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Are You Gonna Grow Or Die? The New Winds Of Change In Internet Marketing



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Are You Gonna Grow? Or Are You Gonna Die? Will The New
Winds In Internet Marketing Carry You To New Heights Of
Profits Or Blow You Away?

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #18, May 24, 2008

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon

B. Main Article: Are You Gonna Grow? Or Are You Gonna Die?
Will The New Winds In Internet Marketing Carry You To New
Heights Of Profits Or Blow You Away?

Subtitle:  Grow Or Die, Baby!

C. Services You Can Use

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A. “Announcements from Marlon”

1. Winner Of Cash Like Clockwork System

I apologize for not getting this out last week. I will.
It's on Santos' list.

2. Winners from the blog posting contest:

Winners of the Info-Product Dashboard:

1. Avi Maor
2. Patricia Simoneau
3. CJ Hirano

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3.  New bonus coming on Tinu's program…

For those of you who who got Tinu's program, she sent me
an awesome step-by-step PDF I will be sending to you.  I realize
that in audio it's hard to follow some steps.

B. Are You Gonna Grow? Or Are You Gonna Die? Will The New
Winds In Internet Marketing Carry You To New Heights Of
Profits Or Blow You Away?

By Marlon Sanders


Are You Gonna Grow Or Die?

There are new winds blowing in Internet marketing.

New things coming down the pike.

One of 'em blew me away with how powerful it is.  And also
like a deer in headlights scared me at what would happen if
I didn't jump on board.

It may change everything.  A year from now won't look like
today. A new Youtube will be born. But one at the next level.
And it's an opportunity for you.

More profits may be made off of this than anything to date.
Who knows?

Either way, you either grow.  You adapt. Or you die.  You
shrink.  You go away.

That's how business is.  You embrace change. Or you get left

I've seen both happen to marketers.

I've seen marketers who just gave it up. Who said, “I won't
change.”  And I've seen others embrace change.  I think of one
example of a direct response/direct mail copywriter.  Who instead
of being left behind by the web, embraced change. And now has a
wonderful new business to show for it.

There are new changes happening on the web in terms of video.
You either embrace these changes or you get left behind.  You always
have to be learning in this business.

Some of my friends believe (and perhaps rightly so) that you should
never use the word “learn” in a sales letter because it sounds like
work.  Personally, I often love learning.  Not always, of course.

In your life, in your business, in your relationships, in your
health, in your marketing — life asks you a simple question:

“Are you gonna grow?  Or are you gonna die? What will it be?”

It's a law of nature. It's a law of life.  Plants that can't adapt
to changing seasons go away.  Businesses that don't adapt go away.
Products that don't change and morph go away.

Sometimes I make changes just to keep myself having the ability to
change.  I bleached my hair for 2 months.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Now,
I'm back to normal. But it was a fun change.

In my business, I'm aggressively seeking out new ways to generate
new blood and new ways to generate leads.

It's grow or die, baby!

I'm looking at new ways to revamp my Milcer's program.  Yeah, all
you Milcers. I haven't forgotten you.  I just want to re-ramp with
something you will love and embrace.

Grow or die, baby!

Change is scary.  You don't know what new winds bring.  There's
always a cost or price in terms of time and money to learn new

And there's a cost to not learning. The cost to not learning is
going away.  So it's a steep price to pay.

I'm paying money to a consultant who has only been online for 2
years!  Yet, I'm learning from THEM!  Why?  Because in two years
they've done things on Adwords I haven't.

I could have ego. I could say, “I'm Marlon freakin' Sanders. I know
it all.”  Or I could be humble and learn.

Almost every day I buy ebooks for $5 and $10 by people who can't
believe Marlon Sanders is spending money with them. I dare say I do
this far more than any brand name teacher.

Why?  It's grow or die, baby!  You can learn from anyone who has
more experience in a particular thing than you do.  I don't know
it all. You can't know it all.

Actually, I love paying a guy or gal $10 for a 20-page whatever or
10-page whatever if I learn something from it. To buy from someone
is to honor then.

I could email.  I could get it for free.  Instead, last year I paid
$37,500 for that stuff.  NOT for some elaborate high end coaching
program, not that the investment wouldn't be worth it.

But for simple stuff. Looking for new ideas. Honoring others for
their work and content.  I never refund. Not even if it's bad. Why?
Because I remember almost every refund I had to personally issue,
which I haven't done in 6 or 7 years now.

But I can still remember names from 7 years ago.  So I honor people.
And I don't refund.  I took every refund personally, even though
you shouldn't.

Sometimes you have habits in your personal life or business that
aren't working anymore and you need to change 'em.

Grow or die, baby!

It's nature. It's changing seasons.  It's survival of the fittest.
Those with the ability to adapt survive. All the rest go away.

Some people feel that one ebook should do it all.  I sold what I
believe is a really great $97 course on Tinu's Evergreen Traffic

But I can't teach everything in one ebook. There's more to learn.
Is learning a chore?  Or do you embrace and enjoy it?

If you aren't always learning something new, you're on your way
to NOT adapting.  Which means you're not surviving.

There are new things coming in the area of online video.  They
could literally change the Internet. So a year from now, it doesn't
look like today.

Personally, I'm kinda content and happy with the text-based Internet.
And text will always be a part. But the winds of change blow where
they will.

And you bend, adapt and grow.

Or you give way to the next person who does.

Money doesn't care.  Money flows to those who meet demand. Demand
is created by opportunity. Opportunity is created by change.

So you wanna change that job?  Change your life?  Change your

Are you gonna learn?  Are you gonna grow?  Or are you gonna stand

I don't understand the people who want one ebook or course to do
it all.  The truth is, it all will never get done. Just the moment
you figure it out, the game changes.

That's the law of life, baby!

I've been using Twitter and Facebook some.  I've been trying to get
our blog into shape.  I'm going on Adwords.  I even submitted an
article which I haven't done in years.

Grow or die, baby!

I'm gonna do a video thing in a week or two.  Grow or die.  I'm
gonna launch a new vision for Milcers.  I haven't forgotten.

Some day, I think you get tired of changing, learning and adapting.
I think that's the day you go on to life's next great adventure.

I had a friend in this business.  A mentor, actually.

One day a change called the Internet came along.  He couldn't adapt
to it. He just didn't wanna learn it.

He threw away his archives and swipe file.  He cleaned out his books
and garage.  He decided that today was the day he would no longer
do it anymore.

I'm not ready for that?

Are you?

Marlon Sanders

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