Design Dashboard Scores Big Success Story!”

Design Dashboard Scores Big Success Story!”


"My Husband, Children, Grandkids Were Impressed!"

Brennan | IP:

I would be happy to tell you how much I love Design Dashboard.

When I got the course I was a total "newbie", but Design Dashboard takes you by the hand, step-by-step, and SHOWS you how to do everything. Lisa’s videos were so clear and easy to understand, that I stopped being intimidated. When you’re new, you have no idea of what you don’t know. Design Dashboard takes you through each phase of setting-up a website, shows you where to get any necessary tools for free and(MOST IMPORTANTLY) SHOWS HOW TO USE THOSE TOOLS!

I had never even heard about PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS, much less used it. All those intimidating buttons and icons become clear as day when someone shows you what they stand for and how to make them work.

I finished my first website, with the classiest-looking header you can imagine. My husband was impressed, my sister (an artist) was impressed, my adult children and their spouses were impressed, and miracle-of-miracles, my grandchildren were impressed. They think I can do anything now! Thank you, Marlon, for a terrific program that set me on the right path to building my own websites, rather than paying lots of money to someone else.

Just imagine, I’m a Webmaster, thanks to you!


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