My 3 secret sources of Internet marketing ideas revealed: How do you get marketing knowledge when you’re starting out and you don’t know what is legit, and what isn’t?

My 3 secret sources of Internet marketing ideas revealed: How do you get marketing knowledge when you’re starting out and you don’t know what is legit, and what isn’t?



Marlon here.

People want to know WHERE I get my Internet marketing knowledge and secrets from.

How do you get marketing knowledge when you're starting out and you don't know what is legit, and what isn't?  When you don't know what works, what doesn't and what are secrets?  Then how do you finally assemble knowledge and secrets that work for you?

It's something I've never talked about directly for multiple reasons.   But  due to the upcoming product launch, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to discuss this.  There are many PROBLEMS when you start assembling marketing knowledge and learning marketing:

The 3 problems with learning marketing and getting TRUE Internet marketing secrets

1.  Everyone has an axe to grind

I remember when I first got started learning marketing. It felt incredibly EXCITING.  But I'd buy a product and this person would say one thing.  Another would say something else, and they'd contradict.

I remember one person saying you needed a 10x mark up on the price of your product.  But another said you needed to pay out 90% commissions.  I'm thinking this makes no sense. I mark up my product 10x, then pay out 90% for WHAT?

One person said the AIDA formula was fantastic.  Another gave something different.

When you have  two authorities who both say different things, can they both be right?

How do you decide which one to believe?

2.  The real secrets are often left out

The next thing I found was the real secrets are often not told.

The teachers of marketing very often have a vested interest in looking like a genius, so they actually don't tell their secrets.

3.  Peers usually have a vested interest in BRAGGING to you about how great they are doing but NOT in sharing how.

This can be a real problem.

Here's how I solved the challenge of getting rock solid Internet marketing ideas and secrets

1.  My Internet marketing knowledge base consists of 113 rows of books, some of which are standard sized book columns and 14 of which encompass the entire length of the wall.  9 walls of my home are dedicated to books and both walls in my garage, which aren't counted in the 113 rows…that would actually make it 115. The garage rows are very long but do contain some things other than books.

I had a girlfriend count once. I don't remember the exact number. I think it was around. I've bought many since and sold probably 500 at the bookstore and given a great number to Goodwill also.

2.  My collection of Jay Abraham materials alone has a retail value of around $250,000.  Jay formed the base of my WEB MARKETING KNOWLEDGE.   There's a cross over between universal marketing secrets and online marketing.

3.  In order to solve the problem of contradictions, I cross-correlate and cross-pollinate marketing information and methods, combined with my other 2 sources of online marketing knowledge.

3.  I was fortune to make a large cash flow from my marketing efforts and reinvest this in additional knowledge as I went along.

4.  Source #2 is my extensive network of friends and contacts, many of whom earn million dollar or multi-million incomes, some of whom are legendary marketers.

Few people have access to such a vast network, and I wouldn't either except for the fortunate success of many of my products over the  years, and my  reputation as one of the early high-profile teachers of online marketing.

For example, just in the past 30 days, I talked for 2 or 3 hours with one friend who does over a million a month, another who did $400,000 last month on webinars and has $35,000 in passive income on a software service he provides to local businesses, another who does $80,000 a webinar and has a 7 figure coaching business, another who designs whole entire funnels for successful businesses, another one NO ONE knows who has done roughly 100k a month in direct mail since 1997, or thereabouts.  Oh, I forgot, one more who sells a $25,000 3-day workshop.

I take what I learn in this often long conversations and cross-correlate and cross-pollinate that information and look for commonalities. Then I compare the similarities and commonalities there to my book and training archives.

5.  Mentors — My mentors Lew and Anita Williams in the early days were instrumental in my success.  Lew was trained many years ago by one of the highest profile direct response marketing teachers of the time, the legendary Thomas Hall, author of the Direct Mail Guides. You'll hear Gary Halbert refer to those.

I also consider the late, great Walter Hailey a mentor and few compare to his $600 million assets.  Plus, he loved teaching and was phenomenal and, since I wrote sales letters for his marketing seminars, I got to sit through multiple ones, plus go on walks and drives with Walter and have personal conversations with him.

The KEY Is To Learning Marketing Is To Find The PATTERNS In Common

Once you collect knowledge, it does nothing just sitting there in your brain.

The KEY is look for the PATTERNS and commonalities, just like you take a big box of direct mail, read through all the letters and look for the COMMONALITIES.  This is where the cross-correlation and cross-pollination comes in.

I've detected certain PATTERNS….things that are below the SURFACE and not commonly known or seen.

But Marlon, I don't HAVE all those friends, I don't HAVE all the time and money to buy 3,000 or  4,000 books

That's why I'm on a MISSION, not to pump out a ghost written low quality PDF and sell it as a WSO or JV Zoo offer. But to deliver REAL products that share things I know based on a great source of knowledge and assets few people will have access to.

I realize other marketers claim to read a lot and know a lot of people. More power to 'em.  There IS a qualitative difference sometimes.  I often see one of those famed libraries and it's like the equivalent of one ROW of my books or one wall.

And I don't bring it up often but there's a difference in friends to.  I have a friend who has been on Oprah 120 times and owns a patent on a flying car that I understand is in production by a major auto maker you would know.

Anyway, the REASON I'm sharing this is I know how HARD it is if you don't have access to a base of knowledge you can cross-correlate and cross-pollinate. And you probably have to have a bit of a screw loose to buy and read as many books and courses as I have!  I'm relentless. And also have a reading comprehension greater than 95% of the population at a Master's Level, according to the Ohio State Exam.

There IS GOOD NEWS, though.

Shortly, I'll be sharing a way you something very cool.

When you take  ALL 3 sources — the knowledge library, the friends and network plus the mentors — all those 3 together are like sending oranges through a juicer and produce something SWEET on the other side when it's all done!

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