wife Mary C. Jones is still trying to figure your Affiliate ebook program that she registered for at this same email address i am sending this message from. Please advise what she is missing to be able to complete here paper work and add your ebooks to a site she will be building. Thanks


    [Hi Darrel, I have a full time, award winning customer service person named Tim to assist your wife. He's available during business hours except when he's at lunch at: http://www.getyoursupport.com]

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