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New MMM: The Art and Science of Money Getting




Marlon here.

This week’s ARTICLE:

“The Art and Science Of Money Getting”

One of the most important things you’ll read this year.

— Why you can’t manage time
— The only solution to overwhelm
— Why you need to cut your to do list by 75%
— 3 simple ways to get money
— How to make Google Adwords work — simply!
— The difference between the artand science of money getting
— New innovation makes testing 10X better
— The REALITY of money getting

This is NOT theory. This is all based on practical stuff you
can actually DO without being a rocket scientist or super duper

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Marlon’s Marketing Minute
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Vol. 4, #1, March 14, 2009

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The Art and Science Of Money Getting

By Marlon Sanders


A few weeks back, Frank Kern used a term in one of his
videos, “money getting system.”

I thought the use of the term sizzled because it got to
the heart of the matter.

Why do people play the Internet marketing Game?

To get money right?

So let’s talk about the art and science of money getting.

First of all, the art of money getting.

If you’ve been following my Marlon’s Marketing Minute
issues, you have your bills broken down into daily

You’ve set out a month-by-month plan for the year.

You are now focusing on what you can SELL to generate
the dollars to liquidate your bills.

I want to add a new concept to your arsenal.

The concept of simplicity:

What is the SIMPLEST thing that will work to get you the
money you need?

1. It has to be simple.

2. It has to work.

Any idiot can create complexity.

But simplicity is beautiful.

Here was my ORIGINAL formula:

I sold Amazing Formula for $67.00.

I had one back end product for $500.

Traffic came from affiliates.

That was the system.

It worked incredibly well. I taught that system in
“Gimme My Money Now.”

Here’s another simple system that my friends Kirt
Christensen, Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss all use:

1. Get traffic from Google Adwords

2. Sell a product that eliminates the cost of
running the ads

3. Make your dough from “forced continuity.”

When people buy the product, they get a 30 day trial
of your newsletter, cd-of-the-month or membership

If they don’t cancel, after 30 days, they are billed

The initial product sale erases the cost of the ads.
The recurring billing is the profit.

You break even upfront and grab a profit in 30 days.

If you add in one click upsells, you get a profit front

That’s the art of money getting.

My friend Jim Edwards had a good one.

1. Create a $1,000 or $2,000 product.

2. Create a power point presentation to sell it

3. Test it out and get your conversion up to 10%.

4. Contact list owners and offer 50% and tell them you
should close 10%.

My friend Kirt Christensen also does this (he’s a sharp

Here’s one more for ya that is vintage Amazing Formula:

1. Offer a freebie report to get people on your list

2. Upsell immediately

3. Send frequent content mixed in with pitches

See, simplicity. The art of money getting.

Try the SIMPLEST thing that will work to get money first.
Don’t START with complex systems.

Start with the simplest thing you feel will work.

Then, if it doesn’t work, add to it or alter it.

I told a friend yesterday that this concept of SIMPLICITY
was what Ockham’s Razor was about. He was like, THAT is
what it’s about?

People don’t get it.

Ockham said the simplest solution is the best all things
being equal.

Now, let’s move on to the art of money getting.

Law 101 of direct mail marketing is to test.

If you’ve been online any time at all you’ve heard about
AB split testing. You test version A against version B
to see which one works.

Genichi Taguchi wrote a book called Robust Engineering. He
teaches his Taguchi mehtod of advanced testing that companies
like Ford, ITT, 3M, Monolta, NASA, Nissan, Xerox and many
others use.

The Taguchi method is a way to test hundreds or thousands
of combinations with the absolute minimum amount of information.

This means you can find out what works 100X FASTER.


Taguchi testing = speed

Two popular software programs that do this are:


But THIS software does Taguchi testing even FASTER.

Here is why:

The software uses a pattern of time on page instead of SALES
to determine results.

The authors found a very high correlation for time on page vs.

But the program also tracks sales, because time on page isn’t

Anyway, this is the state-of-the-tool for light speed testing.
And the GREAT thing is you can test with almost ANY volume of
traffic since you don’t have to wait for SALES to determine

I can’t tell you what a breakthrough I believe this is for

So there you have it.

The ART of money getting is about doing the SIMPLEST thing that
will work to get you the money you need.

I imagine you have a pretty good idea right now of something
you could do to knock off a few of those bills.

Then the SCIENCE of money getting is about testing.

Finally, there is the REALITY of money getting.

The REALITY of money getting is that you must get things

And the reason people don’t get things done is very simple:

They are violating the art of money getting: Simplicity

You do NOT have a time management problem.

You have too much on your plate.

You have too many things on your to do list.

Because you aren’t doing the simplest things FIRST.

Clear out a bunch of that crap. You probably need to get
rid of 75% of the junk on your to do list. Get rid of
everything you don’t understand and that is too complex
for you to get a handle on at this moment in time.

Pick the simplest thing that could work.

Put everything else on a list in order of priority
according to simplicy.

Now do the FIRST simple thing that could work. It
must be workable.

Go through your prioritized list one thing at a time.

NOT 2 or 3 things at a time.

ONE thing at a time.

I’d rather do ONE and get ‘er done than have 10 half done,
almost done or gonna be done.

So the REALITY of money getting is you must get things

The REALITY of money getting is you got too many things on
your to do list.

The REALITY of money getting is you can’t manage time because
you can’t create it. Frankly, time doesn’t exist anyway.
It’s just a way to measure something that doesn’t exist.

So you can’t manage time.

You can only manage your to do list.

And the reason you feel overwhelmed is you got too many
things on your list.

And the reason you got too many things is you violated the
art of money getting.

And if you know someone, maybe a friend or associate, who NEEDS
to read this, pass it along.

Post it on your blog.

Put it in your ebook. Just include my little resource box.

Spread the word.

Simple works.

Do the simplest thing that will work.

Get a load off your plate.

And your mind.

Return to the art.

Return to the science.

Go forth.



Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
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  • Tinu says:

    If the actual system of getting the money in the door is simple, the only other thing you have to worry about is getting people INTO the system – KISS is probably the greatest business model ever.

    To add: One great thing I've learned from David Bullock was automate EVERYTHING. That then cuts down the amount of time you have to spend After the sale. It also freed me up to build better relationships with repeat clients.

    [Tinu, David is really a sharp guy. So I'm sure he's got you on a great path. His testing stuff is top notch. It's time you come out with a new product. I know my people would love it.]

  • Ruth says:

    Thanks, Marlon, for always seeing clearly for the rest of us. Your comments to the comments are as helpful as MMM. It's one of the few emails I read through each time.

    [Hey Ruth, appreciate the comments. I plan to do a follow up on this sometime.]

  • Edgar says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I;ve been receiving all your emails,

    just too busy to go through and read them all.

    2 months ago I signed with clickbank to promote other people's product, submit them to a lot of free search engine submission, 7 weeks past not a single sale. what do you recommend?

    [Hi Edgar, I recommend you go back and read my emails. See, hacking away with a blunt axe won't cut very far through that log. You have to follow a proven model. What you're doing isn't something known to work. will help you get started.]

  • Thank you. Not only do give us a chance to make money, you also give us content to put in our blog.

    I also appreciate some really helpful tips that you give like: take action, effective time management,simplifying things.

    You really help us with resources and encouragements. Thank you.


    [Hi Susan, I hope I serve you well. I know that the things I share come from experience.]

  • Matt says:

    I really needed that info on breaking down your todo list. Mine was BIG with nothing fully done, just mostly somewhat done stuff. I am now checking things off one at a time and proud to do it! Ockams Razor is also very good as it gives a tonne of information on all of the stuff I'm tryin to learn. Thanks! I'm gonna check out the dashboard line sometime soon and hopefully I'm not gonna need my website guy too much more. I just can't afford that stuff!

    [Matt, glad to hear you simplified things and are getting 'em done. That'll serve you a lot better than a lot of things not done. Think about it….95% done is still NOT done.]

  • jeff says:

    I am a simple minded guy

    I am not the greatest with a computer or understanding them to good

    Alot of this info. gets confusing to me and how it works

    A little planner english would help me understand better


    A simple minded knuckle head

    Take care

    [Hi Jeff, that is what my Dashboard line of products is for. They are step-by-step. See,, ]

  • Chris Dawkins says:


    1st, is this the place to ask questions about your Affiliate Program (AP)? I've had questions over the years, yesterday is the first time I've posted anything to any of your sites and last week joined your AP.

    I'm ready to jump into this thang BIG! But, I want to know the answer to some questions that I have.

    The first question is, what should my website look like to begin the AP? Should it contain graphics & links of the AP's products I'm promoting or should the initial site just contain information along with the squeeze page to capture the email address for my list?

    I have other questions but, don't want to post here if this is not the place and have tried to "work" your Twitter site but, I'm still learning it.

    Chris Dawkins

    [Hi Chris, how are you? Chris, I have affiliate products but don't provide extensive training for promoting affiliate programs. Rosalind Gardner is good at that. What I suggest is that you search keywords on Google and look at the affiliate sites you see. is a good info product that is very credible and thorough on doing affiliate promotions the right way. I don't know if you got Dana's ebook on Twitter or not. It's good. Joel Comm has Twitter Power but I haven't read it yet. I'm sure it's good.]

  • John Gill says:

    Hi Marlon

    Thanks for A great article

    'Simplicity' is first.

    But May I suggest ,next take action — So just do it –But DO it Now

    Regards John

    [Hey John, agreed on taking action. The purpose of simplifying is to increase the probability of taking action. Appreciate your post today.]

  • Jo says:

    Hey, Marlon. your stuff is awesome! I always read your e-mail as they more to the point and more honest than anyone elses. Good luck and keep em coming!

    [Hey Jo, appreciate the support and thanks for taking time to post.]

  • Thanks for the tip, especially on "The Art of Money Getting" and breaking down bills to daily amounts.

    'S true, many people, including your truly here, are failing to get things done due to following traditional methods that don't get them anywhere – like in my case, trying to sell too many products and failing to close the much needed sale

    From now on, I'm going to follow your example and apply SIMPLICITY in everything I do to get the money to pay my bills and costs.

    For example, as an insurance broker myself, SIMPLICITY could work wonders for my business. I just can't wait to put "The Art of Money Getting", come Monday morning

    Thanks a thousand times for the FREEBIES, and for being there for your readers every week, and NOT during product launches like our money-monger guru's do.

    Looking forward to your next weekend's issue.

    [Hey Andrew, let me know how it goes. But yes, if you got a thousand things swimming in your head you feel like you should do, it's very difficult. It's FAR better to focus on the simplest things that will WORK.]

  • Joe Ehrhart says:

    Absolutely awesome article. I am overjoyed to be receiving Marlon's marketing minute. Thank you so very much.

    [Hey Joe, glad to hear I'm serving you well.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Great article! I love the point about simplification. Someone once said:

    "That we are invited to do too much is inevitable. That we do too much is a choice."

    And so we have the power to choose to do less – to focus on the vital few.

    Also, by mastering the simple tasks we can start to see success rather than experience frustration. Then, as our skill level and competency increases we can gradually turn our attention to more complex issues and take our businesses to new levels of sophistication.

    However, especially in these challenging times, we need to ensure that we can see and reap the fruits of our labour.


    [Hi Nickolove, that's the thing. When you let things get too complex, you can't take action.]

  • akan says:

    Thanks Marlon

    This is a well nurished post. i read through every words with curiousity, did't want to miss a piece. I have always had time for plans but you have taught and made me realized that if i dont consentrated on the simply things first, it will be like trying to catch a bull with my bear hands. this article comes in handy.

    [Hi Akan, that's a great analogy! Thanks for sharing here.]

  • Michele says:

    Hello Marlon,

    Your post really hit home about starting things SIMPLY. You see, I get afflicted with this disease called 'self doubt', think I am missing out if I don't get the latest and greatest hits, and hop around from one thing to another like a frog on heat.

    ("NO MORE!" says she on the lily pad.)

    For (too) many years I worked in the fashion trade, and watched fads come and go. What lasts at the end of the day are the simple CLASSIC forms, the ones that will see you through season after season.

    Marlon, you are THE classic black turtle neck cashmere jumper of the best quality!

    I look forward to devouring more of your contents.

    All the best,


  • As always, awesome article.

    I'll act on what you said immediately.

    God bless.

    I like the K.I.S.S. method.


    [Franck, there's beauty in simplicity.]

  • Norberto says:

    Hi Marlon Here!

    Whenever I read your post. Have been of great help. I would like to have your personal mail to communicate with you. You are a great resource for your expertise in the commercialization of the Internet.I hope to continue to have very successful.

    [Hi, while I don't give personalized advice there (something I charge for), you can give me a shout out on twitter at Just so your expectation is correct, I do not follow people there except for a few close friends and some jv people.]

  • Jim Cockrum says:

    Marlon – I love what you did at the end of your latest MMM. That list of people that you credit is cool to look over.

    I'll be stealing that idea in the near future if you don't mind – and your name will be at/near the top.

    I'll never forget that you took some time to buy and then offer advice on my first ebook. For me, that was a priceless launch to what's been a great 8 year ride of success online.


    [Jim, steal that idea. Appreciate your comments and congrats on all the wonderful success you've had.]

  • Tim Rogers says:

    hey Marlon, Keep Up The Great Work Brother 🙂

    Tim It's Free

  • Chris Dawkins says:


    Yes, you are here when the others aren't. To show my loyalty to you, I'm gonna wait until you get that link fixed for Joel's website so you'll get the credit

    [Chris, that should be the right link now. Thanks brother!]

    Chris Dawkins

  • tom says:

    Marlon, You seem to have your head screwed on right, I mean, you make a lot of sense and seem more focused than most. I envy anyone who can be absolutely sure of the correctness of their path thru life. Keep the good words comin`.

    [Tom, there is no such thing in business as certainty. Business involved risk by definition. I'm not certain many times and I'm often wrong. But certain fundamentals just make sense. And I think if you get those in place you have a solid foundation to build on.]

  • Marlon … I "resemble your remarks" …

    I do NOT have a time management problem …

    I have too many things on my to do list (that's why I feel overwhelmed) …

    I need to get rid of 75% of the junk & put everything on a list in order of

    priority …

    I can’t manage time because I can’t create it …

    I can only manage my to do list.

    I need to do the first simple thing that could work & get ‘er done rather than

    have 10 half done, almost done or gonna be done …

    the REALITY of money getting is I must get things done.

    [Hey Rick, appreciate your feedback. Simplify and do!]

  • Dog Mason says:

    I really enjoyed the article, and took your advise to post in up on my blog. Thanks for always bringing in the best.

    BTW, you're one of only 3 guys with an e-mail folder by name! I save it all.

    {Hey man, you're funny. Appreciate the post on your blog. Glad the message is communicating.]

  • Liz says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the heads up about your blog post today and thanks for the great message. I know we only have so much time and we should use it to the greatest advantage we can. Keeping it simple is the best way, if it means another list, so be it. giggles. Have you ever said anything that didnt make sense? Love your stories and adventures thanks for helping me make mine and being a part of them.



    [Hey Liz, hopefully it's a greatly parred down list at this point.]

  • Ben says:

    Great article Marlon!

    I don't think I have ever looked at the time management issue in this perspective.

    It being my nature I have always tried to tackle the hardest things first and easiest last, Well I believe its time to change this strategy and start using these tactics in your article,

    Maybe I can finally start getting more done by using the simplicity tactic.

    Thanks Marlon for the great article, It will help tremendously!

    [Hey Ben, glad to hear it. Now zero in on the simplest thing that can WORK for you.]

  • Tim Moss says:

    Oh Marlon,

    Why didn't i follow this advice 12 years ago? Now (just like Alison) I have a virtual attic of 'stuff" that I've bought or signed up for over the years and don't use. Some days I just go in there and shake my head at the piles of useless ideas that never were put to use. I guess now that it's nearly Spring it's the right time to do some house cleaning and a whole lot of simplifying. And by golly then I'll spare some time to play in the earth outside.

    Thanks for the clear headed writing that hit me right where I live.

    You're a real mentor! I'm not using that other word (you know G***)



    [Hey Tim, I'd hang onto that stuff. But you might organize it and store it in some fashion that it clears your head to FOCUS on the simplest thing that can get you the result you need. I really do NOT feel that money spent on education in marketing is wasted. It's a very good investment. But you need a system to DO it. Look at it like this: A programmer may have a LOT of books about programming. BUT when it comes to the project of writing a software program, he CODES the simplest solution to the programming problem that gets the result. It's about how you manage PROJECTS not about the books you have. But in terms of the books, yes, the simple solution is to go through and prioritize them. Have the 10% or 20% you need access to handy. The others can be stored in a less accessible place for future reference.]

  • Marlon,

    Excellent article – powerful and VERY true.

    My favourite quote is now:

    "Any idiot can create complexity".

    Brilliant and true.

    Michael Sherriff

  • Vance says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Very good points on simplicity. I have become a target of a lot of internet marketers and unfortunately bought too much stuff. And you are absolutely right when you say they get in touch only to get the sale and then they're gone till the next time they need a fix. I was naive but no more. Now I just delete their e-mails.

    On the positive side, there are a few people I can trust and you are near the top. I am still kind of stuck and overwhelmed but will get things done one at a time as you suggest.


    [Vance, you're overwhelmed because you haven't prioritized. Start with the simplest solution that can work for you.]

  • Alison Hawken says:

    I think this whole topic is directed at me, My computer is so full of info, 'original one offs' that seem to be duplicated but presented

    beginning to think wipe the computer,restart, but then again have to file the important stuff.

    keep it simple! I have tied myself in knots

    [Hi Alison, here's what you do. Look through all the stuff you know and that's on your hard drive. Ask yourself what your goal is then out of what you already own what is the SIMPLEST thing you can implement that will work to get you your goal. Now do THAT and then post back here what you discovered. If you're on the Ateam calls, we can discuss it there too. SAVE all the stuff you got. You may want to buy a back up drive and put it on there. But you'll likely WANT that stuff at a certain point. But it might help to clear it off your hard drive onto a back up so you can FOCUS on the simplest solution that can work to get you your goal.]]

  • Dave says:


    Excellent Information as usual. The absolute best thing about developing a simple system is that it makes it so much easier to wash, rinse, and repeat with multiple products or in multiple niches.

    As far as managing all of the things we have on our plate. I've subscribed to a theory of work the task, don't let the task work you. One step at a time.

    I sure hope people realize that the information you gave away today is 10 times better than most of the information they will ever pay for.



    [Hey Dave, appreciate your feedback. I have always felt this the greatest ideas are simple. And as simple as it sounds, starting with the simplest thing that can WORK makes a lot of sense.]

  • Marlon, I think the concept of SIMPLICITY is brilliantly exhibited by your writing and teaching style. Your ezine is one of the very few I read all the time. And by the way, Ockham's Razor is outstanding too.

    My guess is that your style developed from your years of writing sales copy. Short, punchy sentences and paragraphs that pull readers in. Love it. Your ezines alone are worth a study. Keep on rockin' in the free world.


    [Hey Doug, appreciate your kind words. Hope people here go check out Words Into Money]

  • Alejandra says:

    Hi Marlon! That's the best post I have read in Internet this year. You're crazy for give this valuable information for f*ree. Thanks!!! You are a genius!

    [Hey Alejandra, well, to be fair, the email has affiliate links in it so I will profit.]

  • junior says:

    hey marlon

    again, another classic motivational emails just when i needed it the most, planning and writing out my product's content…

    When im doing this, there tend to be a lot of complexity that i want to add in, lots of different kind of marketing strategies, techniques, wooha, content, out of the world ideas, etc… you got me, which cause lots of inertia in writing out the solid content because of too many things wandering in your mind…

    But, it just boils down to get the simple money making model out…first. period.

    And, im just going to do that now, the content and tomorrow the salespage-

    thanks, it helps alot


    [Hey Junior you got it. Glad to hear it.]

  • Frank says:

    I write articles, post to my blog, gie free tips, have an eBook for sale, and I have an auto-responder loaded with daily e-mails to subscribers, Plus I can do teleSeminars and Webinars, but I suck at building a Website, writing sales letters, and split testing.

    I like your idea: "Get rid of everything you don't understand and that is too complex for you to get a handle on at this moment in time. Pick the simplest thing that could work."

    Who do you know that I can hire to build a Website, write sales letters, and split test for results?

    [Hi Frank, read my blog posts about outsourcing. In those posts, this is the membership site and product I recommend to teach you how to find those people. If I told you I would be fishing for you which doesn't serve you well. Url:… ]

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