Applying the “Money Loves Speed” Philosophy to Creating and Selling Info Products, Coaching, Courses and Memberships - Online and Info Product Marketing

Applying the “Money Loves Speed” Philosophy to Creating and Selling Info Products, Coaching, Courses and Memberships


Marlon here.

Good morning to you. It’s 5:49 a.m. cst on a Saturday. I write my MMM newsletter in a bit.

I was just reading some things from Katrina Ruth. And her approach to product creation is very much like the one I’ve used since 1997.

It’s about getting products DONE, OUT and SOLD without being so perfect.

Joe Vitale wrote a book called Money Loves Speed. It’s one of his favorite sayings. I don’t know who originated it. But it’s such a TRUE concept.

Today, my products are pretty darned awesome if I may say so myself. Only because I have a lot of videos and newsletters to draw from as extra or bonus content.

Here’s what I see so many people do: They come up with a bunch of ideas, stew about the ideas, debate the ideas, discuss all the possibilities.

But at the end of the day, the product never gets DONE.

It’s half done, almost done, gonna be done, will be done tomorrow.

But it’s NOT DONE.

Done makes money.

Done gets you sold.

Done doesn’t mean it’s PERFECT.

It means it’s viable enough to sell and have your clients get a baker’s dozen (1 more cookie than the dozen they ordered).

It’s easy to get caught in infinite loop thinking,
where you mind just goes around in circles endlessly debating something.

I’m NOT pointing fingers.

I’ve been there and done that too many times.

I wasted a week this past week because I puttered around on my sales page without just getting it DONE. I could have already been selling the product.

See, a sales page that isn’t DONE yet won’t make me a dime. It’s just sitting there on my hard drive until what? Until I get it DONE. Which is the goal today.

You never know what will sell the best.

I do surveys and other things to help put the odds of success in my favor. But mostly, I teach, create and sell whatever I’m EXCITED about.

Because to do otherwise leaves you end up creating stale, lifeless products that looked good on paper. But have no ENERGY in them.

A few weeks ago I got an idea for doing a product on A.I.

I had it done and selling THAT NIGHT.

Now, four weeks later others are getting THEIR products out. Good for them. Mine has already been done, sold and delivered!


Because I just got it done. Period.

I wrote Amazing Formula in a couple days as I recall. On ebooks what I used to do is just work at it non-stop with few breaks until it was done.

I don’t do that so much anymore. But I do get products done.

It’s so easy to torture yourself with second guessing. That’s a very unproductive thing to do. Instead of worrying forever about whether it will sell, get it out. Sell it. And move on to the next product. The next sales page. The next whatever.

Take the indecision out of the equation, and you’ll make a lot more sales.

Then after the product is DONE, you have to whip up the sales page.

Now, a pro copywriter will spend weeks just researching a sales letter. As a high-producing info product producer and promoter, you don’t usually have that luxury.

So I use templates.

And typically get my sales pages done in 1-3 hours, depending on the product, price and how easily it is to write.

The best products write themselves a sales letter, figuratively speaking.

The letter just flows out, often in one sitting.

Today, I mostly use my own successful templates.

But when you understand the PSYCHOLOGY of sales copy, you can create your own sales copy on demand without any template.

Some people work so long on a product that the iron was hot a year ago. The product is a year late!

When you do that sort of thing, it’s a big problem because you’ve long ago lost enthusiasm for the product. So it’s going to be hard to sell.

You want to get the sales copy done and the promo out BEFORE you end up HATING IT! If you work too long on it, you’ll grow tired of the project and end up hating it.

How good will you be at promoting a product you hate?

All of the aboves things have to do with what’s in our head. We all have fear of this, that or the other. I don’t know if it’s fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of whatever.

The only real solution is to DO IT ANYWAY.

Don’t overthink it.

Get it done.

Get it out.

Promote the heck out of it.

Leave energy for promotion.

If the product sucks up all your energy and nothing is left for promotion, this is NOT a good thing!

When you’re tired and exhausted, how good will those social media posts about the product be? Not so hot.

Best wishes,


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