How To Win A Copy Of My NEW Info Product Dashboard

I'll shortly be launching my NEW Info Product Dashboard.

If you're sick and tired of trading your hard work for dollars and wanna get your own product launched in 6 weeks, so you can trade your product for money instead of your time, then lemme tell you how you can WIN a copy.

Just like my other Dashboards, this one will hold your hand step-by-step as I walk you A to Z through creating your FIRST info product — even if you don't have experience, even if you aren't an expert at anything, even if you can't write.

I'll be giving away 5 copies.

To win one, all you do is post to my blog and tell me why YOU deserve to win it and what it would do FOR you. Just post your comments on the entry right above this post that says POST YOUR COMMENTS HERE!


If you post a VIDEO on why you deserve to win or why it would help you, post the VIDEO on YouTube and put the link in my blog, I'll be giving away 5 ADDITIONAL copies AND also an extra special VERY valuable gift!

You have a very limited time span to do this in.  Probably 72 hours.  But I could cut it off before then.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

P.S.  The Rules

1.  No purchase required for entry
2.  Void where prohibited
3.  Chances of winning depend on the number of entries.
4.  Additional rules and requirements may be posted on the blog
5.  Offer expires in around 72 hours. 

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Author of "The Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy", creator of the original Push Button Letters software, creator of the genre of "Dashboard" info products. Speaker in 120 seminars around the wordl.

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