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What Is The Marlon Sanders Model And Why Has It Worked For 7+ Years (And Why Will It Continue To Work?)


By Marlon Sanders

From the posts on my blog in the past week, one thing I've noticed is that a LOT of people put up barriers to creating and selling their own products.

Comments I've heard:

"I need to raise capital"

"I'm out of money"

"I'm a newbie"

"I don't know anything to create an info product on"

I want to answer those objections:

Back around September 13, 2002, I launched a model for making money online that created a HUGE impact.  If you notice, I haven't jumped from model to model.  I've been teaching and preaching the SAME model since 1998, and parts of it all the way back to 1996.

That model is at http://www.gimmesecrets.com

The model in short says.

1. Target a group of people

2. Do a 12-product survey to find out what they wanna buy

3. Create your sales letter FIRST

4. Create an AUDIO product by interviewing people.

5. Get traffic via an affiliate program

6. If it sells, expand the product

You may have heard I have a saying, "Dead ducks don't quack." That means you test a product idea FAST to see if it quacks or if it's a dead duck. If it quacks, you feed it.   If it's a dead duck, you do a new survey.

I can't understand which step is SO complicated it can't be done by normal, average people?

Can you come up with 12 product ideas? Can you come up with a list if people to ask for interviews with?  Can you ask a few questions over the phone?  Can you open a wave file in your email?

I'm going to EXPAND the model and grow it. But if all you do is stick to the basic model, it's a great thing.

In the past 2 years, look at all the JUNK that has come and gone. Look at all the software programs you've bought for seo (search engine optimization) or ppc (pay-per-click) that don't even WORK or function anymore.  I mean, you try to run the program and it literally won't work.

You'll notice the above model requires VERY LITTLE money. You can get hosting for 7 bucks a month.  I can go on.  The model takes little money.  What it DOES take is someone willing stop making excuses for what CAN'T be done.

And be willing to TAKE ACTION and do it.

In the past two years, when new models came out that I NEW would not stand the test of time, I put out emails. I put out ezine articles.  I warned people.

My warnings largely fell on deaf ears and often got mean emails back in response from people drunk on a dream of making a million in a year or whatever the number was.

I tried to tell people, "Look, that pig ain't gonna keep flyin'." That duck don't quack LONG!

But those words largely fell on deaf ears.  You may remember my email warning about "the songs of the sirens."

For those of you who didn't listen to me and who chased other models, I ask you:  What is the state of that model now?  Is it still making money?

Was your investment in the training, software programs and coaching worth it?  Only you can honestly answer that question.

I submit to you that there is ONE model that has been making money for 1,000's of years.  It isn't as easy or sexy sounding as other models.  But it's as EVERGREEN as it gets.

Creating products and selling them by paying commmissions to those who send business to you.

My dad did that 20 years ago in the TV repair business.  It isn't exactly rocket science to figure out how and why it works.

Anyway, if you wanna follow another model, may I make one last suggestion?  At least make sure that a large part of what you're learning is MARKETING that will help you out later in life regardless of what happens to your current project.

See, an investment in learning marketing is one of the best investments in life.  It applies to everything — from getting people to attend your church or group, to raising money for the girl scouts, to getting your son or daugher a job.

It's worth the time to learn.

Marlon Sanders

P.S.  Gimmesecrets.com teaches the basic model, but is somewhat brief. It isn't detailed enough for some people. That is why I have Design Dashboard to help you design your site, put up the autoresponders and shopping cart.  I have Affiliate Dashboard to help you set up and promote your affiliate program.  I have PushButtonLetters.com to help you with your sales letter.



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  • Jan says:

    The George's comment covers a lot of the issue. "[…]Marlon also talks about a the "formula" for marketing…and he has created a slew of products that he had kept up to date and that can teach any newbie what to do "step-by-step". No…even with all his help…it’s not easy…but I AM finding myself enjoying this business a lot more[….]"

    By hitting high with "Amazing Formula" you are talking the same as everybody knows: some individuals can conceive ebook that sells well. Some other individuals cannot even after a long learning curve. This not necessarily mean

    that they apply some formulas wrong – one can apply all formulas right and get no results! I am trying to help others on this particular point…Keep on trying, but don't take Internet marketing too emotional – this would be to stressful.

    Instead of trial and error – engage in TWEAKING the business regularly. So from now on – no trial and error – but tweaking OK?

    On the subject of finding an unique business or successful method of sales online: in order to get it right – think a lot and don't rush with projects. If you will rush, you will end up doing trial and error. Try instead…what…tweaking?

    By the way – I am successful offline in private business. Just started few months ago online.

  • Dan Moran says:

    "Dan, I can see you haven't been following what I teach for the past 2 years!"

    Guilty as charged. But, better late than never, right?

    – Dan

  • Dan Moran says:

    Marlon, Judging from what I've heard others say and what I've experienced myself, most of us entering the Internet business/work-at-home crowd go through a phase where buying every new product/system that comes along seems like a good idea. And that's a problem, not because what we're buying is crap (although much of it is), but because we don't take the time to sit down to learn and apply what's in the first thing we buy before we're off to buy the next, and the next, etc. It's only when we stop all the buying and start to actually sell that the money starts coming in.

    "DUH!" OK, I know that's obvious, but how many people do you know or have you heard of that continue to spend, spend, spend without taking any steps to actually sell something. I'm guilty of this to a large degree. I've spent the past 2 years building stuff to give away thinking that if I just had a list, the money would follow. Well, a list is great, but it doesn't get you anything if you don't have something to sell. If I had it to do over again, I'd build a list of buyers by developing a product first. Don't concentrate on list building without a solid plan to actually sell something to that list. – Dan

    [Marlon's comment:  Dan, I can see you haven't been following what I teach for the past 2 years!  My feeling is the best way to build a list is by creating a product and SELLING it via an affiliate program that taps into other people's lists.  You build your own list in the process.  It's true sometimes the viral giveaways can work.  I like freebies for the opt in form or popup on your web site.  But Dan, start selling your stuff via an affiliate program.  HINT:  Take all your old freebie stuff, repackage it and start selling it. Amazing Formula was originally intended to be a viral ebook that I could see real fast wasn't going to make money. So I sold it and started bringing in $30,000+ a month.]

  • Jan says:

    I am pretty new to marketing although I was connected to Internet for much longer, I only recently started to do think doing a real marketing. I read a lot and try to learn from others. I noticed that forum members believe that the most pivotal to get somewhere -instead of nowhere – in marketing on Net – depends on "taking action" instead of "no action" action. Have some comments to that, perhaps they will be helpful.. To take a right action instead of wrong action in marketing effort – sounds pretty right. However there is no straightforward formula available on sorting the difference in particular case/s. Sometimes – what appears to be right for one person, is wrong for the other and he/she doesn't get right results. Some programs work well for some individuals – and they don't work for others even after applying all steps right. Perhaps MINDSET elements comes to play here – that is something more than printed matter. But I think we are only trying to invent another name called MINDSET or new rule to feel comfortable even here. The mindset rule might be a bad rule anyway – for even with wrong mindset one can get good results in marketing. Perhaps it will eventually appeal to think about marketing as engagement in FREE MARKET economy and rethink one's viewpoint on subject of "Success". The motivational stuff is always very interesting to work on, think and learn about. As far as failure, I think the nobody that puts enough effort and intelligence into the business online – suffers ultimate failure. Sometimes the learning curve is long and there is always a valid reasons for the delays. The better way is to go beyond the concept of failure at all, sort of by rejecting that this is an issue at all. It is definitely not an issue on long stretch of time. Rather element of yo-yo effect, sometimes you win, sometimes loose. Are tennis players failing when losing matches? They resume them after again and again… Think about Internet as opportunity with very few rules to follow. It is actually better to think that there is only few rules instead of many rules to follow. This allows creativity and creativity cannot be constricted. Also it allows varying the approach, or making changes to the method used. Also it allows feeling free to choose marketing direction. It allows to overcome frustration deriving from believing that in order to make money on Net one has to struggle by following many rules and some of them are stupid. Let's see what core rules may be. The most pivotal rule for successful marketing is rule of REASONABLE COMMUNICATION. Next rule is – CREATIVE MIND. The third rule is: TRIAL & ERROR.

    [Marlon's comment:  Trial and error is very expensive learning.  I highly recommend you buy other people's trial and error learning and save yourself the time.  There are many models of Internet marketing.  But the 1 method that has worked for thousands of years is selling a product or service and getting customers via referrals, what we today call and affiliate program.]

  • George says:

    To Marlon and to Anyone Else Out There Who is "Listening":

     I am a newbie to internet marketing, but not to the business world. I have been self-employed since 1988 and recently built a company to over 20 employees before selling it to enter the world of internet marketing. When I first got involved, I thought you needed to spends LOTS of money to get all of the products and programs that were out there, as well as the latest "flavor of the month". I notice many self-proclaimed gurus come out with products that you "have to have" if you want to be successful. And, I too, have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars within the last year purchasing these products, only to be disappointed in the end.

    Part of that disappointment is MY fault, because no matter how much you learn, you still have to DO…and TAKE ACTION. But I have learned something VERY valuable from Marlon…no matter what you do in internet marketing…there are some BASIC SKILLS you HAVE TO KNOW. Even if your gameplan is to outsource, it helps if you know what the heck you are outsourcing and how it "works". That's why Marlon's Design Dashboard is such a good product. It literally shows you what you need to know in order to create a very professional website.

    This product is the ONLY ONE I KNOW that is not too video-intensive. In other words…there are screen captures and instructions along with videos where needed…and everything is totally up to date…unlike many other products out there today. Marlon also talks about a the "formula" for marketing…and he has created a slew of products that he had kept up to date and that can teach any newbie what to do "step-by-step". No…even with all his help…it's not easy…but I AM finding myself enjoying this business a lot more.

    Also…the feeling of empowerment that I have obtained since learning some basic skills from the Design Dashboard (www.DesignDashboard.com) is great. In the "sea" of information products out there, it's refreshing to know there are a few folks like Marlon with products and formulas that not only work today, but have stood the test of time.

    [George, I WISH I could get more people to really, really understand and believe what you just explained.  I flat out think people don't get it! Thanks for sharing George.]

  • Frederic says:

    I agree wholeheartedly Marlon! I've followed your model since 2004. The only main difference is that I don't make a big use of affiliate programs, although I'm starting to grow it more. I started building my list since 1998 although I didn't really know what I was doing back then! Your program was taught to me by a friend and later I purchased your products and I can say that it definitely works!

    The product survey is essential, and creating your own products is a priority (and so is the big box item!). My business has brought in between $20,000 and $60,000 a month over the last 3 years, so I can say that it works! A lot of people ask me… "what do you think of Butterfly Marketing" or what do you think of this and that… the latest technology… my answer is… why would I want to change the system that has been proven to work?

    Sure… it's good to be on the forefront of some of the new technologies… but the truth is, you got to have a list, find out what they want, and sell it to them! Most people are too lazy to do that and waste endless time on the "latest gimmick". Sure, there are tons of other ways to make money on the Internet, but with the system taught by Marlon you can't go wrong! You don't have to be a SEO genius or an Adsense maniac to get use of it. You can probably do it all in just 3 hours a day (I can run my business now on that amount of time) or less.

    But you have to be focused and take action. I offer this as my testimonial on Marlon's method. If you want take a look at my products at: http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/products.html You can see that I offer lots of stuff totally unrelated to Internet Marketing. I just have a good list of people interested in Health.

    You can do the same with your passion. Just study Marlon's information and put it to work guys!

    [Frederic, thanks for those words of encouragement to newbies and those who haven't experienced success yet. And, of course, to those who are naysayers, skeptics, cynical and so forth. Congrats on your success.]

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