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Affiliate program secrets


The good news is I can actually climb the stairs now. The
knee IS getting better.

I had these big ‘ol nasty bandages with huge round blood
spots on them. I thought I had these gigantic holes poked
in my knee.

When the doc took them off, guess what?

You could BARELY see the incisions! Yeah, no joke. Amazing.

Which is why I'm THRILLED I had an expert do my knee
surgery. The doc studies and learns everything (hopefully)
about doing knee surgery!

Now, there's a marketing lesson here that is really,
really important to understand…

You can't know it all!

There is simply too much information being dispensed at
too fast a rate. I don't even think I can keep up with it
all anymore, and about all I do is read.

Seriously. The pace of information being released into the
market is crazy.

So you got something you wanna promote or sell. How do you
do it?

You need a formula. One that is focused enough you don't
gotta learn everything about all the latest whizbang
methods to succeed.

My formula ( is simple:

1. Target a group of people

2. Come up with 12 product ideas
3. Do your survey
4. Write your sales letter or promo
5. Get traffic via an affiliate program

That's my model. It's not flawless. Writing sales letters
is good to a point. But if you're selling big tickets, you
need to use teleseminars, phone selling or other methods.

Sales letters are good up to a $1,000 product. Over that,
you probably need to add additional elements. But until
you have a base of products going up to a grand, it's a
great model. After that, you have to layer in new BERC
(Back End Repeat Cycle) factors, as discussed in Amazing

In terms of traffic, search engine optimization,
pay-per-click and buying traffic all work. But in many, if
not most, markets affiliate programs still rock.

The people who were lucky enough to get in on my elite
6-week coaching program for the Affiliate Dashboard found
out the following:

1. You pay AFTER the sale, not upfront as you do with

2. You aren't at the mercy of the latest Google update.

3. There's not a big learning curve for starting your own
affiliate program. It depends more on your willingness to
network, make friends, build relationships and create

4. The software to start up your affiliate program is
relatively inexpensive. You can get started for $30.00 a
month. Or you can buy off-the-shelf programs for $300 or

5. Affiliate programs work in most all markets. The MYTH
is that they only work in Internet marketing arenas.
That's false. It's something I discussed in our 6-week
teleconference series on setting up your own affiliate

6. Your path to growth is clear. If you need more cashola,
recruit more affiliates. It isn't exactly rocket science.

7. The game changes LESS than pay-per-clicks or organic
search engine optimization. That means you don't have to
work as hard to stay up-to-date on the latest methods.

I'm NOT saying the affiliate game doesn't or hasn't
changed. In a hyper-competitive arena like Internet
marketing, it sure has.

But in niches, you should have room to roam.

8. You can have your own affiliate program up and running
in literally an hour.

9. Off-the-shelf software like
supports operating your own affiliate program.

The downside of affiliate programs is you will likely
fight “mass consciousness.” That means in forums, you will
NOT hear most people discussing them.

Most people will be talking about the latest flavor of the
month for traffic. Affiliate programs are NOT hot, new and
sexy. So you may feel lonely in your favorite forum of
choice because you won't be getting a lot of social
support from others.

10. At the end of the day, if you look at how “gurus”
really get their traffic, it IS affiliate programs and the
derivative of joint ventures. THAT is the “big secret” of
why they have more traffic than you.

11. Affiliate programs won't “get broken” or get outdated
tomorrow. They're basically here to stay. It's not a
perfect road. There are problems, legal issues and such
that creep up along the way as there is with ANY method.

12. With even the most basic use of the Design Dashboard,
(, you can create a nice
assortment of banners and other promo tools for your
affiliates.  Or, you can hire this out relatively

The disadvantage is that affiliate traffic is less instant
than pay-per-click, although ppc traffic usually requires
time to make profitable.

That isn't to say you shouldn't do ppc or organic seo. The
problem is one of time, energy and focus.

There is too much information and too many changes to be
able to be an expert at affiliate programs PLUS ppc PLUS
organic seo PLUS article marketing PLUS whatever else.

Each method requires software, expenses, learning curves,
updates and all that.

Write it down. Marlon Sanders told you the best
bread-and-butter method of traffic is affiliate programs.

If you wanna do ppc or organic seo, my recommendation is
to outsource it. I'm headed in that direction myself as I
realize someone else can make my ppc program a LOT more
profitable than I can.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

P.S. If you need support of any sort from us, Matt and Tim
are off on Monday due to the U.S. holiday. Support will be
back online on Tuesday.

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