What Is The Marlon Sanders Model And Why Has It Worked For 7+ Years (And Why Will It Continue To Work?)

What Is The Marlon Sanders Model And Why Has It Worked For 7+ Years (And Why Will It Continue To Work?)


By Marlon Sanders

From the posts on my blog in the past week, one thing I've noticed is that a LOT of people put up barriers to creating and selling their own products.

Comments I've heard:

"I need to raise capital"

"I'm out of money"

"I'm a newbie"

"I don't know anything to create an info product on"

I want to answer those objections:

Back around September 13, 2002, I launched a model for making money online that created a HUGE impact.  If you notice, I haven't jumped from model to model.  I've been teaching and preaching the SAME model since 1998, and parts of it all the way back to 1996.

That model is at http://www.gimmesecrets.com

The model in short says.

1. Target a group of people

2. Do a 12-product survey to find out what they wanna buy

3. Create your sales letter FIRST

4. Create an AUDIO product by interviewing people.

5. Get traffic via an affiliate program

6. If it sells, expand the product

You may have heard I have a saying, "Dead ducks don't quack." That means you test a product idea FAST to see if it quacks or if it's a dead duck. If it quacks, you feed it.   If it's a dead duck, you do a new survey.

I can't understand which step is SO complicated it can't be done by normal, average people?

Can you come up with 12 product ideas? Can you come up with a list if people to ask for interviews with?  Can you ask a few questions over the phone?  Can you open a wave file in your email?

I'm going to EXPAND the model and grow it. But if all you do is stick to the basic model, it's a great thing.

In the past 2 years, look at all the JUNK that has come and gone. Look at all the software programs you've bought for seo (search engine optimization) or ppc (pay-per-click) that don't even WORK or function anymore.  I mean, you try to run the program and it literally won't work.

You'll notice the above model requires VERY LITTLE money. You can get hosting for 7 bucks a month.  I can go on.  The model takes little money.  What it DOES take is someone willing stop making excuses for what CAN'T be done.

And be willing to TAKE ACTION and do it.

In the past two years, when new models came out that I NEW would not stand the test of time, I put out emails. I put out ezine articles.  I warned people.

My warnings largely fell on deaf ears and often got mean emails back in response from people drunk on a dream of making a million in a year or whatever the number was.

I tried to tell people, "Look, that pig ain't gonna keep flyin'." That duck don't quack LONG!

But those words largely fell on deaf ears.  You may remember my email warning about "the songs of the sirens."

For those of you who didn't listen to me and who chased other models, I ask you:  What is the state of that model now?  Is it still making money?

Was your investment in the training, software programs and coaching worth it?  Only you can honestly answer that question.

I submit to you that there is ONE model that has been making money for 1,000's of years.  It isn't as easy or sexy sounding as other models.  But it's as EVERGREEN as it gets.

Creating products and selling them by paying commmissions to those who send business to you.

My dad did that 20 years ago in the TV repair business.  It isn't exactly rocket science to figure out how and why it works.

Anyway, if you wanna follow another model, may I make one last suggestion?  At least make sure that a large part of what you're learning is MARKETING that will help you out later in life regardless of what happens to your current project.

See, an investment in learning marketing is one of the best investments in life.  It applies to everything — from getting people to attend your church or group, to raising money for the girl scouts, to getting your son or daugher a job.

It's worth the time to learn.

Marlon Sanders

P.S.  Gimmesecrets.com teaches the basic model, but is somewhat brief. It isn't detailed enough for some people. That is why I have Design Dashboard to help you design your site, put up the autoresponders and shopping cart.  I have Affiliate Dashboard to help you set up and promote your affiliate program.  I have PushButtonLetters.com to help you with your sales letter.



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