Are You Gonna Produce Or Are You Gonna Consume?

Are You Gonna Produce Or Are You Gonna Consume?

Marlon's Marketing Minute
August 29, 2009


Marlon here.

This week's Marlon's Marketing Minute article:

Are You Gonna Produce Or Are You Gonna Consume?

Subtitle: The real answer to why only 3% succeed and how to
know if YOU will be part of the 3% or the 97%.


— The truth about people who complain in forums
— How to know if YOU will be a success at Internet marketing
— The Internet marketing mantra that virtually guarantees success
— The different between a job and Internet marketing
— The unvarnished truth about Internet marketing
— Why some fail and some succeed
— How to avoid becoming a bloated info glut

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #31, August 29, 2009

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C. Are You Gonna Produce Or Are You Gonna Consume?

Subtitle: The real answer to why only 3% succeed and how
to know if YOU will be part of the 3% or the 97%.

Are You Gonna Produce Or Consume?

Let's get it straight.

All the money in this business is made by being a
producer, not a consumer. Now, being a consumer is NOT bad
or wrong.

But here's the secret: You consume to produce.

Let me share a fact: It's been estimated that 97% of
customers of info products don't make anything. Why?
Because the never produce and promote.

They just consume and make up reasons why they can't do
it, why it won't work for them, why they are different,
why their situation is different, and why later not now is
the time to start.

True story.

This fact is true of ANY info product business where you
are teaching people how to do things. Whether it's how to
invest in stocks, real estate or anything else.

So realize this happens in EVERY industry, not just mine.

It's really crucial that you get this straight in your
head. For one thing, in the U.S., you are supposed to
publish “typical results.” No one does. Why?

Because the typical result is 3%. Now, colleges do fair
slightly better. 80% of the people who graduate with a
degree NEVER work in the field they got their degree in.

So if 4 years of college and $50,000 or $100,000 can't get
people a $30,000 a year entry level job, why is it that a
small minority of people with a chip on their shoulder,
think they can buy a $97 course and with almost NO effort
grab six figures?

Why is that? It makes no sense. That a human being with
intelligence could think that baffles me. People want
something where someone else gives them a defined set of
instructions, they do it with no risk, and they get a check.

THAT is called a “job,” not a business.

You don't push a few buttons and money magically appears
— NOT until you have a list or form agreements with
people who DO have lists. Then, yeah, you push a few
buttons and money appears.

This is not a job. It's a business. And by nature,
business is volatile, uncertain and there is risk involved
and no guarantees. If you can't deal with that fact, keep
your day job. Honestly.

If you're lazy and think you'll make 100 g's a year by
being dumb, stupid, in-informed and uneducated, keep your
day job. But you're about to be fired from there — so you
better have a check up from the neck up.

There IS no room in the world for people who cannot
produce and promote, even if all you're promoting is
yourself at your job.

On the flip side, if you take the number of people who
product and promote at least 3 products with a degree of
intelligence, diligence and effort, I imagine the results
are pretty good, if not really good.

The reason 97% don't get results is 90% or more didn't
REALLY give it their best shot. They stuck a toe in the
water and “tried” just to see if “this thing is real.”

Well guess what?

That isn't how it works.

You don't read one book on chess, and enter a chess
tournament to see “if this book is worth anything.” It's a
skill that takes practice and repetition.

“Yeah, but Marlon, all the sales letters say it's easy.”

Actually, a few do but most by respected, legitimate
marketers don't. They promise to show you how THEY and
maybe a few customers have gotten great results far above
average (remember, the average result is nothing because
people don't implement at all or precious little).

Now, I LOVE being a consumer. I have vast libraries in my
home because I love to read and learn new, exciting
things. And when I speak, I speak from experience. I
prefer consuming to producing.


1. Things go wrong when you produce.

The software doesn't work, you can't figure this or that
out. Something doesn't work right. That can lead to
feelings of frustration or even feelings that somehow
something is wrong with YOU that you can't figure this out.

But follow me on this: Your FEARS of your own stupid
feelings of failure or frustration. NOT of what it takes
to get things done.

Murphy (Murphy's law…look it up) is a part of any business.

2. Nothing works the first time

Write it down.

It never works out the way you want the first time. If
that wasn't true, then sports teams would only hold ONE
practice session before they played games that counted.

Think about it.

Even the great Tiger Woods and the greatest athletes in
the world practice over and over. Yet, to my absolute
mystery, somehow a few people think they can have the
Internet lifestyle by reading one ebook and working 15
minutes a day.

Please. Get real.

There IS an Internet lifestyle. But you pay your dues
first. You learn, you practice, you test, you tweak and
you learn some more. Now, I've seen that compressed into
literally very short time frames.

My friend Jason Fladlien is 20 months into the Game and
bringing in $30,000 to $50,000 a month BUT he has PRODUCED
dozens of products in that time span and promoted them to
a small list of only a few thousand names (but a list
growing rapidly now).

Doesn't matter you have a small list. THAT is how you
start out. You start out, you produce and you hit singles
or bunts to start with NOT grand slams.

If someone DOES hit a grand slam their first time at bat
at product creation, THAT isn't typical.

Typical is like me — my first products hardly sold. Like
my one on how to avoid TV Repair Ripoff that I advertised
in the TV Guide. If your TV was broke, would you be
READING the TV Guide? Those are the dumb mistakes
beginners make.

It's part of the normal learning process.

Are you a NEWBIE? If you are, you can STILL produce $10
reports, little pdf's or audios you sell, simple things.

Get in the HABIT of producing and promoting and not just
consuming info until you are a bloated info glut.

I got a real problem with people who want and expect something
for nothing.  For people who think an ebook or even a coaching
program will magically open the doors to the Internet lifestyle.

You produce and promote.

Like breathing.

Do it over and over and sooner or later you'll pretty good at it
and that's when your luck finds you.

That's when your money finds you.

That's when success happens overnight.

Now it helps if you produce and promote things with the perception
of value that people want to pay for.  That helps a lot.

=================== So What DOES Work? ===================

What works is to produce while you consume. Start building
your list, creating and promoting products.

THIS is what works.

Even if you're not competent, even if you make mistakes,
even if you get frustrated, even if you don't feel you
have the right to create a product, even if your web page
is kinda ugly, even if you aren't confident in what you're
doing, even if you don't know everything, even if you
aren't a good writer, even if you sound less than perfect on audio.


You get your assets busy and you produce and promote.

Produce and promote.

Produce and promote.

Repeat after me.

Produce and promote.

Produce and promote.

It's a mantra.

Say it now. Produce and promote. Produce and promote.

Stop over analyzing.

Stop your second guessing.

Stop making excuses.

This is the ONLY mantra that virtually guarantees your
success….I say “virtually” because not everyone succeeds
— at anything. Not everyone succeeds at golf, tennis or
chess. Business is no different.

But as a general rule, if you persistently and
relentlessly create, produce and promote products that are
wanted and needed to audiences known to be passionate
about buying and spending money, it'll be hard for you to
NOT succeed.

This is the straight and narrow path to success — the one
I have been teaching and preaching since 1998 and before.

This is the EVERGREEN path to success. The money you spend
to learn it won't be wasted because it's a skill.
Producing and promoting never “stops working.”

Back in 0 B.C. people were producing crops and promoting
or selling them. They were producing cows or donkeys or
whatever and promoting and selling them.

This is evergreen.

It's not as sexy or exciting as sending one email and
having 100 g's come in the door. The most read email I've
had recently was the Terry Dean report I gave away about
how he brought in 100 g's by sending 1 email.

Which is all true.

But he had a list of qualified prospects to send that
email to. But it shows that even on my list of people who
hopefully read this ezine every week, people are entranced
with the idea of pushing a button and having their bills
paid for the year.

Get real. Honestly. Aren't we both adults here? Aren't you
aware that the path to success lies in producing and
promoting and not magic. Cavemen believed in magic. In
third world countries where books and education are
lacking, people believe in magic.

But you aren't a caveman, you have books and the Internet
and you're in charge of educating yourself.

So cut the crap, forget the magic and get your assets busy
producing and promoting. And if you don't want to do that,
keep your day job and seduce yourself into believing that
your job is about something OTHER than producing and
promoting, which of course it isn't.

You just don't have responsibility for the ultimate
product and the exchange obtained for it. It's a matter of
what you FEEL you're responsible for.

Those people who go in forms and complain that they “tried
Internet marketing” and it didn't work.

Did they produce and promote? Produce and promote?

No. They tried promoting affiliate products to a really
low quality list they built using questionable, unproven
methods because they wanted to “try it and see if it
works” instead of committing to do it.

So someday when the NEWS hits the fan that “97% don't make
it in Internet marketing,” ask yourself out of those 97%,
how many do you REALLY think followed the mantra 3, 4 or 5

You know why people have jobs?

Because they are comfortable letting someone else do the
hard work of producing and promoting, and they just want
to be a cog in the wheel without much responsibility for
producing and promoting the thing that is actually sold to
the end buyer.

You STILL produce and promote on a job. But you have
defined steps with a known outcome. That's called a job.

An entrepreneur lives in changing markets and an uncertain
world where any one product may or may not sell jack.

That's life. That's marketing.

You can do surveys and market research to put the odds in
your favor. But it's STILL uncertain. They cure is to
produce and promote a LOT! Not a little.

So I got a question for you.

This next week are you ONLY consuming?

Are you ONLY reading my ezine?

Are you making excuses for all the reasons producing and
promoting won't work for you and how you need to wait for
some reason, and why your equipment isn't good enough,
your voice isn't good enough, your writing isn't good
enough, you don't have the confidence and you aren't sure
it'll work.

Or are you going to shut the muck up and produce and

Really, this choice is yours.

Do you want a job?

Or do you want the Internet lifestyle?

If it's the latter, start producing and promoting.

Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing

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