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12 New Product Ideas Using The S.E.T. Formula


In this issue:

How To Come Up With 12 Product Ideas, So You Can Do Your
Survey And Sell What You Know People Want To Buy

Subtitle:  How to Use S.E.T. Trends To Develop New Product

For those of you who bought “Product Dashboard,” I realize
the #1 problem you'll tend to get stuck on is coming up
with 12 product ideas.

I wanted to give you yet one more tool in your arsenal for
coming up with new product ideas.

This is an approach you haven't likely seen before. So I
think you'll get something out of it.

Elsewhere, Tim is back in the saddle on customer service
after having a triple bypass.  Santos is out at Ken's
joint venture seminar — and having a great time.

I'm planning on going to Yanik's Underground.


I'm telling you, it's gonna be a lot of fun there.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon's Marketing Minute
Vol. 3, #4, February 9, 2008

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: How To Come Up With 12 Product Ideas, So You Can
Do Your Survey And Sell What You Know People Want To Buy

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C. How To Come Up With 12 Product Ideas, So You Can Do Your
Survey And Sell What You Know People Want To Buy

Subtitle:  How to Use S.E.T. Trends To Develop New Product



As you know if you follow my ezine at all, I'm a big advocate
of doing 12-product surveys to find out what people want to
buy before you go to sell it to them.

The problem some people have is coming up with 12 good product
ideas to START with!

Let's talk about HOW you come up with product ideas.

Here is a new angle I didn't discuss in Product Dashboard.

Step 1:  Survey the S.E.T. trends of the market

S stands for social changes. An example of social changes online
would be the way people are using Facebook to hook up with friends
and to meet new people.

There are MANY social changes you can identify.

Here are a few social changes I've identified in my market:

— Use of Facebook for networking
— JV's built around “clans” of marketers
— Isolation of top tier marketers
— Growing popularity of Warriors forum
— Huge increase in the number and variety of seminars
— Events specifically designed for JV's (joint ventures)

You'll want to write out the social changes in YOUR market.

E stands for economic changes.  As changes occur in an economy or
industry, and as price points raise or lower in a market, new
opportunities are created.

Here are a few economic changes I've identified in my market:

— Growth of $10,000 seminars and programs
— Big ticket seminars and programs commonplace
— Less quality ebooks on the market
— Paypal being accepted in more countries

T stands for technological changes.  YouTube, Facebook, online video,
social sites — all these are fairly recent technological changes
that create opportunity.

Here are a few of the technological changes I identified in my

— Advent of CMS (content management system) software
— Addition of an affiliate module to Amember software
— Cheaper/easier direct mail
— Print on demand publication of books
— Fancier packaging being used on info products
— Lowering email response
— Email deluge
— Email deliverability problems
— Online video
— Name merge on outside voice broadcasts
— Improvement of webinar software

Those are the technological changes for MY market.

What you do is write down the SET factors for whatever market
you're considering.  The premise is that CHANGE creates opportunity.
So you look for the social, economic and technological changes.

For more info on doing 12-product surveys, refer to

For more info on the SET method for coming up with product ideas,
refer to: Creating Breakthrough Products by Jonathan Cagan and
Craig Vogel.

Step 2:  Find the new opportunity

Then you ask yourself, “What NEW opportunities will these changes

And write there you have a product idea.

I know of one marketer who has done very well by developing a system
for generating leads off of YouTube then teaching that system to

Here's a change that is still undeveloped — Amazon just came out
with this Kindle ebook reader.  Someone is going to make a tidy
fortune creating and selling an info product related to Kindle.

Within the market you've selected, look at the social, economic
and technological changes.  Then find the opportunity created by
the change.

Step 3: Stay within one step of the market

The secret to good ideas is to look for ones that are only one step
ahead of where the market is right now. If you go two or three steps
away, you'll be too far ahead of the market.

You want to sell and idea whose time has come. Not an idea whose time
will come in five years.

Step 4:  Find the next logical progression

If all else fails, look at what's selling and ask what the
next logical progression will be.

Products follow a chain of innovation.  One thing leads to the next
which leads to the next.  What you want to be is “the next.”

But base this on what is ALREADY selling.  You sell into demand.
You don't sell into a gigantic sea of uncertainty.

What I mean is, you find out what's already selling then you try to
improve on it just enough to be the next big thing.

Step 5:  Know your USP going in

You wanna know what your Unique Selling Proposition is before you
even create the product.

USP is the 1 the “ONLY” factor of your product.  Only your product
gives X benefit or has Y feature and benefit.

Marlon Sanders

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