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Actual RESULTS From My Marketing Last Week!

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
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Re: Marketing with Facebook, Skype Out, Twitter, Blogging
and more — My Actual RESULTS From Last Week!


Marlon here.

I'm on my laptop.  So real quick.  This is a meaty article that
gives some of my own results from this past week on my blog,
an article submission, Facebook visitors and more.

Good stuff.

If you haven't checked out:

It's stuff that hasn't made the rounds.  I was so fascinated
when I met “The Queen” I can't even tell you.


Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #1, May 10, 2008

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon

B. Main Article: How To Profit With Facebook Marketing, Skype Out,
Twitter, Submit Your Article And Blogging — Actual Results From
My Marketing Last Week

C. Services You Can Use

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher


Laid up in be, hands too swollen to type, domains shut down,
podcasts and videos gone, this amazing lady STILL got 86,435
visits in March 2008 and April was just as good:

This is a product I JOINTLY created with the Queen.

A. “Announcements from Marlon”

1. The blogging and podcasting fun little contest details

Void where prohibited.

My staff and I will pick the winner based on the story we
feel shows the most passion, best results, and the best
application of the idea.

I think we have ONE entry!  So what are the chances of you
winning if you get in gear and DO something?

Realize, it's NOT about winning the prize.  It's about an
incentive for YOU to take action.  Deadline for submissions
is May 21. Winner announced the 24th or thereafter.

What you do:  Either pick your topic, create your blog and start
making blog posts and add in some podcasts.  Or if you already
have a blog, start adding in podcasts.

The winner will be picked on how inspiring the example is to others,
how well you did it, and how useful your example is as an
illustration to others.

But please — no sour grapes if you don't win. The MAIN purpose is
to give YOU a reason to get your tail end in gear and get it done!

2. Customer Support Issues

Do NOT email us for support. We don't get the emails half the time.
Please use the live chat and support desk. Click the support link
at the top of any of our web sites.

3.  Red Factor Conference Call — Folks, it's Tuesday.  You
can still get on at an increased price.  Contact the support
desk for details.

4. Winners from the blog posting contest:

Winners of the Info-Product Dashboard:

1. Avi Maor
2. Patricia Simoneau
3. CJ Hirano

5.  I'll announce contest winners this next week.  I'm out of
time today on this issue.

B. How To Profit With Facebook Marketing, Skype Out, Twitter, Submit
Your Article And Blogging

By Marlon Sanders



In this article, I'm going to share my own personal experiences over
the past few weeks using a variety of ways to get traffic to your
web site.

Keep in mind this traffic is from NEW stuff I'm mucking around with.
We get thousands of visits a week from existing marketing.  I'm
talking about new stuff I'm doing.

I wanted to give you a peak inside, so you can see my result as I
ramp up some new methods.

Now, this past week someone read one of my articles, called into
the office and asked, “Why do I need to promote or get traffic if I
don't have a product yet?”

My answer to that is you can start building your list now, so when
you do have a product to sell, you have a list to sell it to.  In
addition, in the meantime, you can sell affiliate products.

I might add that if you use my methods, you can create your own
info product in six weeks — or less.

Let's move on to discussing my results.

1.  How To Profit With Facebook Marketing

I've been pleasantly surprised at the visitors I've received from
Facebook just from people seeing the URL of my blog on my profile
page.  I'm getting visitors  every day.

If you have no visitors, start a blog, get on Facebook and network.
You can have your own blog in 5 minutes by going to
and creating a hosted blog.

My friend Tinu, the “Queen of Free Traffic” has a really good
Facebook system and I plan on using it more. You'll likely also see
me promote her product.

Reading it is what convinced me to muck around on Facebook more.
I learned new things.  But even if I didn't, it would have been
worth it just because it gave me the kick in the tail end I needed
to get it going!

2.  How To Profit With Twitter Marketing

If you're out of the loop on this, Twitter is at It's
free.  It's a way to  send out very short notes on what you're up

I've seen people with up to 5500 subscribers to their Twitter.
Mine is rather anemic.  I'm not seeing a payoff yet.  But I plan to
experiment more.

3.  How To Profit With Blogging

Here's the thing I've found on blogging — It's not as easy to get
your blog set up to get traffic as you'd think.   I'm just now
getting mine in any kind of shape at all, and I still have work to

In the past 7 days, I've received 254 visits and 54 clicks.  While
some of those came from my ezine last week, most are the result of
my blogging.

I have 163 total subscribers to my blog feed, where people read it
in Bloglines, Google Reader or another RSS reader.

That's not many subscribers.  But I haven't been doing this long.
That number is down from 171 a few days before.

If you blog, I'm told you need to make one or more posts daily to
really get some action on Google.  That takes maybe 30 minutes a
day.  I think the payoff is there long term.  But there IS a
learning curve.  And it does take that consistent effort.

4. How to Profit With Podcasts

It took a bit to get Podpress plugin installed and working on the
latest version of Worpress.  We're now designing a special page to
put my podcasts on.  I bought this new Macbook and will use Garage
Band to make podcasts.

If you have a PC, Audacity is free and actually has some features
Garage Band doesn't. Garage Band has the edge in terms of

I'll say this:  If you aren't good at using computers, go the Mac

Podcasting as a Meme or concept that spreads virally is on the way
out. But if you look at usage by the media, it's up 40%.  I'm going
to try a little podcasting and see what happens.

The cool thing is, it's free to get your podcast listed  in iTunes.
I actually wrote an article about how to do that on my blog.

And iTunes gets a LOT of traffic!  Plus, there are many podcast
directories you can get listed in.  And those listings can get
ranked in Google,MSN and Yahoo.

So why not do it?

5.  How To Profit With Skype Out

I just bought the coolest tool.  It's a little phone that plugs
into the USB of your computer and lets you make Skype calls that
are amazingly clear!

The thing actually works.
Here's the profit angle: It has a record button. With one
click you can record conversations! You can do testimonial
interviews, product interviews and even do group calls,
depending on which phone you get.

I plan to do a little write up on my blog about this and
post a picture. The thing is, it took a bit to figure out
how to make the sound broadcast through the phone.

This is really awesome. Now, anywhere I'm on wifi, I can
plug this phone in and make phone calls. I'm thinking of
sending one to a friend in the Philippines who has Internet
access but has to pay a lot to make long distance
phone calls!

6. How To Profit With Submit Your Article

There's an online service you can use to submit your
articles called: Another one I plan
on using is called Article Marketer.

Anyway, I just used this yesterday to submit an article. I
haven't done this in a long time because I always left the
door open for my affiliates to promote us.

Since a lot of affiliates are now just promoting the
product launch of the week, we are going back in marketing
mode. When I say “we,” I mean my team.

The awesome thing is you get stats on your submissions.
That's sure an improvement from the old days.

So far, since yesterday, I've had 24 article views, 12
people have published it and 1 subscribed to my content

I can't say those are world-beater numbers yet. But it's a
good start. And it's only been a day.

I plan to take each article and put it on my blog, send it
out through a submission service and turn it into a video
and podcast using Matt Bacak's brilliant A9 formula.
Thanks Matt for figuring that out!

One reason I hesitate to publish things like this is
Internet marketing is a very ego driven field. Keep in
mind the results above are from only a few days or weeks

There's always that person who comes along and says,
“Well, my articles get 10 million views.” Or whatever. One
oneupmanship. Yeah, and they likely use methods you may not
feel comfortable using or they're on a very wide-interest
topic vs. a specific niche.

I wanted to post result that anyone can achieve with a
modicum of effort. That means you. You can do what I've
done and likely get similar results.

Marlon Sanders

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