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7 Steps To Promos That Work!

How To Find Your Target Folks, Get 'em On Your Email

List, Then Send Out Emails That Get 'em To ACT! …

And What You Can Do Starting Today!

By Marlon Sanders

The formula for making sales online isn't particularly

1. You find out where you people hang out
2. You find ways to reach 'em with your message
3. You offer 'em somethin' free to get 'em on your list
4. Capture their name and email on your Squeeze page

5. You send emails
6. From emails you send 'em to multiple conversion processes
7. Follow the 3 laws

Let's break this down.

1. Find out where people hang out.

This means you find the forums they hang out in, the blogs they read,
the sites they go to.

That way, you can do your surveys, run banner ads, and find the
folks who have the lists.

2. Find ways to reach 'em with your message.

a. Find out where you can buy banner ads

How about the forums? The blogs? The web sites?

b. Look for text links too

If you can't buy banner ads, look for Google Adsense on pages.

c. Who owns lists and sell products?

You'll know these people because in their sig line on their
forum posts they're offering something FREE. In the article
directories you'll see their articles. And at the end in the
resource box, they offer somethin' free — JUST like you
wanna do.

3. Offer 'em something free to get 'em on your list

Give people something so enticing they HAVE to join your

That can be a free audio, ebook, PDF, video or newsletter.
Or anything else that'll get 'em on your list.

Run banner ads or Adwords ads offering something free. Come
up with a freebie the folks with lists can send out via an
affiliate link, so a cookie gets set.

Write articles with your freebie in the resource box and
submit those articles to the article directories.

4. Capture their name and email on your Squeeze page

My friend Jonathan Mizel coined the term Name Squeeze page.
To PROVE he invented the term, he trademarked it. In case
you've mistakenly read someone else invented it.

Anyway, you offer a freebie on a page where folks get the
freebie if they join your email list. Not so complicated

5. Send emails

This means firing up your autoresponder and loading up

It means learning to write subject lines, format your emails
and write bullet points that arouse curiousity and get people
to click.

You gotta become a master bullet-point writer.

It also helps if you can spin a good story, just like you do
with your friends over the phone or at the coffee shop.

You mix in value with or between your pitches so your open
rate remains high. A lot of people make the mistake of watching
their unsubscribes alone.

You gotta monitor your OPEN rate. That is crucial. It tells you
if you're getting or losing attention. This is an attention

6. From emails, send 'em to multiple conversion processes.

In other words, you send an email offering a free video.
The free video gives a pitch for something.

Or you send 'em to a podcast.

Or you send 'em to a free report or a sales letter.

Or you send 'em to live streaming video.

Now, WHAT do you sell?

Initially, sell affiliate products. Make Camtasia or CamStudio
videos that do your pitches.

Or write pre-sell pages that give a little pitch before you
send people to an affiliate link. You know, warm 'em up

WHICH part of this process is the HARDEST for you? Which
part do you need the most help with?

Hit me back on my blog by clicking the COMMENTS at the end
of this article. 

Do you buy into this process? Or are you following some
other system? If so, what?

Is this so “old hat” you don't wanna hear about it anymore?

Or are you STUCK somewhere?

7. Make an irresistible offer.

So now the person has gone to your audio, video, blog, or
sales letter.

Now you gotta sell 'em something.

With first time prospects, give 'em your best offer.
Probably something cheap or free. Although it depends
on your market.

One of my friends offers a free book then sells a $4,000
software package. When 3% of the people buy it from the
book, the numbers add up.

Others offer a $1 membership offer that goes into recurring
billing after 14 days. That is, after 14 days they're charged
for the membership site unless they cancel.

And they get charged every month. When you have 2900 people
getting charged $37 a month, it adds up.

7. Follow the 3 cardinal laws

a. Protect your business number one

Follow the law. Pay your taxes.

b. Maintain the goodwill of your list

Don't milk your cow so much he/she dries up. Offer value to
your list. Keep that relationship up.

c. Make sales

What you can do TODAY: You start with step one. Go find out where
you target market hangs out at. What blogs do they read? What ezines
do they subscribe to? What web sites do they go to? What forums do
they frequent?

Then, when you find that out, look for banner ads you can buy, blogs
you can run ads on, text links you can buy, pages with Google ads on

And start looking for the folks who have the lists.

Marlon Sanders

P.S. Here's what I want you to do: Go to my blog and tell me if
there's a step here that hangs you up or you have problems with. Be
as specific as possible:

Just hit COMMENTS below this post.

Is this all old hat to you? Too common sense? Do you want something
newer or sexier? Or what's STOPPING you from following this formula

Here's the thing: My new Promo Dashboard will walk you through most
of these steps and much more.

But I NEED to hear from YOU because I need to know WHAT to put in it
to help YOU the most. I need to hear your feedback on my blog.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Info Product Dashboard.”
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