56-Year-Old Woman Carpenter Wants to Market Paintings Online. But How?

56-Year-Old Woman Carpenter Wants to Market Paintings Online. But How?


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Marlon here.

If you're struggling with any technical issues at all in your
efforts to market online, today's email will benefit you…

A post from my blog:

So Ok, I am answering you. Boy am I stuck. I have a website that I
spent quite a bit of money on. I have reached the 30 page mark
there and have been able to start adding web 2.0 to the website. I
just renewed it for the second year, in Feb. I also have a
wordpress blog and a bloggers blog. I belong to paypal and
clickbank. I joined facebook and my space.

I am a 56 year old woman carpenter and I was hoping to start
earning a living through the internet as a business. I am working
on the simpleology course action maps and a couple of Bob
Proctors courses and a Silva course to try and make a break-
through somewhere. Where I keep getting stuck is the tech-no

It takes me so long to understand what it is that I am being
asked to do, that I lose all my creative writing thoughts. I feel
that my website is un-focused.

The website host has specific requirements that have to be
fulfilled and it has been a hit and miss process. They tell me to
do ‘X’ thing and I don’t understand the jargon so I just keep
trying until it sort of works. But by that time, I lose all
creative writing and focus. At this point, I feel my website has
really nothing to offer anyone directly as products. My original
thinking was this:

I (channel)-paint energy angels that come to earth to help mankind
and me. These paintings are unique. I did not plan this – they
just naturally occured on the canvas.

Marlon's Answer

Hi Daisy, how are you?

First, let me congratulate you for seeing the opportunity on the
Internet to market your art. And for being a “go-doer” and
getting your site up.

I recommend you set up and use a blog. This makes life a lot
easier for someone in your shoes. Just go to:

http://www.odesk.com and sign up for a free account.

Make a post: “I need a WordPress blog set up. I need the Akismet
plugin activated and all in one seo. I also need the theme I have
chosen from wpskins.org installed.” Now, go to —
http://www.wpskins.org and find a template you like. Ask them to
install that as the template on your blog. Tell them the name of
the template from wpskins you want installed. You should get back
a very cheap quote. Now, if you have any other technical problems
just post them on Odesk.com for solving.

Daisy, my basic answers are:

1. Hire help from Odesk.com

2. Use a WordPress blog

3. Use Youtube videos

Let me talk about the last one.

All you do is go to Youtube.com —

Anytime you have a problem with something you type it in the
search box at the top.

For example: “How to install wordpress blog”

You'll get back a list of videos you can watch that are short and
to the point.

Dr. Chris Bowman likes straight
shooter style

Submitted on 2009/05/04 at 5:49am

Hey Marlon,

As usual you lay it out like it really is.

I don’t comment often enough about your “straight shooter” style,
which I adopt in the dental coaching market. Of course it only
works if you can shoot straight in the first place! The response
has been and still is awesome, in a profession where arrogance can
creep in among those who claim they can help other dentists.

All my best,

Dr. Chris Bowman

[Dr. Bowman, thanks for your kind words. And nice to hear from
you. I guess you remember Walter Hailey. I miss him dearly.]

“Marlon, I consider you an Internet
marketing god”

Here's another post:

Submitted on 2009/05/05 at 2:21pm
Hi Marlon,

I read all your article. Primo material as usual. I want to say
thank you, thank you. I took your challenge and I’m about to go
live with my first product. I have a feeling you will be hearing
about me. Be on the look out for my JV email. Lol

I know. I know. Slow my roll. Peace I consider you the Internet
Marketing God.


My Response

Reggie, I'm no Marketing God. But I'm very happy to hear you're
about to roll with your first product. Let us know how it goes.
That's awesome. And you're correct. Work your jv's. There's
nothing wrong with doing a product launch if you want. Or contact
potential affiliates and jv partners.

Let's hear what YOU want to market online. Post below.

Marlon Sanders

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