3 things you can do right away to produce and promote products that put money in the bank - Online and Info Product Marketing

3 things you can do right away to produce and promote products that put money in the bank

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  • Lovenus Goh says:

    Great article Marlon! You have amazing positive energy. ^^

    Anyone can watch this video, take action and make money online!

    Best Regards,


  • I love watching/listening to you Marlon, you're an absolute riot.. awesome advice for newcomers, and well very entertaining for the rest of us.

    (Thanks for the quick pick-me-up.. was having a low energy day and really needed this =)

    [Hi Kate, I'm really so glad to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to give me a shout out.]

  • Lynn says:

    Thanks, Marlon. You are so fun to watch. I could really use help picking a niche right now. If you don't have the product you mentioned ready, what would you recommend? And do people make decent money on the WSO with non-IM (or real estate/business) products?

    [Hi, you can sell resale rights to non IM products on WSO's and do really well. I have a lot of articles about

    picking niches. Read bestofmarlonsanders.com and my back ezine issues. The main thing is to look for something where people BUY info products and then spend more money for other stuff whether it's memberships, seminars, workshops or consulting. If you're not selling info products, you STILL need a back end. In the ideal world, you pick a niche you have an interest or passion in, although that isn't always possible.]

  • This is the first time I have seen you Marlon. You are a hoot! I learned something new….WSO. This will help in my own self stress management!

    Pattie Pilling

    The Best Life Mom

  • Hey Marlon,

    The info on this video is priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love it, love it, love it!

    …Just emailed a link to this video to my list.



    [Kirt, you rock. And I'm so excited to hear you will be speaking to EIGHT THOUSAND people in UK. Congratulations.]

  • Terry Loving says:

    Hi Marlon,

    LI love it! The red jacket, the energy, all of it!

    Thanks for your positive energy, sound advice and terrific no brainer tips.

    You, The King of Step by Step Internet Marketing, are an inspiration and provide the encouragement to get things going on line!

    You've done it, continue to be successful and help all of us become successful! I look forward to the "next thing" you have in mind!

    Thanks again!


    [Terry, thanks for the comments…hope ur on the webinar today at 11 a.m. CST (Sept. 7)]

  • Hi Marlon,

    great video! And yes, offering my services on the Warrior Forum was how I got started myself.

    Working on replacing a bigger chunk of what I do with selling products instead though ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have only so much time and energy to go around and I need to leverage both a bit better…

    Time to go back to basics and review my copies of your dashboards, especially the product dashboard and the promo dashboard!



    [Elizabeth, you WILL find it to your advantage to FOCUS in tigheter, clearer in today's market.]

  • Lynn Jordan says:

    Great video, Marlon!

    I keep going back to your dashboards when I need a refresher about how and what to do.



    [Lynn, I'm breaking into new territory…the best is yet to come.]

  • Olivier says:

    good stuff — I love the constant pattern interrupt — keeps the attention


  • Lee McIntyre says:

    Hey Marlon

    I just wanted to say GREAT VIDEO!

    And thank you for the mention too, and you're right on the money. The WSO forum helped me get started and I built my whole business on the back of that initial success.

    I'm loving the energy in the video… I was having a lazy day but you've inspired me to go make another product right now! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Lee McIntyre

    [Hey Lee, nice to hear from you. You're an inspiration to all the newbies who have jobs and want to get out of 'em. Congratulations on your success.]

  • Fabian Tan says:

    Great advice as always Marlon! Your energy is contagious too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a few WSO's and Warrior Classifieds that I bump from time to time and it's totally painless after the first time it's created.

    Anyone can watch this video, take action and make money online!



  • Oh great. Thanks for encouraging people to spam our WSO section. No wonder we're seeing a lot of rubbishy WSOs lately.

    [Malcolm, I have never ever suggested people create rubbish. That's NOT the way to do business. I encourage people to combine ideas from other products and to do their own original research. That IS how ALL wso's are created. Basically, I'm telling people to create and run wso's. My friends Robert Plank, Jason Fladlien and Lee McIntyre ALL got started doing that. I know Robert and Jason have sold $50000+ of wso's. You don't do that by selling crap.]

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  • Andrea says:

    Marlon, Awesome video..! 3 Valuable pieces of information to make your online business a success.

    Loved the idea on how to create video products from researching different e-books.

    Thank you for your entertaining "Sizzling Hot" video!

    Many thanks


    [Hey Andrea, hope it results in something valuable for you!]

  • thomas leonard says:


    You are on fire and that coat is oh so 1960 as I had one then, but you look great in it.

    Your message is Great. I love your idea of taking a ebook and turn it to a training video. This is making me go through all of the PLR products to pick one to start with.


    [Thomas, yeah, the jacket is kinda retro! Glad this inspired you.]

  • Love it! I've never before watched a video where I was smiling all the way through it. Indeed, Marlon you are the King of Evergreen Step By Step. Brilliant and entertaining video – thanks for the great and practical advice.

    [Hey Nicky, really well written again. Glad it made u smile.]

  • Robert Boduch says:


    GREAT advice and your red suit looks terrific. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only YOU could pull that one off though and keep an audience.

    Man-oh-man… you never fail to fire me up – whether it's your videos, your outstanding newsletter, or top quality products. I created my first product 13 years ago and it still sells to this day. Automatic cash for work completed one time many years ago. Then I got side-tracked — sucked into the service-side vortex, writing copy and ghostwriting books for others. But… you've reawakened my senses and spirit. There's simply NOTHING better than creating and marketing your own information products. I know this for a fact and it's good to be back.

    Thank you Marlon for re-igniting the spark I let lie dormant for far too long. The future is bigger and brighter than ever and it starts today. Thank you for an entertaining and inspirational video.



    [Robert, I'm glad I served you well my friend. That makes me really happy and satisfied to know.]

  • Kam Hubbard says:

    Very informative and timeless advice Marlon. Yes I too would appreciate more of your video blog posts in the future.



    Newbie A-Team member

    [Kam, welcome to the club and the party!]

  • Ryan Ringold says:

    Marlon, I share your philosophy 1000% on making money online and getting people started. Another great lesson for beginners and advanced marketers alike! Others forget about K.I.S.S. and get people overwhelmed. You break it down and make it feel possible for everyone.

    [Ryan, appreciate your comments. And if you're on the same page, you're going to like my new product if I decide to do it.]

  • Marlon,

    You're a legend! Looooove the video. Thanks for the mention – it's true, WSOs have put over $50,000 in my pocket, and started my career.

    And my first wso was a 7 page ebook that I sold for $4!

    Good, step by step information!


    [Jason, you're such an inspiration to ALL! That's awesome what u did with WSO's.]

  • John Taylor says:

    Great advice as usual Marlon. It's good to see you "on fire" and sharing your passion and enthusiasm.

    Just quit telling everyone to keep their pocketbooks in their pockets! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take care


    [John, man, there's that 1 in 100 people who post on my blog who have spent a small fortune Paul and not sold a darned thing. I'm HOPING to help those people. Buying is great. Learning is great. But man, you gotta get into production mode. YOU are and have been a long time. So you KNOW the people I'm trying to get the word out to. It makes me really disappointed to see people who buy and buy and buy and never product and sell. It's wrong.]

  • Sean says:

    Marlon, this is the first time I have seen you on video. Excellent! I was inspired. I am a Realtor taking a beating in the market right now and have been looking for a way to make more money without spending money. Thank you thank you thank you!

    [Sean, get on the calls by Craig Proctor. He's an expert at real estate marketing and a true direct response pro.]

  • John Tegan says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Ya know, Marlon, it seems that when I make the rounds and check out what everyone else is pumping there's one thing that always occurs: I ALWAYS come back to Marlon Sanders. Love your direct and honest approach. It's evident that you truly live and breathe this stuff — making me want to live it and breathe it as well.



    [John, fire up Camtasia or CamStudio…do 4-6 videos on a topic with some secrets it it…bang that out in 3 -6 hours. Product done. Now spend the next day to write a headline, problem solution, bullets, price and guarantee, bonuses. Sales letter done. Now sell it.]

  • Doug Nelson says:

    It's always an inspirational boost to listen to you Marlon, whether it's an email or a video. I've been watching you in red shirts, red coats, red hats…you deserve the color red. And you do make IM sound so easy probably because of your PASSION.

    Hey, was that a little dig about OpenOffice? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I saw your eyes roll)

    Thanks for the tips about my wallet most marketers are trying to get you to 'pull it out'..but not Marlon Sanders

    Are you related to a salmon?

    In Mexico that's what they call those who don't 'go with the crowd'. As a Canuck I found that quite humorous. Salmon also turn red when they are fulfilling their purpose(passion) during spawn season and 'swim upstream' at the same time.

    I like the lion but how about Marlin the Salmon hahahah

    Thanks again for the great info and entertaining delivery

    [Hey Doug, how are you? Really, I didn't know that about Salmon. Interesting. Actually, I'm a blue Marlon fish. The problem is, I'm not that big on the color blue! I tried blue shirts. Just didn't quite work. Those are interesting comments about Salmon. I DO want my customers to pull out their wallets. But really, Doug, some people are spending their life's fortune on learning and producing and selling nothing. The only purpose of consuming info products is to INCREASE your production.]

  • Great stuff Marlon! You are an acquired taste that I have grown to love. This video made me laugh several times! Your info is upfront, honest and of the highest quality. For that I thank you!

    All my best,


    [Drew, I understand the acquired taste. You know, I don't offer some of the big promises others do which is less appealing to some. And sometimes I'm even a little overly blunt. But I WANT to get a basic, core message across. GLAD you laughed on the video. Didn't know if it'd come across or not.]

  • Paul Flood says:


    Your videos continue to inspire and entertain. Five minutes after I finished watching this, an idea popped into my head for a much simpler version of a product that I've had in mind for a while. I'll be able to get it out and done in a fraction of the time I originally planned.



    [Paul, that's awesome. Love to hear that.]

  • Karen Newton says:

    Loved your tip about WSO's, I made my first dollars on a single WSO, over $5000! So I'm definitely a believer in getting in front of that market…

    Haven't commented here before but been a lurker of yours for quite some time now. Enjoy your content!


    [Thank you Karen!]

  • Enjoyable video and as an fyi I watched in from the s3 feed so that is working well.

    Look forward to more of these coffee chats but the key is for people to take action. Hope this shows them how easy that can be.

    [Mike, you're really doing an awesome job of living this philosophy. I look for great things from you.]

  • Jim Cockrum says:

    Marlon – Great video! Keep 'em coming!

    Thanks for teaching me to "put people on a list and sell stuff" a decade ago. I shook your hand nearly 10 years ago after my last J-O-B and never looked back.

    twitter tip: Just gave you a twitter RT. You need to update your tweetmeme settings so that it shows your twitter name when I retweet instead of showing @tweetmeme.

    fashion tip: you REALLY need a bow tie! ;0)

    [Jim, I probably DO need a bowtie. That isn't my normal gear. Just thought it'd be fun for the video. Jim, I remember way back when I bought your ebook on ebay and you were getting started in this biz. You've done a great job and are a shining example of produce and promote. Didn't know that about tweetme. I'll hunt those settings down.]

  • Joel Osborne says:

    Great video Marlon!

    I was laughing almost all the way through because of your little side comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    Funny + quality content that people can use right now = Great!

    [Hey Joel, well I amused myself. Glad someone else liked 'em.]

  • Excellent advice Marlon!

    WSO is a good place to sell an IM, or resalable product. Not as good lately as it used to be though as competition quickly pushes you off the 1st page of the WSO's.

    Good idea to use WSO's to build a list- I'm gonna do this.

    Like Marlon says "get your feet wet and start making $$$$"!!!

    [David, your membershipacademy.com is awesome and has helped me so much with amember. Thanks for saying hi here. You're a great example of producing and promoting.]

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