And The Winners Are…

And The Winners Are…




Here are the winners for the PromoDashboard contest:

Text Comment Winners:

1. Gerard LeBlond: He promoted us to his Twitter list! – 'nuff said.
2. Viv Deighton: Her comment sounded really sincere, also she referred to herself as a “screaming-newbie”
3. MJ (posted at 8/4/08 @ 12:08pm) – He hit the nail right on the head. He has the reason why I created promo-dashboard.
4. Joshua (posted 8/2/08 @ 6:56) – Simple and to the point.
5. Keith Debolt (posted 8/1/08) – Another Sincere Comment, thanks Keith!

Video Contest Winners:

1. Paul Flood -
2. Ranier -
3. Gail Morris -
4. Albert Grande -
5. Damon Nelson -
6. Desmond -

We will be announcing the winners of the other contest tomorrow.  I loved all of the entries. But I did have to choose winners.  I thought these videos and text posts best met the criteria of either creative, sincere or inspiring to others.  Marlon

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