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7 Days From Now, You Can Pay Bills, Eliminate Sticking Points & Crank Up Your Marketing


7 Days From Now, You Can Pay Bills, Eliminate Sticking
Points & Crank Up Your Marketing

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Marlon's Marketing Minute for January 31


Marlon here.

This week's ARTICLE:

==> “7 Days From Now, You Can Pay Bills, Eliminate Sticking
Points & Crank Up Your Marketing”

==> Subtitle: How To Have Your Own Full Time “Bill Eraser”
Or “Marketing Doer” In 7 Days

I have a story today that reveals:

— How to blow threw your sticking points in 7 days
— How to NOT do what you hate to do
— How to delegate ideas fast
— What is the REAL secret of the 4-hour work week?
— How to erase bills
— How to get over those technical things that drive u nuts
— How to blow threw to a new level

This is NOT theory. This is all based on practical stuff you
can actually DO without being a rocket scientist or super duper

Save this for reference

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end to a reseller ID and stick it on your web site, blog,
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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #5, January 31, 2009

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: “7 Days From Now, You Can Pay Bills,
Eliminate Sticking Points & Crank Up Your Marketing”

D. Services You Can Use

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Full Time Talented Marketer Wants To Work For You Full Time
For $8.33 A day


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Four: Ateam call

I believe Danny got it posted


7 Days From Now, You Can Pay Bills, Eliminate Sticking
Points & Crank Up Your Marketing

By Marlon Sanders


What is really STOPPING you this year?

What if you had someone working full time for you
to erase your bills?

I want to talk about what's STOPPING you this year.

What do you hate to do most? What is holding you back?
What do you dread doing or learning?

I want to show you how $8.33 a day can unstick you all
year long! This isn't a pitch. Hang with me here. That
8 bucks won't go to me.

It'll go to a full time person who helps you knock off
ALL your other bills!

Or what if you identified the bottlekneck of your business
then had someone working to “un-constrain” you in that

What if you just BLEW THREW that thing holding you back?

Or, if you are brand NEW, what if you had someone with
great computer skills to do MARKETING for you full time?
And what if they only cost you $8.33 a day?

I want to talk some frank talk.

I want to talk about the 4-hour work week.

For the past 7 years, I haven't had to do much “hands on”
work in my business,

My job was to come up with ideas.

Now, don't get me wrong. I can muck around Dreamweaver.
I can putter around in Photoshop. And I can make videos
in Camtasia.

But I know those things so I can TELL someone else how
to do the work. And tell if they did a good job or not.

I want to talk about the 4 hour work week concept.
No bull here. No smoke being blown. Let's talk REAL.

Even if you have BILLS to pay, I think you should read
this article. And I'll explain why shortly. I'll talk
to you about ERASING your bills.

So hang with me.

Are you TIRED of reading ebooks, getting excited then not having
time or FOCUS and getting stuck doing them?

What if you had someone whose whole job was to FOCUS on that thing
for you, so you don't HAVE to focus?

Anyway, I thought the book was great.

If you haven't read “The 4 Hour Work Week” snag it.
At the same time, I thought it left holes.

The MAIN hole being WHO do I hire that I can afford
and who will get the work DONE?

That's the main hole I see.

For years, Lisa pretty much ran things for me. But
we had other outsourcers to help her in Canada.
Lori, Debbie, and others.

The PROBLEM with Canada is the exchange rate went
against the U.S. And what started as $350 a week ended
up as $950 or more a week — plus bonuses.

Let's say you do the whole office thing.

You'll find a LOT of people who did the office thing
are dumping their offices! Why?

My lease is $1450 a month. Plus the phone bill.
Plus the utilities. That's $2,000. And doesn't
include employee salaries.

What's STOPPING you this year? Think about it.

For $2,000/month you can have 7-10 people working for
you full time. Add in what I'm paying for salaries
and I could have 20 people!

Now, my guys are great. But if they worked at home,
I'm sure I'd lose some productivity. But I could
ADD 7-10 MORE people!

I could add programmers, link builders and more.

“But Marlon, what about my BILLS?”

On my blog, you'll find the article on how to turn your
BILLS into daily amounts. 5 bucks here. 10 bucks
there. 50 bucks here.

Now, you create STREAMS to erase those bills.

But those streams take ACTIVITY.

On my Ateam call last week, John introduced us to this
idea he calls being a “knowlege worker.”

The concept is that your highest and best use of your
time is just coming up with ideas, finding people to
do 'em and then delegating the activities off.

This is a WHOLE paradigm shift.

“Well, Marlon, if I do THAT, what do I need your Dashboards

1. You can GIVE the Dashboard to your outsourcer.

John does that. He'll just email an ebook and say “do this!”

2. I STILL think you are far better off if you know how to
do stuff just as I do.

I can talk Photoshop, layers and gradients with a graphic
designer. I can't do things at their level of skill. But I
know the lingo and the basics.

I know a decent amount about Word Press, plug ins and all

I can talk a bit of link building.

And so on.

As a knowledge worker, your job is to have the MASTER PLAN
and to implement it.

That's what I have.

Read the article on my blog about the “Master Plan.”


That's what I have for you.

Now, you need someone to set up the blogs, put videos up
for you or compile them into flash. You need someone to
fix web pages or html code. You need someone to do your
adwords for you.

A LOT of those things you can outsource.

Not all at once.

But you can start with ONE person and begin the learning

Whatever you HATE most, whatever you DREAD doing, whatever is
HOLDING you back, this is the point of ATTACK!

This is the leverage point you put resources on to solve.
It's your bottlekneck to use “theory of constraints” terms.

Now, whatever that thing is, let me ask you this:

Let's say you spent $150 to $250 or maybe even $400 for
the month.

$250 a month equals $8.33 a day, more or less. Math is one of
those things I outsource.

What if you for $8.33 a day you had someone doing the things
you MOST hate or that are MOST holding you back?

Do you think that if you had THAT, it'd help you erase your
other bills?

Hit me on my blog and let me know.

If you had someone full time to help you overcome your biggest
constraint in your business, would that help you?

Hit me on my blog and let me know.

If you are NEW and had someone with great computer skills to
do marketing for you full time and it only cost you $8.33 a
day, would it help you?

Are you TIRED of reading ebooks, getting excited then not having
time or FOCUS and getting stuck doing them?

What if you had someone whose whole job was to FOCUS on that thing
for you, so you don't HAVE to focus?

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

Check out all my products here:


(SIGN UP AS A RESELLER, put YOUR reseller URL and ID where
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See the original systems I created for Lisa

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All rights reserved.

  • Hey, Marlon, I seem to be stuck, been looking around for a week off and on and can't for the life of me figure out how to get a branded copy of Best of Marlon Sanders, you say to give it away to my list for affiliate commissions, can't figure out how to do that.

    BTW, Ockham's Razor rocks! 🙂

    [Dennis, how are you? This should do it. If it doesn't, please post back:

  • Thanks again

    My link is not working.


    Too many http://. How do I change it?

    Thanks again for all you do.

    Cecil twitter.com/tireponyman

    [Cecil, use an html editor. Instructions are in Design Dashboard.]

  • Lionel says:


    You just keep giving it to us, all of that useful information; we really appreciate your blog. Keep it coming, and we will keep coming back. Thanks.

    [Lionel, did you check out Ockham's Razor and what did u think?]

  • Hello Marlon,

    Just checking back in to read all the comments and look at the sites of those commenting and need to correct the link in my first post. I did that and enjoyed all reading all the comments. You have a great following of people and your are provide value each and every day. My new slogan on the Internet:

    Follow me around the world and share what WE learn with Gods blessing.

  • Thomas UKM says:

    Hey Marlon, there's so much great stuff in your blog, thanks for your kind response. I appreciate it-:)


    [Thomas, thanks and check out my new product ….. just launched:
    Be sure to check out the Group Leader concept in bonuses. You could be one!]

  • Norm says:

    Well, Marlon,

    From the perspective of this old coot (70+), discernment tells me You're one of the Greatest on tne I'net. Keep up the great work.

    Take care,

    Norm A.

    [Hey Norm, thats so much. I appreciate that. And Norm, I want to SERVE you. How can I help you, NORM, accomplish your goals this year? How can I serve you? By the way, look at my new product and consider becoming a Group Leader for old coots. And by the freaking way, I still believe you're only as old as you believe. The body grows older but the mind can stay fresh as a tiger. New product url: http://www.marlonsanders.com/ockham/index.php%5D

  • jack leech says:

    Great article as usual. It's the old retail finance lingo "this stereo is only $4.33 a day" when the stereo wasn't selling at all. It is funny how this can work on both selling and what you need. Thanks for showing the way not to get overwhelmed to finally see how much and what you really want and need without losing the focus. Tapping the kid out of you shouldn't be hard for most of us.

    Thanks Marlon


    [Hey Jack, glad that perspective helped. I think it's an AWESOME perspective that really helps you get clear! And takes things out of the overwhelming idea of building this massive business. It's better to chunk things including lifestyle objectives into daily amounts you can wrap your brain around. Maybe my new ebook WON'T make a million. But what if it knocks off that $33 a day bill?]

  • tom r says:

    There is always so much great stuff in responses on your blog Marlon. I learn alot from the other subscribers and your responses to them. It makes me look at things differently which is a huge plus!

    PS I like the search feature idea.

    [Tom, soon as the product launches today and the dust settles we'll revamp this puppy and get it up to par, including that search.]

  • Thomas UKM says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for a great post, the biggest problem i face to oursource the task in my business is 'trust' of people; I once have a graphics designer working for my website, and this is the first time he's working for me, and things turn up ugly (he took the money and never deliver the work). So my question is how do you manage a new outsourcer relationship, so that you can minimize this?


    [Hi Brother Thomas, it's really a larger discussion than I can carry on here on my blog. I'd defer to John's info on this. I really can't say enough good things about what John has discovered from a LOT of personal experience and experimenting. He really opened my eyes. However, let me say a few things. Graphic designers are tough. I refer you to a few select ones in Promo Dashboard that have good reps and I see a lot of quality work from them. When you visit web sites and see a design you like, scroll to the bottom and you will often see the designer there. That's a BIG tip. If you see the same name over and over, that's a clue. Finally, never pay all your month upfront. Pay maybe 25% upfront unless it's a known star designer. Then 25% X ways through the project, then the balance. But John has a programmer/designer full time for $450 a month. If the person doesn't do the work they ain't got a job the next week.]

  • shane says:

    ok, two things.

    About the breaking your bills down into daily amounts I love this. First I done this with all the action steps in the promo dashboard. I figured out the costs, and broke them down into daily amounts. Then figured out all my bills for the next quarter for my internet business and broke those down into daily amounts.

    Once I done that I worked on my personal life. And then I figured out what and how much cash streams I would need to make to cover all those costs. Definately makes things seem more achievable.

    Then I realized something. I was thinking about the cash streams I will have to create so I can buy a $2,000 Plasma Screen TV and Home Theater system and I realized that if I build the cash flow streams first, that after I buy the TV that I will be able to have my cake and eat it to.

    Why? Because I will have my TV but, I will also still have that cash flow coming in from those cash streams I created.

    But if I were to just buy a TV, and not create those cash flow streams, then I would be out those potential cashflow streams, and the original $2,000. and only have my TV.

    I am definately going to do this with all my purchases.

    I even figured out cashflow streams for a couple of Google Adwords books I want to buy, and your evergreen traffic system you sell.



    [Hey Shane, you got it! Now, in terms of Promo Dashboard, I give a variety of suggestions and try to almost always give free resources or cost saving. For example, automateyourwebsite.com is something like $29 a month and has ad tracking, autoresponders, shopping cart, affiliate software, etc. It's a very cost effective purchase. I have a friend who gets some very nice graphic headers created for $20. You just have to shop around. But the bottom line is that if you build lists and send out emails promoting affiliate products or your own, that will cover lots of bills. You can also do the Marketing Bully Adwords thing which has its appeal also. But you are thinking correctly. Break your bills down and look at each one as an income stream to create. Be sure to look at my upsell on my product launch tomorrow.]

  • Marlon, I came across your products and affiliate program years ago but then lost "focus". I have tried a thousand things since then with only moderate success. My new webstore is going well but I am always looking for additional streams of income. After visiting you affiliate center, I am now re-inspired to get back in the game and promote your great products. Wish I had been paying more attention all these years. Thanks for the email. Your timing was perfect. I am pleased to be on board!


    Debra http://www.lovesexlaughs.com
    Lingerie, Costumes, Romantic Games,

    Leather, and even Chodolate Body Paint!

    [Sister Debra, welcome back to the fold! Don't feel bad for straying from the true marketing path! It's part of the journey. That's you and a million other people who got distracted. I'm coming out with a product tomorrow that is inexpensive. On the upsell page is something you will REALLY want to see. It's a great one to buy and a great one to promote. I appreciate you promoting my products. But more than that, I want YOU on track. Have you built an EMAIL LIST? Even if you have 500 people on it or less you should start writing weekly emails to your list and posting those on your blog. You've to got to really hone in on what your target audience wants. Blogging the way I'm doing here is a great way to do it. Then, in your ezines and emails you can promote affiliate products and eventually your own. Now you know the way. Set your monthly goals, crank up your list building, communicate TO your list and your folks, get 'em on board with you and have some fun.]

  • Jim says:

    Interesting, Want to see the product tomorrow

    [Brother Jim how are you my friend? The upsell is the real kicker. I think you're going to LOVE it! You've never seen anything like it before in this market….]

  • Marlon, I have been receiving your emails for quite awhile and just now found the time to look through your stuff. Looks like you have an excellent system here, and some really great products. I signed up as an affiliate and intend to promote your stuff.

    [Brother Rusty, I have a NEW PRODUCT tomorrow! You'll love the product and love promoting it.]

  • Hey, Marlon,

    Because I know you only promote the good stuff, I accept the value of John's program and I'm about ready to take that plunge myself. I know at least one person (for whom I'm doing some work now) who has been struggling with outsourcing for some time. I read the 4-Hour Work Week and thought at the time, "Yeah, great plan IF you can find reliable people". Because John's already done that his program has immense value that isn't immediately obvious.

    One other point: as you said, it's important to know enough about how to do things that you can teach someone else how to do it AND know whether they did it well. As good as John's program is, people still need to understand that fact and learn as much as they can of the how-to's to make best use of it.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

    [Brother John, again, make SURE you dig through it and find ALL FOUR audios. They are about 20-30 minutes each and somewhat redundant but EACH has some new info and nuances and vital repetition. I'm going to try to do a video on this after my product launch tomorrow. In terms of the core training which is module 1, it's required. The recurring billing modules if you'd rather have John create training you can just hand over to outsourcers. But make sure if you do hand over a module it fits in with your overall goals and monitor results closely.]

  • Kevin says:

    Howdy, Marlon,

    Just spent the cash on the replacemyself program based on your advice.

    I can't begin to tell you what finding a trusted source for info means.

    Thanks for being that to me and all the others here.

    Wish me luck!

    [Brother Kevin, In the first 2 paragraphs are 2 more audios to listen to. Then you have the core training parts 1 and 2. Make SURE you listen to ALL 4 audios. The are the guts.]

  • Graham says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanx for your constant cool info – damit man, I'm now at the point where I look forward to reading your posts – and that's saying a lot coming from an old sceptic like me!

    I've been struggling for a while now, knowing that I needed to outsource, but just couldn't afford to risk getting burned on Elance or Rentacoder.

    Now that John's info is out there, I'm going to jump on in. But as a top flight marketer and product developer I'd like your advice on what to oursource first.

    Let me explain. I'm UK based and have a project partner in the US.

    We are working on a video related membership project and it is going slooooow.

    My partner is a great php programmer and video creation guy and I'm the SEO/marketer (not in your league Bud).

    Here's the kicker though – my partner is working as a chef 7 days a week to support his kids (wifey walked out)and I applaud him for that. With the worldwide recession, he can't find a programmer position local to where he lives.

    So you can see that he doesn't have much time for the project yet.

    My tech skills are limited, but I know the basics. For instance, I know that php stands for 'phairly hard programing' ;-))

    So do you have any advice on the most suitable outsourcing 'modules' to go for when creating a membership site?

    I have to fund the outsourcing, so guess tha it will need to be just one person.

    How does it work – full time versus part time outsourcers? I guess that a couple of part timers would give more a skill spread, but what do you think, from your own experiences?



    [Brother Graham, for $350 to $450 you can hire a full time php programmer using John's system. John's programmer is also a graphic designer (he got lucky). And he pays $450 a month for great programming skills. I would also tell your partner to sell his services on rentacoder. I would think he could support himself that way. What you need is John's basic training you get in module 1. Past that he sends you modules you can give to outsourcers. They are optional. Module one is 97 bucks and required. If you get a full time php programmer your partner can just "talk" to them. You NEED a programmer to talk to a programmer. John is a programmer and that is why he's successful outsourcing programming.]

  • I have to check it out if I have your dear dashboard or no………

    [Hey Ernone, I have productdashboard.com, promodashboard.com, affiliatedashboard, and designdashboard.com. If u don't know which you need, go to getyoursupport.com for assistance.]

  • Dear Marlon!

    Evil is in the tiny details. I have to learn to thinking more simple in order evil wouldn,t be able to touch me. Multiply times more time I would need for. Life is like sand-watch, everything is so urgent adn never go nowhere.

    Did you arrive yet? Thank you, greetings: Irén 2/1

    [Hi, the devil is in the details. Work with my dashboards. They simplify things to daily tasks.]

  • Susie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    You mentioned in the blog a post "SEO Lies" and I have tried to find it but cannot. Can you tell me where it is?

    Also, regarding child labor laws, we are in Australia and I am working with friend's teenagers with the permission of the parents.

    And you've made a comment that we can give our outsources the design dashboard, how do we do this?

    Thank you for your replies,


    [Hey, here it is:
    On Design Dashboard if it's one outsourcer, you just give them the login. If it's multiple, then contact getyoursupport.com and tell me how you want to use it.]

  • Stephen says:


    The article was pretty good content wise; but it's not the easiest to read format wise. Looks a little messy.

    [Hi Stephen, are you talking about on the blog or via email? And what was the formatting issue for you?]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Another great article with usable content even if it just gets us to think about something that needs to be done.

    I like the way you work just comning up with the ideas & then have other people make them happen. That is the tyoe of poisition I want to be in because I have a problem getting things started & then finishing what I do start at times.

    I am working on correcting that so that I can have the success I am looking for from running my own buisness. Once I have it then I will outsource as much as I can so that I can have the freedom to think & have fun.

    This culd be a solution for alot of people who have lost their jobs recently or for those looking to do something differently before they lose theirs or just because they want to.

    You talked about a new product coming out & it wouldn't happen to be an "Outsource Dashboard" would it? If so, I think I am the first to mention it here & if not I may have just giving you the idea for another great product.

    Let me know what you think.

    Thank you,


    [Brother Lorenzo, how are you my friend? Thanks for the idea. And I DO think outsourcing will get you going! You need to find some help. No doubt. And this track we're on now is going to helps LOTS of people!]

  • art williams says:

    You're 'right-on' Marlon. What that fellow said (I forget the name..I watched it yesterday in a Seoul PC bang) makes tons of sense.

    I've been aware that outsoucing was an option but I never heard it discussed in such detail. I wasn't able to purchase the full info package but I still 'got the drift'.

    For that reason, getting my own outsourcer is on my list of things to do this week. First I'm going to make a list of what tasks I want my first 'employee' to do.

    I've always had the problem of that I get the big picture but I get bogged down in the technical details and staying focused.

    I know one thing…..if you start doing this…..you're going to be a one-man economic stimulus package.

    Best regards,

    Art Williams

    [Brother Art, I'm putting you on the straight and narrow path here. John's product costs $100 to get the basic training. You don't need the monthly unless you want his "already done for you" training modules.]

  • Marlon, this is another home run post you had just made so far! Man, you're here to stay as one of my best internet model buddy. You always give a top notch information tips that have value in toady's market.

    I'm on my way to take advantage of the virtual assistant info product you recommend from John. Thank you for your concern and willingness to help me get the best information tips and tactics out there. Talk to you soon…

    [Brother Justice, thanks for your post. This is going to open new, exciting doors for ALL of us. I'm jazzed about this. I JUST had an outsourcer do something this weekend that would have taken my staff a LONG time! I love it.]

  • Dan Grasser says:

    Great Stuff Marlon as always.

    This might not be the right place to post a comment. Stickie Points I missed, so I'll just put it here. Doimain name: Should or does it have to be a KEYWORD? When you told us all how to go about breaking down your bills and using the sources listed in your article, how important is the domain name in making it work?

    Some things are basic and are taken for granted that we know what to do. Just like you are suggesting to outsource to others. If you don't understand the basics as you do, what's to prevent you from getting ripped off?

    Your products are wonderful unlike the latest falvor of the day or week we see streaming into our email boxes. What you recommend is often what I look at, yet there are many that have been reading too much and waising time reading the latest ebook on…

    You get the message. Keep telling us the right stuff. Keep us on track.

    Thanks again.

    [Brother Dan, on outsourcing, John answers the "rip off" question in his audios. But at $200 or $250 a month, if you get ripped off one month, it ain't like hiring an employee in the U.S. at $500 a week and realizing in 6 months they have done jack. You got a risk fo $200 or $300 a month! That's what you're rolling the dice on. And John has SYSTEMS to make sure you're getting roi. Honestly he does. I'm not hyping this. Now, in terms of the domain name, that is important for SEO positioning. You normally try to use your keywords in your domain. Or some people say to. The Bully site uses ADWORDS. The domain name there isn't as important. Although you might register a domain name on really important keywords because it will increase ctr if they see their keyword in the domain. There are more tricks on this than I can discuss here. But on the Bully method, I wouldn't worry about it to start with.]

  • Ken DoBucki says:

    reply to Marlon's, Outsourcing yes, but not in the traditional sense. Attempted to build many businesses using people, come to find out it works better using the business to build people! One of those sticky points Dude!

    [Brother Ken, if it's working for you I'm all for it. Not exactly sure what you're referring to. I know this, for 7 years I used virtual people to run my business. That had its ups and downs. And now, with these new options, I can't tell you how excited I am. At $200 a month there are a LOT of things someone can do that have roi. At $4000 a month, it's a lot more difficult to get an roi.]

  • andy morgan says:

    Hi there

    I am getting a lot of interest from America in the past 2months about my glass and mirrors online. Why do you think this is?…

    kind Regards


    [Brother Andy, you're probably just dropping a backlink on my blog here. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt this time. You're getting business because you have someone dropping backlinks on blogs? I'm just guessing! Bro, when you make comments, do it the context of the discussion. Anyway, there IS good potential on the web. Be sure to build your list.]

  • Hi Marlon, I started online just over a year ago and I came across a few refernces about outsourcing. Over the last 2 months it's been getting more attention. I logged into a u-stream telecast last week where one participant asked Howie Shwartz which marketing strategy would he employ above all others. His answer – outsourcing. Yesterday a friend gave me a link to a site that is a good example of the perfect graphics resource/outsource. Minisite911.com is well worth checking out. Thanks always Marlon for keeping us in the "loop of luxury". Steve

    [Hi Brother Steven, that's a nice resource for people who need help with design. The Ustream things are good EXAMPLES to learn from. Now, they're pulling people into very high end funnels in general. Before you get sucked into a high end funnel, make sure of the value and that it's the funnel you want to be in. You might be better served hiring a few outsourcers vs. the price of the funnel. Depends on the offer. I'm all for self education.]

  • Susie says:

    Hi marlon,

    I like the outsourcing idea, in fact I have begun implementation of mine already. But I'm not paying anyone, I am using teenagers with a bit of brains to edit the ebooks and compile the 1,000's of articles and ebooks I have at my fingertips. Then if they do a good job I am offering them 5% of the books earnings for the first year and 2% after that!

    I've purchased heaps of flash drives and the articles, etc, will be downloaded onto those so they can work on it at home. A little pocket money for them will make their parents happy.

    I only have one technical glitch and that is how once the customer pays via paypal does the payment trigger delivery by aweber of the ebook or series of articles, I haven't been able to get clear instructions about this and it is my last hurdle. I have figured everything else out!



    [Sister Susan, I congratulate you on your inventiveness. Make sure there are no legal issues involved with minimum wages. In some states if you hire a sales person on commission you still have to pay minimum wages. In this case, they're outsourcers or freelancers or contract labor. Then you have some labor law things. You might wanna do a bit of research. Not sure on the laws. Now, this is a digital delivery issue and I do a pretty good job of explaining how we use Amember in Product Dashboard if you have that. It's row 5 and 6 I believe.]

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Marlon

    Yes, I totally agree with you. Yes, $8.33 a day is cheap to free myself of the tasks that I hate so that I can concentrate on marketing and getting ideas materalised and making me money.

    And I haven't outsourced yet because I don't know how and how much to delegate the tasks or whom I can outsource to especially people who can get the job done. How much details should I provide? What NOT To DO when outsourcing?

    Outsourcing is definitely the way to go for me this year.

    Look forward to further advise from you.


    [Sister Victoria, sounds like you get the big picture. Get the product by John Jonas I recommended in the ezine article on my blog. It fills in all the details.]

  • Frank Gorka says:

    Hey Marlon Frank Gorka here I just wanted to tell you thank you for being you Marlon, What I mean is Marlon you are a real caring person willing to help anyone if they are willing to help themselves.

    This is why you are truly the Godfather of marketing, you truly care about people and you know and I know your stuff works like clock work.

    See In Dec 2008 I had to leave a job that paid me very well due to a illness and I new I had to get real serious fast if I was going to make it happen and start buiding an income from home.

    I thought on my long drive from NY if I am going to make it happen then I needed to read everything that you have written in the last 24 months.

    This is what I did, I got out every email you have ever written me since 2006 and read them all Marlon and I jotted down the tips you so freely gave out to everyone on your list.

    Most people have missed the whole picture of what your about my friend the truly have, you given so many tips that work in your emails but people just don't see it, so again Marlon I appreciate you kindness and caring nature.

    And I thank The Good Lord Above For Having You For Advice Just A Click Away

    Your Friend

    Frank Gorka

    [Brother Frank, thank you for your very kind comments. Not only do I hope I've served you well but I hope you have set some achievable yet exciting goals for this new year. And if it fits, I encourage you to look at hiring an outsourcer full or part time.]

  • Hello,

    I am looking for a reputable program to promote. I am tired of the "fly by night" systems often with no real support.

    How do I get info to be an affiliate?

    thank you

    [Hi Brother Stan, our affiliate program is at getyourprofits.com but I think our domain has technical issues tonight. It should be OK by tomorrow. If not, it'll be monday before my programmer can look at it.

    Download http://www.bestofmarlonsanders.com if you haven't already. Stan, this isn't mine but it's a link that I think will help you with some basics:

  • Marilyn says:

    Sure would like to read that article if I knew where you placed it.

    Getting techie help won't solve my techie problem, which is waiting for hi speed internet to arrive where I am. The latest news, is Vermont is in cue, then one YEAR after them, my state of NH will have high speed internet via the telephone land lines. Please do not recommend "cable" I can not afford or want that so I have to wait another year to solve my "tech" problem….

    [Hey Sister Marilyn, not sure which article you're referring to. I think it's my Master Plan:
    In terms of getting cable, look at it this way. It's $100 a month. That is $3.33 per day. So you need a marketing project that makes $3.33 per day. Go here and go through the free tutorials on how to do that: http://www.TurboProfits.com/tracking/go.php?c=1_1… I can't solve non marketing problems. But I think this might help. A requirement of this business is internet access and a computer]

  • Hi there, Marlon, It's "liberating" in and of itself for me to know that I'm not EXPECTED…to do it all! Somehow I thought I had to know everything…plus do it all myself. And that's only gotten me into a big mental hole, feeling there's no way out. Now I know there is "a way"…OUT!. And I'm as excited as all GET OUT! In fact, I've already purchased replaceyourself. If those of you who don't understand how freeing this type of offer is, go it alone as I have for so long…getting nowhere. I guarantee you'll come crawling back…wishing you'd listened to Marlon sooner. Save yourself the time…and the disappointment!

    [Sister Linda, there are about 4 audios in there to listen to. They aren't marked with the biggest links in the world so make sure you read the text and here ALL 4. They're VERY good and walk through every little detail on the hiring process.]

  • David Stettin says:

    I'm trying to sign up to become an affilitate. I got the 16 day deal but when I get to the bottom of the page and all my info is filled in and I press go. It goes to the next page and acts like it's going through but then it just stalls. I've tried 3 times to get through. Is this common or something you know how to fix I hope?

    Thank you,

    David Stettin

    [David, I THINK the problem is our DNS server. I put a note on the main page of my blog about it. The people we get your domains through are having problems today. You'll notice a LOT of marketers having problems. It's a very big company. If this doesn't resolve by Monday I'll have my programmer double check it.]

  • Ken DoBucki says:

    Marlon, Just got finish reading a piece from Ken McCarthy. He was saying that if one hangs around the internet long enough they eventually figure out who the good guys are and who the BS cowboys are. Hope you got a white Stetson down there in Helotes TX, cause you're one of the good ones.

    Thanks and a tip of the hat


    [Hey Brother Ken, appreciate it. Man, I HOPE you've got some outsourcing in your plans this year. I'll have more to say on this. But it's really gonna create breakthroughs for the people who go with it and have a good plan of attack. You just can't do everything yourself.]

  • Robert says:

    Hello Marlon,

    the advice and given knowledge is

    excellent, as always.

    Keep on Keeping on.


    [Hey Robert, thanks. Hope it helps you reach your goals this year.]

  • stealth says:

    well, as they say, 'many are called, but few are chosen' . . .

    [True. I think I have a way to get the message across. Also, John is having a new sales letter written for his site. The current one didn't really get all his benefits across.]

  • stealth says:

    hey Marlon

    I am the only one holding myself back. that's it, and especially with people like you layin things out there clear as water. I can't tell you how friggin grateful I am to learn about replacing myself, it was a huge relief to check out the site + listen to John's call. for yeeeears I've needed this solution.

    [Hey, man, I hear ya. I feel the same way. I can't clone myself. This to me is absolutely liberating. I don't think a lot of people are "getting it". I don't understand WHAT I gotta do to get the message across that this is real and not a gimmick.]

  • Keith deBolt says:

    Hey, Marlon-

    This is what I have been hoping to do for some time, but didn't think I could afford it at this point…

    I guess I can't afford not to!

    My last post to a blog of yours resulted in a comment from you that stated, "sounds like you need a virtual assistant"- and I thought, 'yeah, that would be nice…'—

    Maybe this is more possible than ever.

    I am confused by the offer on the salespage from replace yourself.com

    It is a membership site to teach you how to hire someone? Kinda vague and confusing… why can't I just get the info n where to go to contact people and start contacting them? What is the reason to sign up for a membership site and add another hundred bucks to the monthly overhead?

    Anyway, serious about getting an assistant now. Thanks for the kick in the a>> !

    Keith deBolt

    [Keith, Thanks for posting. And YES, this does make it 100% doable. I think the question you asked is one a lot of people have. Let me say this. John's basic info which is all you need to get started is 97 bucks. The monthly fee is if you want his additional "done for you" training modules so you don't have to create training yourself. Now, as far as why buy the basic module, you CAN just go hire someone. Go to elance.com and do it. What John has is a LARGE amount of experience in his own business and working with clients on WHO to hire, WHERE to hire them, what ADS to run, WHAT to pay them, how to TRAIN them, how best to PAY them, what to have them DO. Then on on top of that he has his actual videos he gives his outsourcers that you can use as is. In other words, you're buying the experiences of someone who has done a LOT of this. He has ONE site he hires people from in ONE country only. And he has a specific way of doing it. So THAT is the value he offers. But yeah Keith, if you would rather go it on your own, just go to elance, rac or search virtual workers. I don't recommend it. I don't think you'll have very good success doing that. But you can give it a whirl. But really, don't do it. Spent the 100 bucks for John's basic training at least. I JUST went through it and learned tons.]

  • Hello Marlon, Again I think you have come through as usual with some great material for your affiliates. Thanks for the tip on automating our marketing.

    Is twitter going to be in season for the long haul. It sure has me on fire.

    Thanks again for this opportunity.

    Follow Me on twitter/tireponyman

    [Cecil, get tweetdeck.com if you don't have it. Yeah, I believe Twitter is in it for the long haul. I'm not sure what their monetization model is. I'm assuming it's advertising. And I would THINK they could sell enough for the system to be viable long term. One would hope anyway. It's pretty much changed life for anyone who uses it. I can't imagine them not making it. But selling advertising can be tough.]

  • Over the years you've given us many ideas as to how to market our ePublications.

    With appreciation and gratitude, we thank you Marlon!m

    [Hey, appreciate it. Hope this article today contributes to meeting your goals in 2009!]

  • Lindsey Cameron says:

    Hey MArlon:

    Where's the link to the "Master Plan"? Looks like you meant to put it in under "URL" but forgot…

    A search feature would be great on this blog!

    My ten cents,


    [Lindsey, I agree about the search feature. We're going to totally revamp the blog after I get this product out. I thought I put this link in there but may have mucked it up:

  • >